SMK Taman Sea Hunt 2007 results and highlights

May 24, 2007
  • Clerk of Course : Time Out Solutions
  • Hunt course : Klang Valley (approx 75km)
  • Entry fees : RM 320 per car
  • Date : 20th May, 2007 (Sunday)
  • Duration : 5 hours  hunt time
  • Prizes :
    • 1st Prize : RM 2000
    • 2nd Prize : RM 1000
    • 3rd Prize : RM 500



  1. Cryptically Challenged – Alexander Hoh, Andre Teh, Rose & Shahrin (129 pts)
  2. CK Foong, KH Peh, MW Ho, Lily Loh (127 pts)
  3. Hunters’ R Us – KK Chai, Margaret Sha, Vincent Woo, VK Chong (127 pts)
  4. Zahrol, Asri, Sharifah, Mazri (126 pts)
  5. Rajesh, CP Tan, Harinderjit, Rajini (122 pts)
  6. Melisa Foo, WK Choo & team (121 pts)
  7. Jeffrey Wong, Viki Lim, Richard Tan, SS Lim (119 pts)
  8. Riddle Raiders – CK Loh, SL Chin, Joshua Chong, Paulette Yeoh (118 pts)
  9. Renee Siaw, JH Tan & team (118 pts)
  10. HB Yeap, Tommy Ng, Janet Tan, SK Teoh (118 pts)
  11. PL Chen, Adeline Kwok & team (113 pts)
  12. Sharizal, Farizul & team (113 pts)
  13. KS Liew, KY Lim, Ramesh, FS Chong (113 pts)
  14. Sanjay, Sumita, Steven, Rahmah (112 pts)
  15. Johan, Ben Lau, SF Loh, CT Teoh (111 pts)
  16. SK Tan & team (111 pts)
  17. Sam, Darma, Amir (111 pts)
  18. Jason & team (108 pts)
  19. KC Tan, EL Ng & team (106 pts)
  20. Captain Asohan, Shirley Ho & team (104 pts)
  21. Mohan, Julie Leong (103 pts)
  22. Balasingam & team (102 pts)
  23. Vincent Lim & team (94 pts)


Riddle Raiders results and highlights

Please take note of the disclaimer that everything written and posted here are of our own opinions. They do not represent any other team or the organisers’ opinion at all.

We took the 8th placing this time, not too good, not too bad. Got ourselves a mini hamper, but it ended up Joshua was taking everything back home, cause no one were interested in the hamper. Was that hamper that bad? But the girls were lucky this time, as there were complimentary Johnson & Johnson items for them.

One of the members would be killing us, but this is worth a mention- either for lesson learnt, or for laughters. We were attempting Q28, which is around 3 kms from Q23 and the team member suddenly asked “Anyone still remember the answer for Q23? I jot down wrongly“. We ended up doing a big u-turn, but heck, that was an easy 3 pointer. If we don’t go back for it, it’s 3 points loss for the team. (Note: The criminal person mentioned above who’s reading this, please don’t kill me for this. Let’s laugh at our mistake and never commit it again 🙂 )


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