AIDA Hunt 2007 results and highlights

May 28, 2007
  • Clerk of course : Fun Hunt (Zahrol)
  • Hunt course : Klang Valley
  • Entry fees : RM 260 per car
  • Date : 27th May 2007
  • Duration : 5 hours
  • Format (total 150 pts) :
    • 35 road questions X 3 pts
    • 4 treasure questions X 10 pts
    • 5 road safety questions X 1 pts
  • Prizes :
    • 1st prize : RM 2000
    • 2nd prize : RM 1000
    • 3rd prize : RM 500
    • and other various prizes



  1. Hunters’ R Us –  KK Chai, Margaret Sha, Vincent, VK Chong (150 pts)
  2. Sam Rahman and team (147 pts)
  3. Pava and team (147 pts)
  4. Johan, Ben Lau, CT Teoh and team (147 pts)
  5. CK Foong, KH Peh, and team (147 pts)
  6. The Lucky Ones – Razif, Raja Zaen, Darma and team (147 pts)
  7. Ultrasaurus – Sanjay, Sumita, Steven, Rahmah (141 pts)
  8. Uncoded Nuts – KS Liew, Ramesh, FS Chong, KY Lim (138 pts)
  9. Yob Kidal – Asri, Mazri, and team (123 pts)
  10. Balasingam, Raj, and team (unsure of the pts, pls update)


Riddle Raider results and highlights

Please take note of the disclaimer that everything written and posted here are of our own opinions. They do not represent any other team or the organisers’ opinion at all.

Our team managed to grab the 12th placing, which is considered okay, looking at the top 10s were dominated by the masters and regulars.

One of the major issues we faced was a pretty unsightful one – we found out that the road safety question sheet was missing. Panicked for a moment there and ended up calling Zahrol. He agreed to give us another sheet of the road safety question. Thanks a lot, else we’ll still be in panic-mode.


More updates to come… stay tuned.



  1. Hi guys, I have looked at your answers and consider you guys are nearly there. Don’t ever give up on this wonderful sport. It took me and my team 2 years before we finally go up the stage to be in the top 5. Keep it up.

    And don’t forget the FUN HUNT NOVICE CHALLENGE. Open only to novices.

    Keep on hunting.


  2. Thanks for your supportive encouragement.
    Well, we don’t know whether we are there or not, but we’ll definitely try to learn and grow 🙂

    Yeah, we’ll be there for your hunt… 😉

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