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Bloggers Hunt 2007 – Pre Hunt

June 25, 2007

All the discussion for Bloggers Hunt 2007, please post here.

Special thanks to kaza for loaning us the projector to make this happen. Many thanks.

Special thanks to lilyloh for sponsoring Nestle goody bags for all the participants. Nestle Nourishing Malaysia! Many thanks.

Special thanks to Mike for sponsoring some car stickers for the hunt. Many thanks.

Special thanks to lilyloh again for sponsoring 3 GSC movie tickets to be added in the winning prizes. Many thanks.

(It is unbelievable, almost everything that we wish to have for the hunt and bring up in this blog, it is fulfilled by most of the bloggers here. Thanks eveybody to make this happen.)

Next time we should say not enough cash prize money and see what happen. Just kidding only. Really appreciate all the helps given, and this last minute hunt really look like a real one now. All set for the HUNT now!!!

Registration Close Date: CLOSED NOW. THANKS.

Hunt Date: 30 June 2007 (Saturday)

Total Participants as at now: (FINAL)
16 pax (5 cars)

1.30 pm – registration open
1.45 pm – final briefing
2.00 pm – flag-off
5.00 pm – hunt ends (finished control open from 4.30 pm to 5.30 pm)
6.00 pm – dinner, a short speech by Joshua Chong (administrator of this blog), Q&A (Venue: Friendster Cafe & Restaurant)

Distance: Aproximately 14.95 km

Start-Finish: Taman Mayang to Damansara Pertama

CoC: ce5nt and 2 Romans & 1 Impostor

15 Route Questions = 2 points each
5 Only for the Bold Questions = 1 point each
3 Treasures = 5 points each
Maximum points = 50 points

Hunt attraction: Bloggers Hunt 2007 is for the bloggers to meet up and to foster relationship, of course the best way to do it is by hunting. It is open to all, regular bloggers or others who don’t post at all, as long as the participants register via this page and the places permited, he/she is in. The main attraction and uniqueness for Bloggers Hunt is grandmasters/masters/regulars are separated, and it is chance for the beginners/novices to team up with them. Because of this uniqueness, Riddle Raiders are looking forward to making this an annual event, an event that you can hunt with the best in the same team and learn from the best.

Registration: Registration close.

Registration fees: RM 20 per pax (All participants are guaranteed winning prize money)

Other fees: Dinner on your own.

All the collections from the registration fees will be distributed as prizes money.
Special thanks to our 2 COCs who contrbute by doing this for FOC.

First Prize: RM 120 per car + 3 GSC Movie Tickets
Second Prize: RM 90 per car
Third Prize: RM 60 per car
Fourth Prize: RM 15 per car
Fifth Prize: RM 15 per car

Goody Bags:
Goody bags consists of Nestle products. Nestle Nourishing Malaysia!

F&B (Dinner): Friendster Cafe & Restaurant, a place in the vicinity of Damansara Perdana, as we will be finishing there. For further info, please refer to

The Willing victims: (er I mean participant list)
scchew (driver)
joshua (driver)
johan (driver)
wengsiu (driver)
Dr. Clue (driver)

Dinner only:


June 2007 Riddling Riddles – Riddle 4

June 22, 2007

The same ol’ stuffs again and again. Hope you enjoy from the previous questions.

The theme is still food court. For any Q&A correspondence and question answering, pls email to

For this week’s question we thought we’d try something different.

We found a rather interesting question set by a newbie and we’d like to share it as this week’s riddle. We hope that it will trigger another round of active discussion amongst the regular as well as newbies.

As usual, appreciate your cooperation in not hinting or giving away easy clues which might spoil the enjoyment of solving the question for other newbies.

So please enjoy and happy solving/commenting.

4. Normal Riddle – Love the cocktail served regularly in Bush residence.  (5 letters or below)


Answer: TEH O

Love the = O THE (anagram) = TEH O
in Bush Residence = in WHI TEHO USE (container)

This is a double definition clue.


Gurney Plaza Walk Hunt 2007

June 21, 2007

Edit: Updates from Slyn


A little up to the north, around 400 km away… a treasure hunt in Penang for the northerns

  • Closing date : 18th July 2007
  • Hunt date : 22th July 2007
  • Entry fees @ RM35 per team (2 persons per team)
  • The entry fees can be further reduced to RM25 per team if you purchase a minimum of RM50 at Gurney Plaza
  • Venue: Gurney Plaza itself 🙂
  • Prizes of up to RM 6,150 for grabs

For more info, pls contact

For those who are in Penang, may give it a try. And as ce5nt puts it, salt helps. 🙂

Riddle Raiders A team lineup:

  1. SL Chin
  2. Paulette Yeoh 

Riddle Raiders B team lineup:

  1. Joshua Chong 
  2. CK Loh 

June 2007 Riddling Riddles – Riddle 3

June 15, 2007

The same ol’ stuff… 🙂
Hope you guys enjoy it.

The theme is still food court.
For Q&A correspondence, please mail to

3. Normal Riddle – No bad consequence in Riddle Raiders pioneer. (9 letters)


Answer: Roti Bakar

No = O
bad = anagram indicator 
bad consequence = TIBAKA
pioneer = initial indicator
Riddle Raiders pioneer = RR



STFOGA Visit Malaysia Hunt 2007

June 6, 2007

Website :

One of the most lucrative hunts ever seen on Malaysia hunting scene. And a big angpau for the top teams… *drools*


  • Clerk of course : Unknown at the moment
  • Hunt course : Klang Valley
  • Entry fees : RM 250 per car
  • Date : 21th July, 2007
  • Prizes :
    • 1st prize : RM5000 + flight tickets         <– (*&^@(*$&&^!!!!!
    • 2nd prize : RM3000 + flight tickets
    • 3rd prize : RM1500 + flight tickets
    • and various prizes


Riddle Raiders team lineup:

  1. Driver : SC Chew
  2. Navigator : William
  3. Passenger 1 : SL Chin
  4. Passenger 2: GL Lim

Protected: STFOGA Visit Malaysia Hunt 2007 pre / post hunt discussion

June 6, 2007

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Protected: MAH Hunt 2007 pre / post hunt discussion

June 6, 2007

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