Gurney Plaza Walk Hunt 2007

June 21, 2007

Edit: Updates from Slyn


A little up to the north, around 400 km away… a treasure hunt in Penang for the northerns

  • Closing date : 18th July 2007
  • Hunt date : 22th July 2007
  • Entry fees @ RM35 per team (2 persons per team)
  • The entry fees can be further reduced to RM25 per team if you purchase a minimum of RM50 at Gurney Plaza
  • Venue: Gurney Plaza itself 🙂
  • Prizes of up to RM 6,150 for grabs

For more info, pls contact paradigm.shifters@yahoo.com

For those who are in Penang, may give it a try. And as ce5nt puts it, salt helps. 🙂

Riddle Raiders A team lineup:

  1. SL Chin
  2. Paulette Yeoh 

Riddle Raiders B team lineup:

  1. Joshua Chong 
  2. CK Loh 


  1. It’s 2 per team, and entry fee of RM25 if you purchase a minimum of RM50 from Gurney Plaza.

  2. SLyn, is there a link to where we can download the registration forms?

  3. form here http://www.plazagurney.com.my/

  4. Are you guys seriously thinking of going down to Penang to join in the fun?

  5. SLyn, raincheck. Believe there is another hunt in Klang Valley on the same day.

  6. […] plaza walk hunt 2007 18 july 2007 @ gurney plaza area – form + website + […]

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