Bloggers Hunt 2007 – Pre Hunt

June 25, 2007

All the discussion for Bloggers Hunt 2007, please post here.

Special thanks to kaza for loaning us the projector to make this happen. Many thanks.

Special thanks to lilyloh for sponsoring Nestle goody bags for all the participants. Nestle Nourishing Malaysia! Many thanks.

Special thanks to Mike for sponsoring some car stickers for the hunt. Many thanks.

Special thanks to lilyloh again for sponsoring 3 GSC movie tickets to be added in the winning prizes. Many thanks.

(It is unbelievable, almost everything that we wish to have for the hunt and bring up in this blog, it is fulfilled by most of the bloggers here. Thanks eveybody to make this happen.)

Next time we should say not enough cash prize money and see what happen. Just kidding only. Really appreciate all the helps given, and this last minute hunt really look like a real one now. All set for the HUNT now!!!

Registration Close Date: CLOSED NOW. THANKS.

Hunt Date: 30 June 2007 (Saturday)

Total Participants as at now: (FINAL)
16 pax (5 cars)

1.30 pm – registration open
1.45 pm – final briefing
2.00 pm – flag-off
5.00 pm – hunt ends (finished control open from 4.30 pm to 5.30 pm)
6.00 pm – dinner, a short speech by Joshua Chong (administrator of this blog), Q&A (Venue: Friendster Cafe & Restaurant)

Distance: Aproximately 14.95 km

Start-Finish: Taman Mayang to Damansara Pertama

CoC: ce5nt and 2 Romans & 1 Impostor

15 Route Questions = 2 points each
5 Only for the Bold Questions = 1 point each
3 Treasures = 5 points each
Maximum points = 50 points

Hunt attraction: Bloggers Hunt 2007 is for the bloggers to meet up and to foster relationship, of course the best way to do it is by hunting. It is open to all, regular bloggers or others who don’t post at all, as long as the participants register via this page and the places permited, he/she is in. The main attraction and uniqueness for Bloggers Hunt is grandmasters/masters/regulars are separated, and it is chance for the beginners/novices to team up with them. Because of this uniqueness, Riddle Raiders are looking forward to making this an annual event, an event that you can hunt with the best in the same team and learn from the best.

Registration: Registration close.

Registration fees: RM 20 per pax (All participants are guaranteed winning prize money)

Other fees: Dinner on your own.

All the collections from the registration fees will be distributed as prizes money.
Special thanks to our 2 COCs who contrbute by doing this for FOC.

First Prize: RM 120 per car + 3 GSC Movie Tickets
Second Prize: RM 90 per car
Third Prize: RM 60 per car
Fourth Prize: RM 15 per car
Fifth Prize: RM 15 per car

Goody Bags:
Goody bags consists of Nestle products. Nestle Nourishing Malaysia!

F&B (Dinner): Friendster Cafe & Restaurant, a place in the vicinity of Damansara Perdana, as we will be finishing there. For further info, please refer to http://www.friendstercoffee.com/location/

The Willing victims: (er I mean participant list)
scchew (driver)
joshua (driver)
johan (driver)
wengsiu (driver)
Dr. Clue (driver)

Dinner only:



  1. Just to make sure, RM20 per person, right?

  2. Yes. RM 20 per pax. But everybody is guaranteed to have prize money from this hunt. Of course, the highest finished team will get more. The exact amount distribution will only able to be determined after the entry closed on Thursday, 6pm.

  3. claire & ckloh, sorry for the error, but the finishing point of the hunt is actually in Damansara Perdana (where MKLand is located) and not Mutiara Damanasara.

    You can plan the dinner in either of these places I suppose, as they are neighbouring tamans.

  4. ckloh, I propose that for the purpose of breaking the ice, and to learn from each other, the participants should not hunt in their regular teams. We (ce5nt and myself) will provide the tools to split you guys up.

    Let me hear the views of the participants, should you disagree.

  5. I am ok with that. Great idea!!

    Just to add on, our team still an infant team, beside myself the rest of my teams members haven’t hunt with most of the other team members before. And even myself haven’t hunt with Julie before. And 8 participants so far, 7 of them are from RR.

  6. Oops! claire identity is disclosed now.

  7. So pink, my hunch about “claire” using a nom de plume was spot on?

  8. And to do the splitting we need to identify who is the driver also.

  9. ckloh, yes we would need at least 3 volunteer drivers from the G-8. More drivers needed if this group expands beyond 8. Except for the drivers, the rest will be randomly sorted, is my proposal.

  10. Ok, we will sort it out among ourself. Should be ok.

  11. Wah, so many things happened in my absence. Received a no. of SMSes from Claire, bless her, updating me.

    Dr Clue, thanks for improving the clue. Was dozing off when the idea struck – even forgot the ‘cowardly’ bit when I posted it, so had to sms Claire to do the necessary. Yeh, you let the cat, umm, chicken out of the cage:)) As for 13A, I got ‘berth’ but it doesn’t fit with CASUAL for 5D (or is this the culprit?. The rest fit nicely.

    I was SO looking 4forward to STFOGA, the presence of the many masters competing notwithstanding, but the Saturday hunt sounds fun. Thx, ce5nt & 2R&1I. Could the time 2.30 be confirmed, please, so I can make my travel arrangements soon? TY.

    Hey ckoh, when did I ever say your clues are deplorable? I wouldn’t even if they were, and debate about it I certainly would not – not my style to run anyone down. And what’s this talk about animosity? Hey, I’m too busy enjoying the good fun in here to allow the odd negative vibes to spoil things.

    ce3nt, are you serious about the videocams (never know for sure when that tongue is in your cheek)? I do have a small digital camera with video function if you really have the heart to have a good laugh at the victims’ expense – I’m safe coz you won’t be able to fit all of me into one frame!

    2R&1I, Honestly, I don’t know about your hunch being spot on. I just asked why you thought it was a nom de plume. It could well be her real name, though I know her by another.

    Wish I could contribute in some way. I could bake some cake (choc, orange, butter) or buns and distribute among the cars. What say you?

    We are honoured to be invited (and all synonyms apply – depends on what mood you are in).

    DITTO except:
    Always in sync with 2R1I’s “instructions”, “ideas”, “suggestions” posted. We’re in touch and often telepathically. EXCEPT : let’s refer to the 2 of us, jointly, as just simply “the SETTERS”. Let’s drop the “hierarchy” notion.


    THRILLS FOR FUN will be the main focus.
    We will do our best to give you as much of them as possible, but do expect some misfires, backfires and crossfires. Hiccups included (taking on so much in so little time).

    AND EXPECT to hear less from me from now, as I will be in my cave to brew the poisons and their antidotes (typical of all ancient kung-fu stories – right?). (snigger, snigger, snigger)

    to claire, ckloh & everyone for your support and contributions to make this happen. claire:do warn the outlet of the potential noisy explosions!


  13. Good morning, folks! I see the excitement is mounting already.

    2R1I, would it be possible to make an exception for me on your idea to break the pairings? Actually this will be the first time I’m hunting with my friends, so I hardly fall within ‘my regular team’, although the 2 of them are regular team mates. I’m sure you know my friends, ‘local champ’ and ‘not fully bent’. If you still insist to break us up, I’ll tell them and what they say. Let me know soon. But one way or another, I’m hunting!

  14. Wow, ce5nt, I’m beginning to worry that I won’t be able to answer any of your Qs! Be gentle with me now. I’m still in the kindergarten of treasure hunt. I have a feeling that I’d be promoted to primary 6 after Saturday. Oh there’s so much to learn!

  15. ckloh,

    Can’t make it in time for the hunt, but would like to
    join the dinner, if that’s acceptable.

  16. Hi people! I will be quite quiet for a couple of days as I will be away attending a seminar today and tomorrow. But will come back to office to catch up on things. Will check out any ‘makan’ outlets at Damansara Perdana…hehe…

    Oh ya people, any budget (per person) for your dinner?

    2R&1I, how would you know if my name is NOT claire? Please, do call me claire. It’s my unofficial name. Hehe.

    Catch up later!

  17. ce5nt & 2R&1I…thank you so much for accommodating my time. I am speechless…*hugs*

    Oh ya, umm…food must be ‘halal’ right?

  18. Morning guys~!

    I’m sure this thing is pretty exciting… *blinks blinks*

    This time might be a bit too rush for all of us, especially to our volunteer COCs. So, minor issues / hiccups is unavoidable, but that is a minor thing compared to the excitement to go on a hunt again. Kudos to ce5nt and 2R to pick this up.

    Going down the longer road, will this be annual? And will this be formal? Personally, I really look forward to organize an annual bloggers hunt (or maybe every 6 months) along with the grandmasters here. 🙂

  19. renroc:
    Yeah sure~!!! The more the merrier.

    I think you should plan to accomodate a few people that are not joining the hunt, but joining us for dinner as a part of breaking the ice among the blogging hunt community.
    Btw, if you need any help, let me know.

  20. ckloh, we now have Ad to be added into the list (Hey, I like that: Ad to be added!).

  21. Ad, you are added. And please post a comment here with the correct email entered, so that I can send you the details once I received more info from ce5nt & 2R1I. And please indicate, whether you can drive?

  22. Oh master ce5nt, the route has been charted, and the tulips ready. The ball is now at your feet. Send me thy next command, telepathically if you must, if my assistance needed. Be warned oh master, there could be other masters joining in the fun!

    Pink, I usually don’t turn down a food offer especially one that is home-baked. That would take care of our tea (yumm) while you guys are struggling out there (Oh no master, I have let the cat out of the bag … hee hee).

    ckoh, I think splitting you all we must, for we can’t have the davids competing against the goliaths. Besides it would make good experience for all to pick your 3 brains. How often is it we get to hunt with a COC (now 2 infact with the local champ in the fray)?

    joshchong, for the next edition of bloggers hunt, it would be fun to have one of you course the hunt instead, and we (oh master and me) join the fun instead. Experience comes with getting your hands dirty, so they say.

    claire or otherwise, yup definitely no “roast pork” if ckoh’s friends are joining (ckoh please help to confirm early to help claire plan the makan destination). On the dinner budget, I don’t mind, you and the rest decide.

  23. 2R1I, the almighty one, have you forgotten that David overwhelmed Goliath? Inform local champ I surely will!

    Oh by the way, if there’s any brain to be picked, I’ll be the one doing the picking!…hehehehe. I’m gonna have a joyride… yipee!

  24. OK, 2R1I, have just spoken to local champ about this Bloggers Hunt — and about David and Goliath! He’s OK with it.

    ckloh, you can now add the following to the list:
    local champ
    not fully bent

    And 2R1I, confirm number of Qs/hunt soon. I’m sure more will want to join if more Qs/time. If not, they’ll think it’s alang-alang!

  25. claire :

    I am herbivorous and I will eat meat-tainted vegetables/eggs/taufu. I just pick out the grass and leave the meat to the other diners. 2 or 3 dishes in the menu/buffet selection like that will do for me.

    Better let claire know soon.

  26. 2R1I: Oh Master! Read my mind now!

    pink : Will be using your suggestion. As I know it, Digi-cams have very limited capacity. But I probably will use those anyway – just offload more often!

    It will be a shame not to be able to catch you people working up/murdering each together inside the claustrophobic mobiles.

    Anybody who is better equipped want to be “journalist” or “cameraperson” for the day?
    The 4th Seat is also for you. You never know, you may just capture a moment that could win you a Pulitzer!

    (Sorry, re-enactments of the mylai incident not suitable for this hunt! Another hunt, maybe).

    4 MORE DAYS!

  28. ckoh, yes definitely, once oh master and I finalise a few logistics, we will publish the briefing notes to ckloh for distribution to the confirmed participants. I expect it would be distributed not later than Wednesday evening. (hmm, you can call us hunter-friendly setters, can’t think of another CoC who publishes the briefing notes before the briefing proper, hee hee)

    oh master, I have received your waves … will revert soon.

  29. 2R1I, by tomorrow evening, I’d already be in the neighbourhood… I’m taking full advantage of the trip by attending the surveyors’ congress (Thu/Fri). Had you not thought of this brilliant Bloggers Hunt, I’d be spending Fri/Sat nights looking at the hotel room’s ceiling! God bless you, my friend!

    I’m unsure of internet accessibility while I’m there. I’ll SMS you, or master ce5nt.

  30. ckoh, if you would like a change of scenery (from the ceiling), and if you have the time, do give either of us a ring when you are in town. Perhaps we can have dinner. With your penchant for details, I’m sure you would have figured out who we are by now (smile).

  31. hi ckloh,
    Thanks for adding me. Yes, trust with this reply u will get my email add. if not, mentioned here a direct email and will reply strictly to you. (trying to keep identity till this saturday) hehehe….

  32. AD, got your email address. Thanks. By the way, can I know whether you can drive or not?

  33. preferably not as i got a child seat which is diff to remove. Sorry about that.

  34. 2R1I, I know YOU of course. And I have shortlisted the field as far as ce5nt is concerned. I have a very good idea. But 100% sure, no. Will let you know later about dinner. Thanks.

  35. Ad, no problem.

    ckoh, I pressume either one of your friends will be driver. Is that right?

  36. Forgot to ask, ckloh. Should be, but let me confirm with them first. Will get back to you on this.

  37. ckloh, I have a feeling everyone’s lazy to drive!… hehehehe. Well, at least I have a very good excuse!… I don’t have a car, and I don’t know my way around in KL.

    Local champ said, “Oh soal driving tu small matter lah… kita pegi aje… kalau perlu, boleh jugak drive… senang aje tu…”

    I guess it means if there is a need, no problem for him to be the driver.

    Btw, 2R1I, just as a preparation, how far is the start venue from 316 Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman? We’re starting around peak hours I guess. How long would it take from there to the start venue?

    To the rest, whoever’s gonna babysit me on the hunt, I’m travelling light. So I won’t be bringing my bukly dictionaries, kamus, road safety etc! I’m totally relying on you people. So let me apologize first… hehehehe.

  38. ckoh, allocate yourself at least 35 minutes from Jalan TAR because we will be flagging off in PJ and not KL. Details shall be revealed tomorrow.

  39. ckoh:
    PLAN B: (in case of bad traffic)
    There’s a PUTRA LRT (train) service from your area to Kelana Jaya (the flag-off area). Takes only 31 minutes. Flag off point is 632m from the KJ station. Ask your “hosts” at 316, the whereabouts of nearest Putra station.

  40. Cant wait to see you guys this weekend… *blink blink*

  41. ckoh:
    Opposite your hotel, just 2 minutes walk, will reach you to Sultan Ismail Star LRT station. You can take this and go to Masjid Jamek Star station, come out from the station and go to Masjid Jamek Putra station, just a stone throw away.

    From Masjid Jamek Putra Station, take Kelana Jaya route, the last station is the Kelana Jaya station, where the flag off point is just few hundred metres away.

  42. Ok, so halal food, and more greens and not necessarily vegetarian right? Did I get that correct?

    I’ll need to know the number of persons joining us for dinner…and budget if possible.

    josh, thanks for the offer to help. I’ll need the help I can get as I won’t be at my place for these 3 days. Attending seminar and conducting training. I’ll take that up with you seperately… 😉

  43. No probs, *wink wink*
    By the way, I’m excited like a baby now… :p

  44. Thanks for all the help folks. I’m writing down all these instructions. Hopefully when and if I get there this Saturday, Phil won’t be there to tell me that I’m eliminated from the race. Anyway, I have some of your phone contacts as backups. Would make a very good headline if I lose my way though!… hehehehe

  45. ckoh, don’t worry. It’s not that easy to get lost in KL. And the average Malaysian bystander wouldn’t ignore a tourist’s request for directions… 🙂

    But it will still be our table topic if you do get lost around…

  46. claire: kosher, greens but not all green! that’s exactly right so far – unless between now and then, someone just joining, insists on ALL GREENS for themselves!

  47. 2R1I, I’ll only have half day here in KK tomorrow. I better ask this question while I still have the chance:

    Of course because of shortage of time, you grandmasters are rushing the Qs based on the photos found in your ‘library’. But just to check, you ARE gonna make at least one quick check prior to Saturday, right? I mean, I’m sure we’ve all experienced looking for signboards which were no longer there?

  48. c35nt, thanks for the detailed timing (31 mins) and exact distance (632m). Did you really think I’d go to that extent to check those micro details?

    Oh btw, did you know that the train from Sentral station to KLIA takes longer than 28 mins? Ask anyone in the street, and they will tell you that it takes EXACTLY 28 minutes for a single trip. But actually, counting from the moment the train starts to move, up to the point where it totally stops, is about 29 minutes 58 seconds. Just for your information.

  49. ckoh, rest assured, I’m sure my master would prefer to challenge the participants with his creativity rather than with missing signboards or misleading tulips.

  50. I’m sooo excited. 31/2 days to go. So it’s confirmed 2.30 pm at Kelana Jaya? Have arranged to be in KL by Friday, just in case.

    The splitting of teams sounds fun! I already have mental pictures of most of you. Will tell Claire what I think you look like, so she can tell you how accurate I am. When I first talked to her on the phone, I described her to a T – her height, build, face, hair, age. She asked if I was clairvoyant.

    2R&1I: What d’you mean? You cocs having tea while we struggle? Thot you were supposed to be car-hopping watching us sweat it out? As I’ll be in KL on Friday, would you all mind if the cake was one day old?

  51. hi…looks like things are really moving. Think the coc of stfoga could really take some pointers from this blog on getting things done quick and efficient. See you all on saturday.

    claire: I may not join for dinner. Will confirm asap.

  52. Yeah, and they haven’t called the participants yet as far as I concern, to inform the postponement.

    By the way, have you all heard the COC company before, AAM Write or sounds like that?

  53. Pls refer to ‘Q4 thread’ for clue on
    “Laroma split local fare (4,5)”.

    Congrats to ckoh.

    Solution will be given tomorrow evening.

  54. Hi there all, been lurking around in this website for quite sometimes… sorry coz not commenting anything coz you guys are really sifu in hunting; scare offended all the grandmaster here… 🙂

    Anyway, was interested in the blog hunt if there is still available place for me to chip in…

  55. wengsiu, already add you in. Many thanks to volunteer as driver too.

    Don’t worry of being offended, everybody is learning here. I am sure the grandmaster don’t mind too.

  56. hi ppl,
    ckloh, i got a team mate that is keen. can she join?

  57. Sure, anybody that interested to join, please ask them to post in this tread. If your team mate not convenient to login this website, just send her name and email address to my email, I will do the rest. Thanks.

    I pressume your team mate is regular too, right? I think I know who is she.

  58. Guys & Gals, minutes ago I’ve posted the event-in-a-nutshell to ckloh. Kindly look out for it in your mailboxes soon.

    Ad, we think we’ve figured you out too. Just check-ing, mate … hope we’re right! Humbled by your presence.

  59. Thanks 2R1I & ce5nt.

    Emails already sent to all participants except Ben, Johan and AD’s team mate, which I don’t have the email address yet.

    Please check your email and let me know, if you don’t receive it.

  60. email me the form (if any…)
    btw, my harta karun website is not updated…no need to check laaaa 😀

  61. 2R&1I; ahem ahem….u really think u know who i’m? Why humbled by my presence….am just a learning hunter. Coming on for some fun in the sun on a saturday afternoon only.

  62. Ad, well, you can say I had a hunch from your first few blogs but could not confirm it until today, when three confirming clues were given, revealing your identity (ha ha).

  63. Any chance any one of you have a projector and able to bring along on this Saturday? If have, please let me know. Thanks.

  64. Hi people, we have a place in mind: Friendster Cafe.
    Location: LG01 & 01A, Plaza Emerald,
    Jalan PJU 8/3A, Damansara Perdana,
    47820 Petaling Jaya.
    Cuisine: Ala-carte style with a wide array of food. Price ranging from less than RM10 to max RM42. Halal and can custom-make for green lovers.

    Only problem is, they don’t have a projector for us to use. So if that is not an issue, I will book this place for 16-17 persons, Saturday at 6pm. Do check out their website below:


    Let me know if it’s not suitable. Personally, I haven’t been there before, but CK has and he said it’s ok.

  65. Just to add this place is a HALAL place.

    It is just a stone throw from Restoran Saji. Initially, we thought of finding somewhere at The Curve, but some might not like the idea, after a gruelling 3 hours struggle, we might need to struggle against traffic jems or parking problems, if we want to go to The Curve.

    And this place allow us to bring our own projector and use it there.

  66. 2R1I,

    There’s no doubt you know who Ad is, since he has let the cat out of the bag !
    Thought I knew who you are, but if you are who I thought you are, I’m surprised that you have such a collection of tulips and photos !

  67. renroc,

    Ditto Ditto. I haven’t figured you out yet too (ha ha) and love the suspense. Care to drop some cryptic clues about your identity. Can’t figure out who koon (cryptic play on your nom de plume) is (I know a koo-r but not a koo-n).

    By the way, your “laroma” question qualifies as a very question in my books. But not sure if the
    “split” indicator is really needed – since you have to split and reattach the answer later.

    Meet you dinner Saturday.

  68. claire & ckloh, great choice. Had always wanted to check it out but never had the opportunity. Maybe ce5nt will make up a question on their place to appease the owners (for using their wall)! (hint, hint)

  69. 2R&1I, does it means you have your own projector?

  70. ckloh, no I don’t own one but will try to search for one. Suggest that we all continue searching and the first one that finds one, holler out in the blog.

  71. ok, great.

    All targets flagged.
    The mortars are in place – all 3 of them.
    15 rounds of 0.35s set.
    5 magnums being loaded now.


  73. 2R&1I: Just check-ing to make sure u got the right ad. 3 clues given huh. shucks….but like renroc, am surprise you had all those kept secrets of ur own. Must ransack your cupboard one day and see any other concoction can be found. All geared for a fun time while sweating under the sun (with ce5nt pulling out his guns now, magnums, mortars and all).

  74. Rightie then… I will book a place for us at:
    Dinner venue: Friendster Cafe
    Time: 6pm
    Menu: Sorry hunt lovers, I couldn’t get a copy of the menu from the cafe, but will post it here if I do!
    No. of persons: 18 (good number). Hey, is keirul joining us? I thought I read somewhere that he asked us to send him the form if any…? And Ad, do come and eat with us…

    I’ll post a confirmation here when venue is arranged for our bunch of noisy hunters.

    Just a suggestion, in case none of us can find a projector, we can just use our imagination…hehe… 😉

  75. Keirul very interested to join in, but most probably he can’t make it. He is currently asking his team mates to join this hunt. Still waiting his reply.

  76. Uhoh… since everyone is bringing guns, magnums and mortars…I might as well put aside my hatchet. Darn…and I just polished it nicely.

  77. Ok…the more the merrier. Please keep me posted on the number of persons by 5pm. I’ll just top up a couple more just in case. Cafe people told me I need to make the reservations today. Thanks ckloh!

    By the way all…don’t think your identities are safely concealed just because you are using nicknames here! Hahaha…

  78. claire, just ensure our reservation is on the area facing the wall where we can do projector presentation. Thanks.

    claire: hatchet can be useful for the post-mortem! And for making minced-meat of anyone who dare to even give you a cold stare!

    ckloh: do we need to install weapon detectors at the entrance? Maybe even at the exit – to ensure evidences are not removed from the scene! Any volunteers for body searches?

    And yes, claire – the emails fr ckloh could have been better done with bcc’s only!

  80. Yes, we do have a few coroners in the team… in case we require evidence for any “murder” during the presentation…

    *shines the beretta in on corner with a hissing smile*

  81. People, I’ll be nice …. aim your weapons at my master, please.

  82. ckloh, please send me the final pax list on the dot of closing today. Will print out the paperwork while still here at work (oops! hope by boss is not reading). Also let me know number of cars. Reading your current list now, seems like you are one car short.

  83. Hi CKLoh,

    I am interested to take part in the Bloggers Hunt this Saturday. Could you please register me? Thanks.

  84. Lily,I have added you into the list.

  85. 2R&1I, registration closed at 6pm today, will let you know the final list by that time. And we do have some problem here, as we are 1 car short currently.

    To all participants,
    If you have already registered, and you are not the driver, but can be the driver, please let us know.

    Or if you don’t mind to be driver, but your car is not convenient to be used, let us know too.


  86. Just figured i got placed onto the altar table by CK. >_

  87. Hi Lily, welcome to the gang~!!

    2R&I, your master may use his dark force / lightsaber to deflect our shots… the deflected stray bullets may hit us if not careful… =p

  88. ckloh, you guys can borrow my projector. But have great responsibility with it. You can pick-up tomorrow anytime.

    But on 1 condition though. Give me a copy of the Q&A when returning the projector. I need to know how the minds of ce5nt and 2R1I work. Can’t fooled them time and again.

  89. kaza, thank you very much for the offer. You also know the real identity of ce5nt or 2R&1I?

    On the copy of the Q&A, allow me to allow either one of them to speak up.

  90. hello kaza, sure, we don’t mind. You can get a copy from ckloh after the hunt. Thanks for loaning your projector (ckloh, I assume you know kaza, and will arrange for the projector to be picked up).

    Don’t “torture” us in your coming hunts ok, as we’re just out for some fun in the sun (to quote Mr. Ad)

  91. ckloh,

    Believe I’m banned from hunting by the cocs now. Would like to register myself for the grub instead. Got myself in on their side so that I’ll have fun watching all of you fight it out in their battlefield, heheh.

  92. You are banned? Unless you are well informed on some of the answers and routes, I am not sure why you are banned.

    So you will join us only for the dinner, and you will be with the COCs watching us fight out in the battle field. Noted.

  93. margaret oh margaret…..
    though i know you are extremely close to GM ce5nt and his padawan 2R1I, i’m sure they are professonal enough not to reveal any Q&A to you. However, if you got a hand in putting your thoughts into the Q&A, then yes, you are banned and may be the target for some machete mincing and dicing too….hehehe

  94. Hehe…in that case, let me pick up my hatchet again…hehehe

  95. Ad, for the record, we did not ban Margaret. She volunteered to sit out. But I guess sometimes watching from the other side of the fence, can be intriguing too.

  96. ad oh ad…..
    dun worry-lah…of course they are v professional. I’ve no hand in their Qs, just helping out in other ways, so do spare me from all the slaughtering. Like I said, giving myself the chance to enjoy myself from the other side. Looking forward to that day.

  97. For solution to ‘Laroma split local fare’ pls refer to Q4 thread.

  98. Any ACAs in the team in case of corruption and bribery?

  99. CK, no matter what, i still feel like a scapegoat from the “event manager”…
    40 hours and counting down…

  100. Any one volunteering for photography this Saturday?

  101. Chew can do it! He is pro, but he needs to hunt too, most probably get most of the pictures pre and post hunts. During hunts, need COCs help to do it.

  102. Reservation done for 20 hungry people. Even if a few more, it’s fine. Food will be ala carte.

    Just one thing, they don’t have a projector screen or a white wall, but only a dark brown wall. I have suggested to ckloh to bring along ‘mahjong’ paper. Any of you have “sticky stuff”? It’s the blue sticky stuff which we can use to stick poster, papers, etc on the wall without damaging the paint or wall paper.

  103. ckloh, our pleasure to snap the photos. Can you devise something so that we can recognise the hunting cars though, like manila card with competition numbers pasted on the windscreen …. something like that.

  104. Would that be glaring to put something like a manila card? Since we are doing some *cough* illegal *cough* kind of activity?

  105. josh, mike phang (thanks mike) is sponsoring 5 sets of car door stickers. i think since our numbers are small, it would be alright as long as the hunters do not make a nuisance on the road, like hogging traffic, illegal parking, driving at illegal speeds etc.

    If anyone (in the unlikely event) gets stopped just quote family event! Chances are the enforcement will let you off (to continue hunting, ha ha).

    We have planted all our mines.
    Tread carefully! Don’t say we did not warn you!
    Practice MINESWEEPER for the next 24 hours! May help!

    The shield is up. Any missles aimed at us will be
    blown to smitherings. Aggressors may get fried if suicide bombers are deployed!

    STFOGA themselves … what if they call us later and
    say IT’S ON! (maybe it’s a ploy by them to get rid of us so the rest of the field has less competition? Hmmn!)

    We go for both! Do theirs and then ours, go to their dinner and do our presentation ONLINE! (Only Q: Who’s coming for dinner tomorrow at Friendster?) (Ha! Ha!)


  107. Everyone!Start your engines….attached clipboard to dashboard, pen that’s hanging around the neck and lots of reference material that can kill someone if all stacked on that person…and lots of fun and humour. See ya all “Kose returns”.

  108. Oh darn…I knew I have forgotten something…forgot my clipboard! Oh darn…Can someone please lend me one? I’m in the office already…
    Was too busy sharpening my hatchet. Got a few varieties.

    On behalf of 2Roman and myself, we thank everyone for being such a good sport – we had just as much if not more fun showcasing elements of Treasure Hunting ala West Malaysia for everyone to savour.

    We are grateful or the opportunity to bring into your life, a special chapter that we hope you will remember as one of the more satisfying moments in your life.
    May everyone have more happiness while seeking more challenges in this sport/game!

    Roman and Small Change are drained but never down.
    We will be back soon to catch up again soon … have a good rest everyone – and sleep with a smile (or grin) on your face tonight (and maybe for nights to come!).

  110. Since I am home early, I will start off the discussion about the Bloggers Treasure Hunt 2007.

    It was a very tiring but extremely satisfying day for me (and ce5nt too I am sure).

    Tiring because (ce5nt and myself) we were up and about early this morning, making sure that everything was perfect for the hunt – the route and signboards were double and triple checked, rushing to a printing shop to make copies of the paperwork, and getting Margaret and hubby’s help to test-run the questions on our behalf (You have Margaret to thank for the extra 30 minutes hunting time given to all of you).

    But I was satisfied with how the day had passed, meeting a lot of new friends & old ones too (unmasked) and pleased to have been given the opportunity to pass on some of my hunting knowledge to all of you newbies.

    I apologise for innocently making the questions extremely challenging. On paper I had thought that most of our questions (barring Q10) were solvable. I had not anticipated that the questions would trouble the Masters in your teams. However, I would not take all the blame, as I am sure that the torid afternoon heat had also affected their performance too somewhat.

    After we accepted the “job” to clerk this hunt, ce5nt and myself discussed and agreed that we wanted to introduce mid-level questions to you newbies so that you can learn from the experience because we know that you guys (your level) are beyond the simple anagrams, acrostics, homonyms etc, and would not learn anything from tackling these type of questions.

    So rather than setting tough and very wordy questions, we decided to use simple sentences but with some level of deception added to make it challenging. And we decided to throw in some OFTB questions to satisfy the Masters cravings. Even the “seemingly easy” questions had also some level of deception – eg. the Metro question whose signboard was small but very visible, and which we thought was fair as it was all over the entire sector (trust me on this).

    Never mind the scores. I hope everyone learnt something today not only from us but also from the other Masters. I hoped that all of you were able to pick up some pointers from their presence, and progress in future hunt events.

    I welcome any positive or negative feedback from all of you who took part in the hunt today. Keep it coming. Be direct, so that I can improve on my shortcomings. If you do not wish to blog your comments, you are welcome to write directly to me. You can SMS me for my email address (you all should have my cellphone number now).

    And finally as a closing remark, we (I think I am speaking on behalf of ce5nt too) are very supportive of Riddle Raiders activities and would not hesitate to volunteer again for future events, should a similar opportunity arise.

    Good night everyone and God bless.

    Roman and Small Change are very grateful for the sporting spirit shown by everyone today. We had as much if not more fun showcasing elements of Klang Valley style Treasure Hunting than you had willingly trying them out.

    We hope everyone has taken home at least the positives while endearing the lessons from the negatives. Life is too short to be fretting over them – use them as springboards to enjoy more challenges as you move on the trails of this fast popular sport of Malaysia.

    ckloh, josh & team for creating the opportunity for this happen.

    2Roman for conceiving the idea and making it happen – his contribution was immense – extremely commendable and unsurmountable (if only you all knew how much more he had to cope with to get this going the way it went!)

    Lily Loh : for surprising everyone with your hearty goodies – unselfish and very thoughtful – just cannot thank you enough for her generousity shown not only to the participants but to us COCs (she gave us something special after we sent her home – more T3!!!

    Kaza : for your determination to ensure we have as much convenience as possible to savvy the presentations comfortably – your projector has projected not just our presentation but also your deep kindness! It was all so clear!

    pink: for the unforgettable savoury cookies made from the bottom of your heart and the tender loving ingredients! You will be rewarded for your bottomless caring with endless moments of happiness!

    claire : for a fantastic “theatre”. Good choice!

    The newbies in your team have shared with us their sincere gratefulness for the opportunity to see you in action. The coaching you shared. The thought processes. The leadership. Bravo! Kudos! Encore!

    You were the reasons we all wanted to do this. By turning up – you have shown us great faith, for which we are very honoured! Not just my thoughts but everyone’s who are players on their rights today!

    Bring home the positives.
    Carefully handle the negatives and turn them into positive energy by learning from them.

    Roman and Small change are exhausted but not depressed. Far from it – we are motivated by your constructive feedback. Our engines are kind of burnt out for now – so see you again soon on this blog.

    May everyone now sleep with a smile (or grin) tonight and for nights to come! Good night!

  112. Wow, you guys are early. Hehe… anyway, for post hunt discussions, i’m opening up a new thread…

    Btw, i believe 2R and smallchange got the question format wrong, it should be 15 bolded and 5 normal route questions… not the other way around… Hahaha… anyway, thanks for the experience, and i really had a great time today!

  113. Wah, you guys are so full of zest. Let me know when is the next hunt and I will masuk.
    I like to follow your blog but I do not have time to participate. So I shall be among the audience, watching you great players acting out on stage, going for each other throats with Gillet. But do remember to take a break, have a ….

  114. 5050, sure we’ll do. And thanks for the ‘have a break’ items… hahaha

  115. Josh, better close the pre hunt and discuss in post hunt only.

  116. joshua, could you put a link under categories or somewhere that links to the Post-Hunt comments. I am having trouble finding my way there.

    Also would appreciate if you could move some of the post hunt comments we started above to that thread.

  117. Temporary, you can click July in the Archives, and click previous comments to go there.

    I am sure Joshua, will fix this up.

  118. Tried to do that… but heck, this is a free tool. Cant do much with it.
    Anyway folks, if you end up here, I’m closing off the commenting here, since I couldn’t pindah the comments to the new entry.

    Pls proceed to the link below for post hunt.


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