Bloggers Hunt 2007 – Post Hunt

July 1, 2007


  1. SK Lim, SL Chin and Julie = 14 (RQ) + 10 (T) = 24 pts
  2. Adrian, Paulette and Kelvin = 12 (RQ) + 10 (T) = 22 pts
  3. Catherine, Joshua and GL Lim = 8 (RQ) + 10 (T) – 2 (P) = 16 pts
  4. Lily, CK Loh and SC Chew = 10 (RQ) + 5 (T) = 15 pts
  5. Johan, Cornelius and JY Chan = 4 (RQ) + 10 (T) = 14 pts

(RQ) = Route Question
(T) = Treasure
(P) = Penalty

Pretty tired, and I can’t pretty much summarize these in 10 minutes before I doze off.

Bottomline : Great hunt and maybe the very few best hunts that I had personally attended. Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did.

Great job to the CoCs, VK and Vincent, it is a great learning experience for us. Thanks to Margaret and KK for the “testdrive”, hehehe, else we couldn’t get the extra time =). Thanks to Lily for getting us the goody bags in such a short time (really appreciated that!!!). Thanks to Zahrol for loaning us the projector (it worked like a charm to trance the participants). Thanks to Mike for the stickers~. And the BIGGEST THANKS to all of you guys who are so supportive~!!. And special mention to ckoh (all the way from Sabah) and pink (all the way from Penang). It shows how crazy both of you are to treasure hunting.

This is one big sport that I am addicted to, and will never give up.

By the way, who was the one searching for ckoh and claire(question t1, hehehe)




  1. josh:
    It may seem like too much of an idea, but I am thinking : could you start 23 other new threads : 1 for each Q and T? Then invite everyone to comment on each Q and T, based on whatever their thoughts were in handling/dealing with that particular Q or T.

    e.g Q1:Here No one is above Ferguson for example.
    A1:First Knight

    (and everyone adds comments)

    (just type the answer as the heading)
    (and everyone adds comments)

    The ex-COCS will pen their thoughts or thinking that went into that particular Q or T.

    SLICE AND DICE (from all dimensions):
    Anyone can then add what ever experience, comment, encounter, observation – really, whatever – under each separate Q or T thread … including observers-only from the 90% – based on what is posted by everyone.
    Makes easy reading; orderly and organised references for all later too.

    I believe it will a first-of-its-kind collaborative POST-MORTEM analysis ever done in the world – everyone, from all sides of the event – all giving their 2-piece worth!

    Over to you! Up to you!

  2. Great idea!

    For anyone who want to comment, hold your bullets, wait until the 23 threads are created.

    Hold on.

    P/S: I suggest 2R1I can send me the statistics for each question, so I can include it to give an idea how we fare on each question.

    I am confident others will support and make this idea work.

    Under each respective thread, tell us what went on in the car – what was the team talk – what were the exchanges (war of words; words of war). Why did you
    choose the answer that you chose?

    I love your stories – some were amazingly “near hits” – impressive, some were funny (as in funny, funny and not stupid funny) – they all deserve to be told again – they have entertainment as well as educational value.

    At “Restless Chum” when I heard your stories – often told again and again – I was tempted to write about what I heard, but then, I thought – why not hear it straight from the “mulut-mulut kuda” and in your own style!

    Then we are going to have the most entertaining ever journal of a Treasure Hunt …
    I am very excited about the possibilities of how this is going to turn out.

    Roman – your statistics please to kick-start this!

  4. It is always our pleasure to do it. In fact, we always want to do this, but without the COC permission, we don’t think it is right thing to do.

    To all the COCs in the hunt industry, if in your future hunts, you think there is any hunt question that worthwhile to have discussion or view from the bloggers, please drop us a mail. We will more than happy to publish it and have similar discussion, for the benefits of all.

  5. Oh by the way, Roman, can you share the results with us? If possible, I’ll post the results with the team combinations.

  6. joshua, found it, finally. Wow, but it took me quite some effort (now I know how you all feel looking for “Metro”)

    Repeat my request for you to put a link under categories or somewhere on the right side that links to the Post-Hunt comments.

    Also would appreciate if you could move some of the post hunt comments we started in the Pre-Hunt thread to this thread.

    Joshua & ckloh, yes definitely. Let me know if you would like me to send the files (results & stats) that you wanted to an email address different from riddleQA@gmail.com. You can either sms me your email address or post it in this blog

  7. 2R1I,

    Please post the excel files to
    1) riddleQA@gmail.com (both William and myself will access this email for riddles matter)
    2) riddleraiders@gmail.com (Joshua will access this email for blogs matter)


  8. ckloh, done. i’ve posted the ppt to both the emails you had provided. The stats includes the results of the unofficial 6th car (Margaret and KK). They were not able to take part in the event proper as KK had to rush off to Ipoh in the afternoon. Enjoy!

  9. 2R1I, really appreciate the helps from all the members of your teams for this event. Thanks.

    I will not put the answers first for all the road questions thread, for those who intend to solve it.I will only put it later, maybe one week from now.

  10. 2Romans, we did it on ‘purpose’. =)

    Ummm, but for your request, I’m afraid i have no idea and believe there’s no way to do that, since this blog is hosted free with a free tool. Options are pretty limited.

    I’ll try to do something about that.

    Thanks for sharing the stats… hehe.

  11. What a great hunt! (clap,clap,clap,clap…)

    Many tnx to the bloggers & knights who together with great semangat saved the weekend for all of us, esp after STFOGA washed their hands.

    Special tnx to my chums for the much honoured trial run …really enjoyed it although it created quite an ordeal for me & “2 imposters” early in the morning. We didn’t realise METRO was so subtely micro ….had us going round 4x and thinking many levels up. Given the very short time, you both have churned up many good deceptive questions…no doubt you both will make great future cocs!

    Tnx to Lily for the French sent special c&y and Paulette for her cookies…how sweet of them!

    Really happy to have met all you players. Kini, looking forward to the next Blogger’s Hunt. Hopefully it’ll be soon…sometime in JASON maybe?…..11-2B there!

    For me, tackling killer riddle 5 now CVS!

  12. Meg,

    Enjoyed your potpourri of words/etc from the hunt! Very well done, very creative indeed! Makes your kind words for us even more honourable! That’s a clear demonstration that “treasure hunting is in your blood”!

  13. For the benefit of other bloggers who were not at the hunt, answers to the questions and treasures should be published in order that they too can comment on them.

  14. G, we will do that, don’t worry.

    On Sunday, usually we have less users to access this blog. Saying that, we have tremendous views today, the highest non-Friday records set today. We estimated alot of bloggers, just as keen as you to know the q&a for the hunts.

    But besides receiving your request, we have received other request too, asking us not to publish the answer too early, as they want to attempt it first.

    All the questions are really beneficial for hunt education, we would like to give opportunities for more users to attempt it, cracking their heads to solve it rather than just provide the answer.

    We should put in the answer somewhere on Tuesday. Hopefully, you can wait. Thanks.

  15. ckloh, since the bloggers hunt was not a thematic one like the food court riddles or like crossword where no. of letters are indicated, there’s no way a non-participant(NP) can guess the answers. For an NP to comment whether it is a fair question, he/she must first know the answer, right?

  16. ckloh & meg,

    Glad you liked our hunt. I’m tweaking a few new ideas already for another code cipher-like treasure. Hopefully we will get an opportunity to release it within the next year or so (ha ha).

    Just to let a secret out of the bag. The flavour for T2 was selected intentionally somewhat due to our guilty conscience. We had half-a-mind that this treasure is unfair and could not be solved (and we were repeatedly convinced by a mate of ours too), yet we wanted to transition this new idea into the field (an experiment).

    Code ciphers are typically used in espionage or military fields where information is often transmitted in codes with subtle or no clues thrown in to avoid it being cracked by the man-in-the-street or the enemy.

    However as this idea for a treasure is fairly new in treasure hunting circles, I did not want to be mean. So I threw in a lot of standard keywords, and retained one (the most important one) in subtle form that will lead the reader to decoding the message. In future if this idea is accepted by the players, I could reduce the number of keywords.

    Back to the flavour. We knew that Apple Aloe and Orange were the popular flavours in the stores. We knew that there would be a high chance that one of these 2 flavours would be picked up. If we had stucked to Mango as planned (wow, ckloh you saw through our idea), we feel that there is a high possibility that it would not be picked up. So we changed it to Apple kind of to appease ourselves that at least 1 team will pick it up.

    But to our surprise all 5 teams picked up Apple flavour. But we learnt later that only 1 team truly broke the treasure while the rest solved it by a stroke of luck (which we designed in).

    And of course this team deservingly in my opinion, to be crowned champions of Bloggers Treasure Hunt 2007 (well done, Dr Clue, Claire and Julie).

    See you all at the next event ….

  17. Wow, so treasure hunts are entering code ciphers and we are the guinea pigs. Haha!

    To benefit others and have a basic of what is code ciphers and some of the variations, please refer to this

    Scroll down and click the link at the bottom of page, to see some of the ciphers variation.

  18. Ahhh… I see everyone’s already actively discussing that horrifying hunt last Saturday. I don’t mind to jump into the discussion!

    First of all, let me express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to those cruel CoCs for an afternoon of migraine…. oh what a learning experience!

    Overall, I thought the hunt was tough. Interestingly none of the masters achieved 50% even! But of course they were not hunting full strength. At any rate, the top 2 teams were far ahead than the rest of us; the bottom 3 were only 1 points apart.

    Since I don’t know the ability of the STFOGA’s CoC, perhaps this is not a very fair comment, but I’m inclined to believe that the Bloggers Hunt was more fruitful as far as I am concerned. I got to learn a lot; and more importantly, I’ve come up with quite some new ideas about new twists for future questions! But before that, allow me to comment on the hunt in general.

    The first thing that struck me was the insufficient time given to us hunters. For that level of difficulty, I thought more time would be justifiable.

    If the hunt was held in my neighbourhood, I’d normally make another round to check out the answers. This is not to say that I don’t believe the CoCs. I do! But I’d still make that round just to try to appreciate why I missed METRO, for example. Could it have been done any differently?

    I also felt a little uncomfortable being at the mercy of a master. For example, if I had it my way, I would want to WALK the sector in an attempt to spot ‘obvious’ answers (the effect is different from just sitting in the car); and I would want to at least try the bolded Qs as opposed to just dropping them altogether. In that sense, I felt a bit cheated of the opportunity to ‘learn the hard way’. Of course I still get to learn when the answers were revealed, but it’s not the same, if you know what I mean…

    In the end, I must say that I made the correct decision to join the Bloggers Hunt. For the value of the lesson learned was truly worth it. I’m so happy that I’ve found my way here. The freak hunters whom I got to know are also good people. And pink, if you’re reading this, I really think your cookies have commercial value!

    OK… now let me see the individual Qs… how should I comment on them…. ready for a shave, CoCs?… hehehehe

  19. ckoh, welcome back to the blog. Glad you’re slowly coming out of your shell. I had thought you were still shell shocked from your first experience sitting through a Klang Valley hunt (ha ha).

    On the subject of time allocated. We agreed with the initial feedback that 3 hours was unfair. That was why we had agreed to extend an additional 30 minutes to the players. But looking back 3 hours 30 minutes for 20 Questions within 15km distance was a tad too generous (equating to 10.5 minutes per Q). We typically get 5 hours for a Klang Valley hunt for 35 Questions (equating to 8.5 minutes per Q) for a much longer distance (> 40km distance).

    By the way, shave away. Don’t forget we have in our hands now plenty of those little yellow Gillettes to shave back.

  20. I think the timing allocated is ok. And the place that we went actually is not affected by traffic jem, or even close to it. Normal hunt, you need to cater for traffic jem as well.

    So, I think it is fair on the time, just that the difficulty level is not what we expected of. Like Joshua says 15 bold questions and 5 normal questions. And even that, only 1 normal route questions achieved 100% in 6 cars, where at least 1 masters is in the car.

    Even if more time allocated, I don’t see any big difference to my team, maybe can solve one more treasure at most.

    To enter this type of hunt, on my opinion, we must have this philosophy, if my team can’t solve it so it is possible other teams also can’t, so have to go even can’t solve.

  21. ckloh and joshua,

    Like I had posted earlier, I apologise for unintentionally making the questions extremely challenging. On paper I had thought that most of our questions (barring Q10) were solvable. I had not anticipated that the questions would trouble the Masters in your teams. I thought they would breeze through the first 9 Questions, and get their first real test in Q10.

    But I fully agree with some inputs that I had received. It is “different” when people are not hunting with their regular team (applies to up-and-coming hunters and masters alike). With your regular team you are comfortable challenging ideas, provoking each others thoughts, know your mates likes & dislikes, know your mates strengths and weaknesses etc. All this little items would have made a big difference in a hunt.

    So I guess, we miscalculated by adding in too many deceptions into the 23 questions.

    However on the other end of the coin, like I had posted earlier, ce5nt and myself accepted this “job” with one mission – to help educate the newbies. We wanted you all to learn from our experience. We did not want to set simple anagrams, acrostics, homonyms etc, as we know (from your attempts to create riddles) that your level is already beyond these type of questions and would not learn anything from tackling them.

    And from the few feedback I have been receiving, I think it was a very good learning experience for the newbies. So I’m glad that we have somewhat accomplished our objective.

    But turning back the clock, perhaps we could have done somethings a bit differently (perhaps putting Jason, Metro, Dr Smee and Theatres in separate sectors would have helped. For I think that the moral was low for quite a few, after dropping these 4 questions from 2 sectors in a row).

    Till next time.

  22. Yeah, don’t get me wrong it is difficult, but like Joshua said it is one of my best hunts, learns so many things in a 3 hours hunt. Really appreciate the lessons.

    Agree on “the not with regular partners” factor. And that sector Jason, Metro, Dr Smee and Theatres really make us feel, we are in the wrong hunt. Like ckoh, we are 100% sure that it is Metro, but we have U-turn at least 5 times just to spot the Metro, and I even do a walk hunt partially. Still can’t find. At one stage, we thought why don’t we just go straight to the destination, it doesn’t make any difference any way. Haha!

    But again, we are happy because we learn so many things!

  23. 2R1I, as you can see, I crashed and burnt in my maiden KL hunt. And I’m shocked too. But I’m determine to come back with a vengence! Oh I love the tough Qs. If only there are more such hunts…

    I find most of your Qs, although very, very tough, had fair chances to solve. That’s what I like about them. But for some e.g. the bolded one about sounds like…., I think a bit too far-fetched. Not only was the Q so tough, but the signage was also small in my opinion. Perhaps even if that signage was huge, it would still have taken a while to register any connection to the clue — at least not within 10 minutes. It’s in that sense that it’s too far-fetched. Having said that, the explanation was brilliant. It is the type of question that I myself would love to conjure up!

  24. ckoh, book your Airasia flight rightaway for Aug 11. theSun Masters hunt is in the works from the Masters from TOS. You can volunteer to sit in this category to get another taste of similar if not tougher questions to make the rest of your year!

  25. I’m already making arrangements for it, 2R1I! I just need to comfirm with Master Johan! Oh I am so hungry for tough Qs. But I’m not just going for a ride — ‘to sit in’ as per your way of putting it — I want to hunt! I just hope there won’t be another postponement. Otherwise you people will have to organise another Bloggers Hunt!… hehehehe… And by the way, I don’t mind another Bloggers Hunt as well!

  26. I am now seriously considering of moving to a paid webserver with a forum software. The discussions are now all over the place, which some may find it troublesome.

  27. ckloh, your philosophy posted at 11:52am today rings a bell. A chum of ours shares the same thought.

    Be cautious when you apply it for sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. It works when you see there are hundreds of people out from their cars walking in a sector, but it probably doesn’t if you are one of the few that are still around.

    By the way, good luck to both your teams this weekend. See whether you can apply what you experienced last Sat in the coming hunt.

    I must say that I was elated meeting my first cyber friends – every single one from the Riddles Raiders + ckoh! Kind of remind us of pen-pal days, doesn’t it pink?

    Hope there will be “something more to it”! (don’t bother to decode this -the hunt has ended!)

  29. 2R&1I, if you don’t mind, can you send the photos taken to riddleraiders@gmail.com. We will include this on our webpage.

    josh: upgrade is necessary. but dont rush. let this blog continue as it is and take your time to assess what features are really worth paying for. And shop around. look at other “paid” sites in great detail, and then only see if you really need them.

    It is not easy to move from site to site and can be very frustrating to pay for a host and then discover that it did not serve us nor serve you!

    ckloh : beamed the pixs to you now! Did not have many -hope “pro” had more to it.

  32. Goodness gracious me! I’m sure there are some really embarrassing pictures somewhere…

    Oh yes, now is my turn to thank our 2 great Cocs, ce5nt and 2R&1I for a wonderful and paradign shifting hunt experience. Hehe… Many thanks for Lily, Mike, Zahrol, pink and everyone else for everything!

    I was happy to meet new faces…umm…actually some faces are not so new, just that I never got the chance to really meet up and get to know each other.

    Even though that was our first time hunting together, Dr. Clue, Julie and I, I think we made quite a good team, didn’t we? 😉 We had fun, shared ideas and most of all, didn’t throw anyone out from the car! Hehe… I love you guys!

  33. Talking about pictures, ce5nt, could you please let me have the one where I actually held up ONE finger to indicate only ONE answer found after more than half way through the hunt? I’d really like to know how pathetic I appeared at that moment. And by the way, I should at least try to claim 2 minutes from you people for the distraction!.. hehehehe… where got like that oh… during the hunt, CoC cannot kacau the hunters mah!

  34. ckoh: yes, I have included that one to ckloh. I am in the office now. Will send you a separate one later this morning, if ckloh has not published it by then. And to answer your question : Here-got-lah!

  35. oops; later this evening … cant go back in time (how one wishes!)

    AD: Do tell us again how you had a near plausible answer with WATSONS! I thought it was interesting.
    Please post your story in the Q5 thread.

  37. BLOG HOST.
    josh: the new host should allow one to post a comment and then tag it so that it will automaticaly appear in 1 or more other threads.

    If you are seriously looking for another host, you could invite your regular bloggers to give you a wish list! Start another thread on this?

    I am sure you have a wish list already. We just add on to it or give our comments on the list of features.

  38. ce5nt, great idea~!!! Brilliant indeed, but will it strike as a personal offense? Eg: some of the hunters have personal blogs which are already very popular among the community.

    Yes, indeed we will get on to the “way before Xmas” wish list…

    Ummmm, on the comment to tag on multiple post, that’s a bit hard to find, but not impossible. I’ll see what i can do… 1 item in the wish list so far… =)

  39. Answers posted to the questions without the explanation to have other readers get a kick at it.

  40. Hey 2R1I, according to my master, the entry form of that Sun Hunt is not out yet. Is it really confirmed on 11 August? If it is, I want to make early booking, perhaps can get slightly cheaper. But if I have to make changes later, I’ll have to incur surcharges!

  41. ckoh, annually theSun hunt attracts overwhelming number of entries, so much so they have to turn some teams away, that’s what I hear. So it is a safe bet.

    Go ahead and make your flight reservations for Aug 11. This date is already publicized in TOS website.

  42. Please check.


    Game on.

  43. It was indeed a good hunt eventhough did not contribute much in the car… Most of the time is only driving… Ad is the one who solve all the clue… How pathetic? Wasnt thinking at all on that day… Brain stuck I would say hahaha…

    But at least I learn one new thing… The driver will drive plus navigate at the same time…

  44. By the way, Glad that I went for the hunt… Got to meet up new friends plus having good conversation at the dinner with Hunter R us team

  45. Thanks 2R1I and ckloh, I’ll make arrangements for the August 11 hunt. Excitement is mounting now. Such a long wait! But I know I’ll get to learn a lot more in this hunt.

    By the way, within such a short visit to KL last week, I learned quite a lot of things, you know. Of course I learned a lot about hunt questions etc. But apart from that, I also learned other things.

    First of all, guys, I put up at Crowne Plaza Mutiara on the first 2 nights in KL. Did you know that in the evenings if you walked in the street near Lot 10, there’s this guy who’d pull out his business card with pictures of naked women on it. He’d ask, ‘Would you like to have some fun, sir?’. That was the first time in my life that I saw such a business card! And by the way, my answer was NO!

    Then I also learned that you can get a very cheap place to sleep in the city centre, namely: Tune Hotel. From Crowne, I moved to Tune for the remaining 2 nights. The room was claustrophobically small. Very dim lights. Room rates depend on how early you do the booking. Can be as low as RM20 per night. Then you need to add for air-cond, towels, shampoo etc. Interesting concept. But make sure you’re extremely tired when you stay there. Otherwise you can’t fall asleep. The sounds of vehicles outside can be annoying.

    Finally, of course I also learned to ride the LRT. Not so difficult. The only thing I was grumbling to myself was the supposedly 632-metre distance which I had to walk from the Kelana Jaya terminal to the flag-off point. Really, ce5nt, was it really 632 metres only. It felt like at least twice that distance!

  46. ckoh: it was actually 631m … if you were a crow!

  47. 631m?… Surely I saw 632m… hmmm.. what’s happening to me, I can’t even remember 3 digits now!?… Arghhh! Well, unless if I can fly directly from the station like superman, maybe it’s that distance.

  48. To the blog administrator, I just can’t supress my curiosity. Please forgive me, I’ve been waiting for someone to ask the question, but it seems that no one will ask. So let me ask the question:

    Is there a special reason that you’ve taken out Q8 from the forum?

  49. Wow, what an enterprising man, with a business card too. Can’t say that I have bumped into this man. He must be targetting “foreigners” like your self (ha ha). Some people have all the luck!

  50. Ahh… so that is new to you, 2R1I? Oh wait till you see that guy in person. He had make-up on, like a woman, and his hair dyed partially blonde!

    And also within the same street, some ladies handing out brochures for ‘very good massage, not satisfied no need pay!’.

  51. Riddle Raiders team, another Novice hunt in the works – UMIC Treasure Hunt.

    An overnighter hunt on 25 August. Route is from PJ to Malacca. Prizes look reasonably attractive at RM2.5k of cash & kind booty for the winning team.

    Can’t say that I know the CoC though (Sports & Recreational Wing, UMIC). Enter at your own risk!

    Please refer to the website for more information:

  52. Thanks for the info. By the way, how you find this?

  53. ckloh, you can say the Palm is in my hands!

  54. Guys,

    Let me tell you about my experience in UMIC hunt. They did organise a hunt before… way back in year 2005. It was horrible. Why?

    1. According to the rules, they said the starting line up will be as first come first basis.
    But in the morning, no COC is there to man the line up plus the COC is late

    2. At one point the tulips is totally wrong. The hunt is from KL to Cameron (Stop at Tapah). We complain but COC said that is the correct tulips. We late by 10 mins to find the correct sector plus the handling points.

    3. Treasure Question totally out.
    The first 2 treasure question is quite up to the standard but on the 3 question, the COC added a sentence for the sake of adding to complete riddle which doesnt make sense at all. Is a four liner question and this sentence is at the third line.

    4. In the form, stated will be staying in one of the nice hotel in Cameron, ended up in some Apartment and the dinner is somewhere 10 mins drive from the apartment.

    5. At the prize presentation…
    COC is late. and at the end of the presentation, we calculated that we manage to get 85 pts which allows us to be in Top 3 but at the end we get nothing. Checking with the COC, our score is at a pathetic 69 pts. I admit there is always a typo or incomplete answer but 85 – 69 = 16 pts… That is unbelievable. Another sad thing is, the first prize team is someone close to the COC. Sounds controversial rite… This is not only our team complain and whole lot more complain… but as they mention ‘Keputusan pengadil adalah muktamad, segala surat menyurat tidak akan dilayan. We accepted the defeat unwillingly and the COC did mention to post the result and answer on their web but till today I did not see any…

    So to all Enter at your own risk

  55. Ah Ha! Now we finally learn and appreciate the power of the blog. People from all walks of life can share their experiences (and disappointments).

    Thanks to wengsiu, a lot of innocennt hunters will be saved from the post-hunt trauma of asking themselves the question of “what the hell am I doing here when I could have slept in the whole day”!

    Unless the CoC has changed, this is one that I would advise all to skip. So sorry for putting it up for consideration. I nearly sent a lot of people on a trip that they would have regretted.

    Wengsiu, could you remember the name of the CoC that clerked the course back in 2005?

  56. the event management company

    Creative Measures Management @ 019-6001894 or 017-3195201

    I m not sure about the COC. I will try to dig out the paper and revert…

  57. At least both hand phones don’t match. Might be different COCs.

  58. by the way, forgot to add one last thing..

    Promise to have 10 prizes but ended up only 5

  59. How many cars? Do you remember? If only 15-20 cars, I think it is reasonable.

  60. That is besides the point, ckloh. If participants join because of the attractive prizes, you can’t later on withdraw those prizes on the grounds of lesser participation. As the organiser you just have to do a bit more promotion of your hunt.

    If there is that possibility of reducing the prizes in the end, then you as the organiser must make it clear from the beginning, so that participants are fully aware of what they’re in for.

  61. Sounds a bit dodgy… a hunt to ponder.

  62. ckloh,

    we are talking about 60 cars here.

  63. What? 60 cars and 5 prizes?

  64. Riddle Raiders team & wengsiu, I just received information that a regular CoC (can’t name him/her for now) could be involved in the background of this hunt helping out a first-time CoC.

    The list of things I would be wary of (for a first-time CoC) if you guys decide to go:

    1) Tulip error – missing sectors are very common.
    Solution: Always look ahead a few sectors for landmarks provided on the tulips to confirm the location. If little or no landmarks provided, good luck!

    2) Questions in wrong sector – another plausible error.
    Solution: If the questions appear to be reasonably easy, and you see another 50 teams are walking in the sector, do suspect that something is amiss. After doubling back once, drive ahead to the next sector and lo & behold you may find the answers there. Also start looking for answers one sector ahead of the designated sector (if there are reasonable amount of shops).

    3) Answers do not fit the question 100%.
    Solution: When your answer fits 90%, leave!
    1st time CoCs have the tendency to add confusing words (add-ons) in the question that they don’t require as part of the answer.

    4) Time – For a first time CoC, he/she will have problems estimating the overall hunting time.
    Solution: Conserve time where possible. Follow steps 1-3 to not lose time. And most importantly, look ahead in the question set before you reach the designated sector. Questions that need to be researched, do so before arriving there.

    Actually, the above tips, some of them you can apply to regular hunts too.

    Good luck.

  65. Hehehehe…. that bad, huh, 2R1I?

    I can imagine what was going on in your mind when you signed up for the Sutera. I guess the prizes were the main attraction, huh?

    I remember clearly the time when I first sent that invitation SMS to you. You actually called me back. I introduced myself as the CoC, and then I went on to say that I was doing a pure hunt — without the physical challenges, like the one done by TOS for DBKK. I said that was different because that was for tourism. TOS had no choice.

    And then you said, “But I hope the standard of the questions would be like TOS……”

    Thanks for being there in the end, my friend. I had to make sure that there’re some strong teams in the field. Otherwise it would look strange if everyone did badly. In the end, the top 4 teams got above 100 pts (out of total 140pts). The rest didn’t do too well. You top teams actually saved my day!

  66. ckoh, I think you did a very good job during the Sutera Hunt.

    Just wanted to share our experience over the years sitting in hunts clerked by other first time CoCs.

  67. huh………… wow! sounds like you guys had a really great time last Saturday. Too bad I couldn’t be part of it but hopefully I will be there next time.

    Maybe Pink and ckoh can consider doing one in their respective state and if someone from Kuching can offer to do one there, it would be awesome. That would be a truly Malaysian Bloggers’ Hunt.

    ckoh, you had a go recently at Sutra and everyone seems to enjoyed it and with your newly acquired additional “kung fu”, it would be the right time you do one in North East.

  68. North east!?… wow! I don’t even know a lot about KL, and you’re asking me to consider north east?… hehehehe… very funny, blur blur.

    And by the way, blur blur, not everyone enjoyed my Sutera. In fact, it seemed that many didn’t enjoy it! After the hunt, some concerned friends actually informed me that I had a reputation of being a ruthless CoC. They claimed that some newbies declared that they’re afraid to join my future hunts! I thought that kind of reputation wasn’t fair. It was my first big assignment, and yet was quickly given such a reputation.

    On the other hand, the regular hunters said they enjoyed the hunts very much. The appreciated the tougher questions. And they also complimented me on my very detailed presentations.

    But I’m open to suggestions. I will adjust accordingly for my future hunts. I will try to make sure the newbies have some fun too. God willing, I will try to please as many people as possible. After all we’re here to have fun!

    But where is this north east place of yours my friend?

  69. sorry for the confusion my friend. no wonder I am a liability to my team.

    I was taught in school that there are 11 states in WEST Malaysia and two states in EAST Malaysia. Of the two eastern states, there is one on the north and another on the south. Take a map of Malaysia, put a centre reference point which would be somewhere middle of south china sea, the north east should be where you are now, right?

  70. Oh wow, perhaps you have a point there, blur blur! I am a Sabahan and have heard of a few ways how our state had been referred to before, i.e. East Malaysia, North Borneo Island, Land Below the Wind etc. ‘Northeast’ is a bit new to me.

    Had the whole Borneo Island (Kalimantan, Sarawak & Sabah together) been slightly been higher above the equator, perhaps that reference — northeast — would fit perfectly for Sabah.

  71. Oh yes, blur blur, actually we have in the past organized unofficial hunts here in KK. If I am not wrong, the best team here, Main Tembak, started what they called Trash Hunt.

    And so far I believe they’ve done it twice. They did a rotation system where the winning team will set the next hunt. Unfortunately, the last team that won the hunt couldn’t find the time to continue the rotation, so the Trash Hunt apparently died off after only the second round. I haven’t even been introduced to treasure hunt when the trash hunt was started. So I missed those hunts.

    I found the idea of the Trash Hunt very appealing. Too bad that it has been discontinued. I was told that the standard’s high because it was mainly amongst regular hunters. I wanted to continue it by setting the hunt, but later on decided against the idea because I never won the trash hunt. It was against the rotation system, you see.

    So in the end, last July I started my own KK CHALLENGE. It was yet another unofficial hunt. But I only managed to attract 3 regular teams, and the rest were mostly newbies. A total of 14 teams hunted in the KK Challenge. You will appreciate that if you are a new CoC, it is very difficult to attract regular hunters. The result was predictable — the top 3 places all went to the regular hunters.

    Since an official hunt originally meant for this coming August has now been cancelled, I might want to organize a KK Challenge 2 instead. I recently bumped into a member of Main Tembak and asked if he’d be interested. But he said maybe he’s got other commitments. This time I’m trying to attract 20 teams. If not, then I’ll not do it. Otherwise, we’ll all just wait for the Kiwanis, which I was told will be in September. Keeping my fingers crossed…

  72. ce5nt, there’s something I’d like to know about last Saturday’s hunt. 2R1I said he had all the targeted pictures in his ‘library’. How did you go about your task of setting Qs? Did he pick the signages, and all you had to do was to conjure up the Qs somehow?

    Or did he just send to you a whole bunch of pictures and then it was up to you to pick those you liked? I ask this Q because I found it amazing that you could actually end up choosing ‘Metro Security’. Those pictures sent to you must have been taken under 9 megapixel?

    It’s just amazing to think of the idea of setting TH Qs by electronical/digital means. One of these days, I don’t mind trying to set one too. But I can imagine it must be very difficult!

  73. ckoh: how to you get the word out that there is gonna be an unofficial hunt? If you target 20 teams, you must shout loud enough…………

    For Sat’s hunt, we did an actual tour of the grounds.
    We brainstormed on a few possible targets and took pictures of them – also to add on to the library.

    Targets may not exist or may be modified – so have to use with discretion (have to read the “expiry date” on each one!). But they give a good idea for selecting “mining grounds”.

    The original target was another “hidden” sign.
    But that sign could be easily blocked out of view by parked vehicles – so 2R decided to use an alternative – and the rest is history! FYI2 – Metro was spotted with the naked eye (ok – spectacles and contact lens included).

  75. blur blur, when I said many didn’t enjoy my Sutera, I didn’t mean ALL. They’re 98 teams in the Sutera (supposed to be 100, but 2 withdrew at the last minute). About 15 teams were regular; another 10-15 within the chasing pack; the rest mainly newbies.

    The regular and average teams mostly enjoyed my hunt. They’re mostly not satisfied because according to them, they were outwitted with simple basic tricks. They claimed ‘NOW THEY CAN READ MY STYLE!’ (whatever that means!) That’s why most of them wanted to beat my questions in my future hunts — most of them are convinced they can! And then they’re also some newbies who’ve become addicted to treasure hunts — especially pure hunts!

    So quite a number of them have been following up through emails. In fact, I just got an SMS from a regular hunter this morning, asking me when’s the next hunt! The thing is, we just don’t have enough hunts here in KK. With a reasonable CoC, most of them would want to join whenever there is a hunt. At least I would.

    Some hardcore hunters will join, rain or shine; some want to beat my Qs; some want to have the training; some want to simply have fun on a weekend. I think 20 teams is quite achievable. And if it’s not, then I can concentrate on improving myself further first before doing my next official hunt which is in November.

  76. OK, talking about ‘style’, for those involved in the so-called Bloggers Hunt 2007, why not try my style a bit. See how well you can ‘read’ me.

    ckloh, if you don’t mind, let them send the answer (‘CK PUZZLE’) to your mailbox? Then later you can forward to me? I’m sure most of the masters can easily deal with my ‘style’. This is meant to be of ‘average’ difficulty. From the confines of your homes, I think should be easily achievable.

    Question sector should be the same as for Q1,Q2 & Q3 of the Bloggers Hunt.

    Q) Will finish off for a child.

  77. Hey blur blur, are you making fun of me or are you just living up to your name? Newbie Pink do a hunt in Penang? Haahaha! For one thing, the sum total of my hunt experience can be counted on the fingers of one hand. For another, we have quite a number of great coc’s in Penang, e.g. Roadrunners & Paradigm Shifters.

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