Q10:Sounds like one wishing to end up as bad blue seas perhaps?

July 1, 2007

Percentage (answered): 0%

Answer: 11-2B       (Yes, yes, it is 11-2B, read as “I want to be”. How interesting indeed 🙂 )

COCs and hunters, please comment here. Hunters, if possible, please comment what happen in the car when attempting this.

Maybe, bloggers can quote similar hunt questions from their hunt experience as an example to have another view of this question.

Many thanks.



  1. A bolded Q that isn’t meant to be solvable in my opinion. And yes, it also gives me ideas for my future hunts! Again, my same comments to that ‘bolded’ question about ‘ordeal created…’. Though questions should be related to easily-spotted signages. Not in this in my opinion. But I accept the explanation for the solution.

  2. Our team actually had the correct idea going. We were looking for just the first part of “Sounds like one wishing…” and hoped that the subsequent part will just fall into place. Problem is…we couldn’t spot the first part! Funny thing was, we actually looked at the shop numbers for OTHER questions, but not this one. Haha…strange things do happen…

    claire : that’s commendable. At least, you did consider this line of thought – only needed eagle eyes!

  4. Hmm… this is the 2nd time I’m typing this. I hope it goes through this time.

    As I was saying, now that the answer has been revealed, I have more freedom to comment further on this Q.

    Those of you who’ve hunted in my hunts before would know that I’m not such a big fan of this type of Q. Elsewhere on here I’ve commented on ‘PARADOX’ which the CoC claimed sounded like ‘PAIR OF DOCKS’. pink is of the opinion that the CoC’s explanation is OK because of the silent ‘F’ in ‘OF’. But the dictionary will reveal that the word is pronounced more towards PAR-A-DOX rather than PAR-O-DOX.

    Here we also have a ‘sounds like’ situation. But it is not direct. If it was direct, it would sound like this: WAN WAN TO BE. In order to arrive at the solution, the solver needed to ‘translate’ the first digit — ONE (1)– into ‘I’. ‘I’ is of course the digit ONE as a roman numeral. It is that ‘I’, meaning ME, that is read out aloud as — well — ‘I’. Only after making this ‘translation’ would we be able to get the sound of: I WAN TO BE. And only then would the clue be beautifully solved!

    Looking at the Q from an overall point of view, I thought that there is a very remote chance of getting solved, if any at all. First, it is a sounds like clue — which means whatever it is we’re looking for, the spelling would probably be different from the actual word/s. Secondly, the signage is very small and probably requires a long time to spot — if we can spot it at all. Thirdly, even if we did spot it we need to make ‘changes’ first before we can arrive at the solution. It is like changing the shape of a jigsaw piece to fit into its place.

    Overall, I think even if I had more time on this Q, I doubt that I’d have been able to solve it. All I can say is that KL hunts standard is much higher than ours in KK.

  5. ckoh, this was meant to be my “gem”, holding hunters back from finishing the hunt within 1 – 2 hours. Because of the short hunting distance, during our planning review, we considered that this could be a possibility.

    However, I think I was rather fair in this question, putting in an easier “Sounds like” clue to supplement the harder “2nd level anagram” clue. Most CoCs would just throw you the “2nd level anagram” for similar OFTB questions with a “solve it if you can” attitude.

    With the sounds like clue, I thought the hunters would at least have a chance of trailing this clue to the signboard, and using the 2nd part of the question as confirmation that they have targetted the correct sign.

    Questions like these can be broken with a little time on your hands. It was unfortunate that most teams spent a lot of time on the easier Jason, Metro, Mr Smee and Theatres questions, and did not allocate sufficient time and patience that this question deserves.

    You could see one or more of these during the coming Sun hunt. So practice practice practice.

  6. Yes, 2R1I, the learning process continues…and I am a fast learner — honest!

    If only you know how frequently I re-visit all these questions and re-analyse them over and over again in the hope of understanding what went wrong, and how to avoid those mistakes in the future.

    Obviously my ‘hunt library’ is much smaller than yours. But out of the 7 hunts so far, I feel I’ve improved by leaps and bounds. Moreover, I feel that I’ve learned some valuable lessons on this blog too. I am hoping to see more of this type of questions in the Sun Hunt. I think I can rule out winning at the moment. My priority is in the learning. Maybe later I can hope for a win, but not yet. Now it’s time to pay the tuition fee first!

    Unfortunately I’m doubtful that I’ll be coming over for the STFOGA on 29 July. I will still try my best to come. I just hope that when and if I do come, the hunt won’t be anything like the recent pendrive.

  7. ckoh, if you haven’t heard some of the regulars including ourselves will be shifting camps on that day to Putrajaya Hunt, another fairly respectable annual event, clerked by a responsible CoC. More information you can get from TABE website.

    Hunt with us or continue to support those irresponsible organizers – your choice.

  8. Hey, what happen to the second part of the answer (to end up as bad blue seas perhaps)?

  9. This is a double definition clue.

    = Sounds like one wishing to end up as
    = “I want to be”

    = bad blue seas perhaps (perhaps is anagram indicator)
    = sebelas dua b

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