Q12:Dodge responsibilities after exchanging their order.

July 1, 2007

Percentage (answered): 0%

Answer: Hand Wash

COCs and hunters, please comment here. Hunters, if possible, please comment what happen in the car when attempting this.

Maybe, bloggers can quote similar hunt questions from their hunt experience as an example to have another view of this question.

Many thanks.



    As correctly pointed out, “to wash one’s hands” was the inference, but the reference here was that of a one-handed dodger!

    Good try by COCs?

  2. Actually, ce5nt, when you explained the solution, I thought the phrase should have been ‘WASH HANDS’… as opposed to just ‘HAND’ (without the S).

    I meant to look it up in my idioms book, but have forgotten up to now. To the best of my knowledge, the expression should be — and ONLY be — WASH HANDS. But I may be wrong.

    I wasn’t too concerned in this case, because it’s not like I thought of that answer but decided against it due to the ‘S’. I missed it altogether! So it’s just fair that I didn’t deserve the points anyway.

    However, I think it would have been very interesting had there been another signage — perhaps a very tiny one — with a ‘HANDS WASH’ within that sector. Imagine that that were the case, and a team gave that as the answer. Surely that would’ve been a more fitting solution. Would the CoC then accept that answer as a more accurate one?

  3. ckoh, “wash hands” rather than the singular form is accurate. We were informed after the Q&A presentation by a non-hunting Master. A slip on our part. Apologies.

    Yes, if that situation arose where there were more than one signage projecting the same answer, we would have accepted both.

    Must have been time pressure, that none of the teams considered this signage and highlited the error when submitting their answer sheets.

  4. 2R1I, this is a good example of how things can go wrong if done in a rush. In spite of this particular Q, I still think that you’ve done an outstanding job considering that you had less than a week to set up the hunt.

    This situation is one that was suggested by you in a previous post on here. You raised the question on what would happen if the hunters came up with a more perfect fit when compared to that of the CoC’s.

    I find it interesting that you said you’d accept both answers in this case. I beg to differ. In my opinion, if there were 2 signages: HAND WASH and HANDS WASH within that sector, surely the HANDS WASH is the ONLY accurate fit, and therefore should be the ONLY acceptable answer?

    This is a different situation from the example I gave in my earlier post, where I said SK Lim gave a question about the word SUTERA. In that case there were 2 restaurants with the word SUTERA found on them. So in that case, he accepted both. And I fully agree with him.

    In our present case, IF we have ‘HAND WASH’ and ‘HANDS WASH’, then I’d say the first board would have been a good red herring, but shouldn’t be accepted at the answer.

    ckoh: yes I am on the same page as you are. I did mean that the version with the “s” is the correct one.

    I was just being funny (cute) with the idea of what a handicapped person with only one hand would say.(bad joke – not meant to offend any such person living or otherwise).

  6. Hmm, interesting point raised. However, I think it will seldom arise (especially for a distinguised CoC) where they cannot defend their own answer. So to accept both their intended answer and an alternate fit (another perfect fit that was overlooked) would be the likely option.

    In my case here, it was an overlook on my part and I accept full responsibilities. And I have no defence to put forth, just pure carelessness!

    I can’t remember now, but I think the point I was trying to raise then was more to highlite the need to make questions tight enough to prevent other solutions from becoming a possibility that would create havoc for the CoC. (And yes, we did scan through the Hand Wash sector to ensure there was nothing similar around).

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