Q15:Oddly Michelle is here. This is not good!

July 1, 2007

Percentage (answered): 16.67%


COCs and hunters, please comment here. Hunters, if possible, please comment what happen in the car when attempting this.

Maybe, bloggers can quote similar hunt questions from their hunt experience as an example to have another view of this question.

Many thanks.



  1. Oddly, I do think this Q is very good.

    I think i’ve come across this clue at least 4 times in past hunts. If I remembered correctly, it was the RoadRunners who created it. My team did not manage to attempt it then, but then we learn… “salt helps”!

  2. This is pretty new to me. Like meg, I’m learning~!!

    Btw, which team was the one who got into the 16.67%?

    IMHO, i dont know this Michelle (censored) would be a famous Michelle. I’ve come across of her name few times before though.

  3. The only bold question broken, this one, is broken by the test drive team, not the 5 participants car.

  4. Looking at this Q now, I am so disappointed that my master decided to drop it altogether. If I had it my way, I’d at least tried it for a few minutes… at least 3 minutes? I like the idea behind the solution though. I think it is brilliant!

  5. Morale was down in this sector, we were in Q15, only managed to solve 2 route question, and from ce5nt expression who hopped into our car just before this sector, we thougth we might get 0 treasures.

    We stopped here for 3 minutes in this sector, but not as what ckoh thought, we were not spending the 3 minutes to solve both Q14 and Q15, both bold questions.

    We stopped, as Lily want to buy bread, so we brought the bread and finished the bread in this sector and go throught this sector in less than 30 seconds. By the way, the bread here was not too bad.

    This was pathetic, but as I said morale was extremely low, can’t solve normal route questions, what is the chance of solving bold question. Not a right attitude, for hunting, but this is how powerful the COCs clue are, it can’t be broken, only things broken is the mentality strength.

    So, took the bread, had some fresh air and hope Damansara Perdana will be different story, last 5 questions. It was the only hope!

  6. Yes, I can understand what you went through, ckloh. But my situation was different. My master actually explained to me what that ‘oddly’ was all about. He said he’s experienced it before. In fact, he knew the solution, it’s either Yeoh or Wie. The only thing left to do was to spot the board. Yet, he decided to drop it altogether. I think that wasn’t very clever of him — very frustrating!

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