Q16:Restless chum found here.

July 1, 2007

Percentage (answered): 33.33%

Answer: Kafe Friendster

COCs and hunters, please comment here. Hunters, if possible, please comment what happen in the car when attempting this.

Maybe, bloggers can quote similar hunt questions from their hunt experience as an example to have another view of this question.

Many thanks.



  1. Not much to comment. By this time, we were running the sector merely for the sake of running the sector. I think our minds were already dead!… hehehehe. No more time.

    Look for friend, pal, buddy…..

    and don’t forget kawan, sahabat…

    yeah… and don’t forget to look at your watches too…

  2. We actually spot this instantly, but not too sure how the ster fit in. But after another round, can relate restless meaning minus ster. So, we jot down Friendster as the answer.

    Then another round, suddenly someone saw it, not me, it is not Friendster but Kafe Friendster. Lucky, saw that one.

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