Q3:Ordeal created ahead of a planned uprising.

July 1, 2007

Percentage (answered): 0%

Answer: Reload Coupon

COCs and hunters, please comment here. Hunters, if possible, please comment what happen in the car when attempting this.

Maybe, bloggers can quote similar hunt questions from their hunt experience as an example to have another view of this question.

Many thanks.



  1. This is torture, I would say. First sector with a micro sign that most would ignore.

    Even with the answer presentation, I swear I didnt see that sign. Or are we being setup-ed? =p

  2. In my opinion, this question was not meant to be achievable. Maybe the trial hunters solved it, I don’t know. And maybe all 5 teams in the field defeated also not a conclusive evidence that this Q is non-achievable.

    For such a question, I’m inclined to be guided by Michael Pang. Since the Q is ‘bolded’, it follows that the signage should be ‘highly visible’. During the hunt, I was attracted to the ‘ordeal’. Notice that we can only have a realistic hope in that ‘ordeal’, because the rest of the sentence was obviously harder. We’re more at home with ‘Ordeal created’, meaning rearrange the letters in ‘ordeal’ to form another word.

    And almost immediately the word ‘reload’ came into my mind. But like you, josh, I couldn’t find a suitable ‘reload’ within that sector. Now I wonder if anyone saw it at all. I think if I’d seen that ‘reload’ the might be a chance that I’d figured out the rest. And even if I didn’t, there might be a chance that I’d tembak it anyway. Perhaps it was my observation skill that failed me. What about the other teams? Any comments?

  3. ckoh,
    The test drive team did not solve this. We interpreted “planned uprising” = coup, and went one level up to convinced ourselves that the “ordeal” is the the disease “SLE” created to give us COUPLES (Hair Studio), big signboard btw. Now, COC, can you consider our answer as a possibility if you can accept our “ordeal” intepretation ? You said it in ur ABC line up that “B is behind C” therefore “C is leading(as in ahead) B”

  4. 2 Imposters, or should I say 1 Roman & 2 Imposters (ha ha),

    Couples was meant to be my ikan merah for Reload Coupon because the coup from Couples was rather glaring. Associating SLE to Ordeal is quite far-fetched. Not my style to associate you can say. If I had wanted to link Ordeal to a disease I would have used Disease for example (or I may not even have selected this board as I wouldn’t have considered it fair because there are millions of diseases out there). Secondly there is an additional subtle word – planned which Couples cannot satisfy.

    ckoh, you will later realise (if and when you drop by Klang Valley again) that the standards are very high amongst the Regular teams. And you will also realise that over the years the Regulars have been well trained to look at small signboards for OFTB questions. The standards are so high that usually the OFTB questions using big signboards, almost always get solved by one regular team or more. So you can say that small signboards adds to the deception, which is fully acceptable in the Westside.

  5. 2R1I, I am not trying to challenge your authority as far as what’s acceptable and what’s not in KL. I am not one who will grumble when I lose. If that is indeed the usual standard, then I will simply have to improve myself up to THAT standard. As I’ve said before, I don’t expect you to lower the standard so that I am able to catch up with the masters. In fact, I would not appreciate that at all!

    I will admit that I still have a lot more to learn. Certainly I can understand now why your team was amongst the only 3 teams that got my DOUBLE SHOT during the Sutera. When I conjured up that Q, I thought no one would get the answer. And yet your team got it. So I will take your word for it. Indeed your observation skill is more superior!

  6. 2R1I,
    Just pushing my luck here, my fellow countryman. My understanding is a coup is usally “planned” by someone, it just don’t happen out of the blue. I know to equate “SLE” to an “ordeal” is indeed far-fetch, but to a recovered sufferer, he can says he survived this ordeal. “Reload Coupon” is a perfect fit, no doubt, but pardon my ignorance, if coup = uprising, does this mean planned = on ? Was not there dring your answer presentation to catch your drift, please elaborate that subtle word of yours.

  7. 2I, yes if you check the thesaurus, on = going on as planned or simply as planned.

  8. Btw, care to tell us where the sign was located? Below the DIGI nearby COUPLES?

    Micro signage for the eyes who are blinded by extreme sunlight. That was torture… ~!! hehe

  9. joshua, if you missed seeing the sign during the presentation it must have been small (hee hee).

    Anyway lets say it was 5x the size of Metro, and 3x the size of First Knight. The words Reload Coupon were vertically up-rising on the T&T Mobile signboard located below the First Knight signboard. If you ever drive past Loong Foong again go check it out. It is not as small as you think.

    This particular sign was not targetted because of its size, but more of its position! Do check it out again, and do not be caught again in the NOVICE HUNT!

  11. well, the sign was definitely within the normal means of being spotted. Just that the sun really got to me that day and many signs were just not spotted besides this one. However, i do not agree with ckoh that this q was not meant to be solvable. I think it is very solvable. In fact, the moment you see reload, you will probably get to clue in on the other part of the Q.

  12. Good morning, folks!

    Ahhh… I see more discussions on this Q. Yes, Ad, that’s exactly what I was trying to say. That’s why I said IF I HAD SEEN the RELOAD, I most probably could have figured out the rest of the clue. BUT I DIDN’T! I thought the signage was too small. Now that it’s revealed that the board was 3X the size of First Knight, I guess it’s not so small after all. Therefore it must have been my observation skill that is at fault.

  13. ckoh, ha ha I did not mean to say that the board was larger than First Knight, just that the size of the font was 3x larger, and definitely visible from the road. In fact when you guys & gals were gathering around the First Knight sign, I had thought that at least one the teams would have spotted and solved it.

    I try where I can for OFTB questions, to include a definition (or an easy cryptic clue) to supplement a more challenging cryptic clue. Yes, I definitely would like my questions to be solved. It gives a great deal of satisfaction to a CoC, when at least one team is able to share the CoC’s thought and figure out the intended deception. Trust me, it is no fun for a CoC to spend a lot of effort to setup questions only to not have them solved.

  14. Hi Coc,
    I have to nit-pick on this question, if answer is “Reload Coupon”, I think the question would have a better “flow” if it is “Ordeal created ahead by an uprising as planned”. “planned” on its own can’t be “on” but “as planned” can. Even if it’s ok by your book, it would still translate to “on coup”.

  15. Yes, G, RELOAD COUPON was indeed the intended answer. And yes, someone did raise that objection when the CoC revealed the answer — that the order of the words would give ‘ON COUP’.

    And in fact I myself was about to jump on the CoC too. But it just so happened that this particular answer was unique in terms of its arrangement. You see, G, the answer was located at the side of a signage in a vertical order… let me see if I can demonstrate it here:



    Do you see now for that word COUPON in this respect the ON comes first before the COUP if you read it from the bottom? That’s why it fits the UPRISING, i.e. you read it in the order of going up…. very, very subtle…

  16. Btw, CoCs, I must admit that during the hunt, I failed to see the significance of that word UPRISING. As far as I was concerned, it meant a coup, riot or the likes. For a very short moment, I thought that it was strange that you used a ‘less-common’ word like UPRISING. A more common and ordinary word like REBELLION or RIOT or UNREST would have been more natural in my opinion. Only when you revealed the answer did I realise that the word UPRISING was a carefully chosen word not only to arrive at the COUP, but also for another specific purpose!

    Crosswords are two-dimensional : Down and Across!
    Treasure Hunting is multi-dimensional!
    3rd Dimension – physical location or appearance!
    4th Dimension – falling time – speed is relative!
    5th Dimension – atmosphere in the car!
    6th Dimension – the route.

  18. Josh, just saw this reload coupon signboard.

    The only possibilities you don’t see the sign is you are exactly in front of the signboard. You need to view it at the side, then only you will get it.

    But spotting it post hunt, and during hunt are two different things altogether.

  19. Ahhhh, okay, can’t blame anyone on my low observation skills. But, i’ll heed your advice on keeping an eye during the Novice Hunt! 🙂

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