Q4:Enter now and make a two-piece.

July 1, 2007

Percentage (answered): 50%

Answer: Dobi

COCs and hunters, please comment here. Hunters, if possible, please comment what happen in the car when attempting this.

Maybe, bloggers can quote similar hunt questions from their hunt experience as an example to have another view of this question.

Many thanks.


One comment

  1. I like this particular question. It is MY type of question, if you know what I mean. I am known to involve a fair number of English-Malay-English translations in my questions.

    From that point of view, I didn’t fail. We did consider the Malay translation for ‘now’, i.e. sekarang, kini etc. And it was also obvious that the ‘kini’ was a more promising line to pursue (the shorter word is almost always the better choice to pursue).

    Unfortunately, I failed with the ‘two-piece’. ‘two-piece’ to me relates to a suit, i.e. trousers together with a coat. In that sense I humbly admit defeat. ‘two-piece’ can certainly mean what the CoCs intended it to mean. In the end, although I liked the question, I was not so impressed with the answer. I readily accept the part that answers to the ‘two-piece’, but I’m not so impressed with the preceeding ‘DO’ to relate to ‘MAKE A’. I suppose one can argue that it is understood.

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