Q5:A period initially spanning across two seasons.

July 1, 2007

Percentage (answered): 0%

Answer: JASON

COCs and hunters, please comment here. Hunters, if possible, please comment what happen in the car when attempting this.

Maybe, bloggers can quote similar hunt questions from their hunt experience as an example to have another view of this question.

Many thanks.



  1. I think this question is a very good indication of the brilliancies of the CoCs. In my opinion, I wouldn’t have been able to solve this Q even if I was given more time. My only small objection is that the answer should contain 6 letters instead of 5. Nonetheless, I accept fully the answer intended by the CoCs.

    AD: Do tell us again how you had a near plausible answer with WATSONS! I thought it was interesting.

  3. OK, the answer has been revealed…

    Like I said, I thought the CoCs have been brilliant in this particular Q. The flow of the letters in the answer is just amazing — almost as if the CoCs themselves put up the sign there!

    Of course the ‘initial indicator’ is there. That is plain to see. And ‘spanning 2 seasons’ is also suggestive and leads the solver to the answer. So I have no complaint here.

    Indeed the initials of: July, August, September, October and November will make JASON. The only small objection is that probably to complete TWO seasons, maybe June or December should have been there too. At any rate, I think this is a very good Q. Again, it shows the brilliancies of the CoCs.

  4. ckoh, because the sign has 1 month short of two seasons, we used “spanning across” rather than “making up” two seasons. Cheers.

  5. Yes, 2R1I, I fully accept your explanation. And I really think this is a brilliant Q.

    In the English language, ‘spanning across’ can actually mean ‘making up’ (the entire) two seasons. For example, outbreak ‘across’ the country may mean ‘throughout the entire’ country. When we say a bridge is spanning across the river, we mean it to be from one side to the other side of the river banks.

    Having said that, however, ‘spanning across’ may also mean ‘making up’ — but not entirely — the two seasons, i.e. across, but not to the full extent.

    That’s why I said a ‘small’ objection, because the phrase can mean both ‘partially’ and ‘entirely’.

  6. HIND SIGHT IS 20/20!
    Maybe just “spanning” without “across” would have reduced the ambiguity as in “Period spanning two seasons”.

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