Q8:A woman ahead and a physically-challenged pirate’s bosun will appear at a place where we can feast.

July 1, 2007

Percentage (answered): 0%

Answer: Mee

COCs and hunters, please comment here. Hunters, if possible, please comment what happen in the car when attempting this.

Maybe, bloggers can quote similar hunt questions from their hunt experience as an example to have another view of this question.

Many thanks.



  1. With pirates of the carribean still hot in our minds, you sly CoCs did a great deceiving job. While our minds are still with Barbossa, it ended up with the famous pirate’s first mate. Hmmmphhhh!

  2. Hmmm…while we need a woman here, don’t forget the man in Bosun!

  3. I have no one to blame here. My 5-year old JJ watches this movie like a million times that I am so sick of it! And she knows practically every single word uttered in the movie. And it was an original CD too, so I have so excuse to say that the sound system wasn’t good enough. Oh I am punished! In spite of my very detailed nature, all this while I thought that joker’s name was MR SMITH!…. arghhhh!!

  4. Btw, CoCs, I’ve been thinking on the general flow of this clue. Apart from the shock that I was going through then, I was further misled (or rather I misled myself) into the wrong direction by the flow of the clue. Somehow it seemed to mean this:

    A woman + bosun —> at a place where we can feast.

    Thus giving the impression that we’re looking for the name of a ‘place where we can feast’.

    Maybe it would have been a little different if:


    Two things I’ve learned from this Q. Firstly, there is no need to use a comma after the word ‘ahead’. You remember my first Q in the Sutera. It went like this:


    I think only the KL teams got the answer…. and maybe just one local team. When I crafted that Q, I was worried that someone would complain that there was no comma after the word ‘ahead’. Now I know it is perfectly acceptable.

    And secondly, of course, always try to quickly shake yourself out of a particular mode of thinking if it doesn’t work!

  5. ckoh, yes, punctuations can be used or not used to add to the deception too.

  6. Oh yes, I forgot to tell what happened in the car…

    As I said, I misled myself on the clue. I somehow thought that we’re looking for something that is connected to a woman, eg Miss, Mrs, Madam, Mother, Mommy etc. Then add that with ‘bosun’ to become the name of an eatery. In retrospect, that idea is so silly!

    It’s amazing what time pressure can do to people! We’ve all seen in over and over again in the Amazing Race. First, you are convinced that you are WAAAAAY behind time; and behind the rest. Very soon after that, the sense of desperation creeps in. Then hopelessness… and it’s just downhill from there…

    In the car:

    Hmm… pirates… maybe it has something to do with Jack Sparrow?… an eatery connected to the name Jack, maybe?

    yeah… but what about the woman?… doesn’t add up…

    Woman…. woman… woman…

    *In my mind*: Capt. Hook… bosun… Mr Smith… nah…

    *Thinking aloud*: Mrs, Madam, Miss, Mother, Mommy…

    Hey! Look!…. MAROON!!…

    Why, what about MAROON?..

    Well, at least there’s that MA in front of it?

    Uhuh? And then ‘ROON’?…. what’s that got to do with ‘bosun’?….

    Dunno… perhaps when the pirate is marooned on an island, he’s CHALLENGED? Silly idea, I know, but you got any better idea?

    Nah… let’s make another round (and this will be the 4th round, by the way!)…

    Well, still nothing appealing… and we’re running out of time anyway….OKlah… take that MAROON!

    And so there goes 2 points!…

  7. Same explanation with ckoh for MAROON. Not sure whether it is red herring purposely done, but most car choose Maroon, because ma is equivalent to a woman. Nicely done!

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