July 1, 2007

Percentage (answered): 66.67% 

The first treasure is one you can do without I must mention.
Ckoh and Claire’s threats will clearly describe its function.
The Reds owner is said to be associated to this treasure.
Five included to make inactive what I desire.



    Thank you! Now I have enough to last the whole year!

  2. I believe you can shave more than one whole year, seeing the amount we’ve brought in. =p

    Should you share some with claire and ckoh?

  3. Who was searching for ckoh and claire on google anyway? Hehe

  4. I think it is 5050. Haha.

  5. w00t!!!
    So you guys have a mobile internet search huh~!!

  6. Sorry, don’t saw the time, then it is not 5050. Someone else.

  7. ce5nt…I think you have about 2 years supply of your favourite shaving tool? Haha…you can keep them all. I’ll just shave ckoh with my sharpened hatchet. But if he needs a tool, give him one of the treasures. It’s smaller than my hatchet.

    ckoh and claire : Hope you will both be like the blades of the INACTIVE GILLETTE soon. Shaving on the same page (face)!

  9. Yeah, yeah… go ahead and laugh, ce5nt. You’re happy because you now have enough supply of shaving blades for the next 2 years.

    I bought the GILLETTE blades. And the beauty of the clue was that I went to the kedai India to look for the old-fashioned blades. Well, I found a packet containing 5 + 1 (special offer pack!). Arghhh… did they really have to give special offers when I didn’t need them!? And that’s not the end of the story. I bought that 5+1 pack anyway!

    And then later, I found the ‘regular’ pack containing 5 blades only. Wah… so happy oh! So we submitted that as the treasure.

    So what am I supposed to do with that pack containing 5+1 blades!?

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