T3:Nestle Kit Kat

July 1, 2007

Percentage (answered): 33.33% 

The French sent hot outfit partially taken out from a neutral country. How sweet of them!



    This one was tweaked some half a dozen times!
    In the end, we did not get what we wanted (except for 1). How not sweet of us! Why didnt you bring us our Kit Kat? Tell us!

  2. Cause 3 hours ain’t enough for a 15 bolded question hunt… hahaha

  3. 3 days would be probably sufficient…

  4. I must admit this treasure is pretty much like normal hunt treasure. But my personal opinion is, in the earlier questions, it twisted my mind that I cannot think like how I usually think in normal hunt.

    So, have a paradigm shift and think out of the box for the earlier questions. And I admit that I am not good to have the paradigm shift back to the normal mode whilst attempting this treasure, which normally I should able to tackle it, or at least get a Nestle product.

    This opinion/excuse of course represent my personal view and not my team view.

    What an excuse!!

  5. I must admit that I wasn’t very impressed with my Master throughout the whole hunt. I thought he wasn’t even serious. I couldn’t believe it that he didn’t even bother to bring a dictionary/kamus.

    But he saved the best for the last. It is with this particular question that I was able to see his ability. He explained the solution almost word for word as the CoC’s explanation.

  6. Well done to your team! Your team is the only team of the 5 contestants team, that get it right!! The top 4 cars, didn’t get this treasure.

  7. Oh I didn’t know that we’re the only successful team on this treasure, ckloh. But it just occurred to me that there must be something wrong with the statistic.

    Just a bit of mathematics now: there’re 5 teams hunting that day. If indeed only one team got it right, then shouldn’t the pencentage be 20%? Or perhaps that percentage was meant for other things?

  8. The statistics includes the test drive car. So, six cars altogether. Only 2 teams get this treasure right, your team and the test drive team.

  9. Ahhh… OK… that makes sense now:

    (2/6) x 100% = 33.33%

    Everyone else: Do tell us why you brought what you brought? I am sure there is a good reasoning behind it.

  11. In the car ..

    What is your thought for this?

    French should be le, hot should be anagram indicator of sent, outfit need to partially taken out and neutral country is definitely Switzerland.

    So, we have quite a clue, so just go 7 eleven and go to the section that sell sweets and chocholates should be ok.

    In 7 eleven.
    Wow so many choices? How ah?

    Browse, one by one la. Ai ya don’t really have time. And so many sweets here.

    Look, there is a Swiss fine print here.

    Yalor. But this is Ricola, wor. Doesn’t ring a bell. But neutral country is definitely Switzerland. And so many flavours?

    Hold on! I found Ricola Lemon Flavour with a Swiss fine print. Le is the French! So, it match the French and Switz!

    But how about the rest?

    Ai yah, this is the best answer la! Buy this first, decide later!

    Ok, we are out of time, one hours past we still in Q4, and the first 7 questions, we only get 1, we have to hurry!

    Then, we saw ckoh came in the same 7 eleven.

    Hide it! Just buy!

    Later on,

    Cannot breaklah. Just submit.

    If only, we saw the Nestle. We have a Nestle Products expert in our car! All Nestle brands she know by hard!

    And how we can miss this is totally surprised us, we try to anagram sent, and we know French means le. I think the COC doing a good job here by distracting us with the neutral country. Instead of concentrating on the Nestle, we concentrate on neutral country.

  12. Well, that is not funny in the least, ckloh! Wait till you know what I did!!

    To continue from the point where you saw me and Chan enter the 7-Eleven:

    *Whisper*: Chan, come to the drinks section… shh!.. don’t say first… ckloh they all will hear us!…

    OK, they’re gone now… let’s deal with this fruit tree drink first….


    Then….at the counter:

    Eh, apa benda yang mereka beli ha?…

    Umm… Fruit tree… umm… tak ingat….oh ya! Ricola satu…

    Ricola!?… yang mana tu? Cuba tunjukkan pada I…

    Ni ha… yang lemon flavour…

    Ahhh… Ricola…..

    OK, tak pe lah… I pun nak beli jugak…

    And in the car I got rediculed by Master. So, folks, let me tell you that if you have reached the level of paranoia, even if you have a better solution, you can somehow doubt yourselves… and still consider others’ solutions… even if it’s obvious that those solutions are WRONG!

  13. Thanks for your ending of the story, let me tell you my beginning part of the story which I miss it earlier on.

    When we reach 7 eleven ..

    The first thing we do is we go to the shop attendant. The first question we ask the shop attendant is

    Ada orang beli apa-apa di sini tadi, fruit juice atau gula-gula?

    Tak ada lah.

    Ai yah like that, ah! We need to browse one by one, then. Wow so many choices? How ah?

  14. A CASE OF BLIND t B.
    Masters are very good at disguising/erasing the treasure from the memory of the shop attendant. Beware when you try this “apa dia beli tadi” technique on masters!

  15. What?

    You means in actual hunt, masters will actually buy more than the real treasures, to confuse others, that ask the same question?

  16. ckloh, definitely. when we buy the treasure ie a drink, we will buy 100 plus, ice milo etc as well. Sure buy extra stuff lah to be chameleon. Otherwise, all you newbies, just tanya shop assistant dan dapat jawapan. Mana boleh???

  17. ckloh: there are more tricks. Ad’s is one of the most popular ways … so learn to crack the treasures yourself and then you can fool others too!

  18. ckoh + ckloh : wonderful narrations. amazing to read first hand stories from both sides of the same episode! Didn’t foresee this coming … pleasantly surprised!

  19. Gee, I’m learning… buy more than necessary for treasures! No need to play hide n seek.
    As for the KitKat thingy, I got as far as nestle, then my master sent me to buy smarties (I said, huh? smarties is nestle ah? – yes, I’m THAT ignorant about brands). I asked for the explanation but he said just go buy. I obeyed, even pretending to look at other things coz there were other teams in there. Finally, I sneaked a pack of Smarties and hid it behind my clipboard before going to the counter to pay. Minutes later, my ex to whom I gave the Q earlier, called to say KitKat, but I told him we got the answer already. haha

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