Hunter’s wishlist

July 4, 2007

To all that have been following our comments and entries closely for the past few days, including our recent Bloggers Hunt, will have notice the intention of moving this blog to a paid webhost

  1. for better post management – including doing riddle discussions, treasure discussions and the extreme commenting that has been carried on for the past week.
  2. more features – eg: forums, which can accomodate discussions effectively
  3. more customization – this is more of a personal thingy, I want those widgets and google ads!!!
  4. etc etc…
  5. p/s my personal blog as well

Well, before we do anything or even deciding on whether to move, we certainly want to hear from the fellow hunters who are keeping an eye to this blog. Any requests / wish list / preference, pls let us know and comment in this thread. If you would like to remain anonymous, you can always email to RiddleRaiders@gmail.com

Happy hunting!!!

Current wishlist:

  1. ce5nt : Single comment to tag to multiple entry posts.



    1. each blogger can have their own tags to all comments for personal convenience : does not affect other bloggers’ view
    2. running numerical display of each comment (see prometheusdigital “volvo” blog) : easier to cross reference
    3. can view posts in ascending or descending order
    and any other “personal viewing preferences”
    e.g show only last read comment and subsequent unread comments per thread, etc
    4. “google search” within the entire blog for any post
    or post
    5. highlights new post since last “personal visit”
    with the word “NEW” – updated for each person
    6. formatting allowed by each blogger (highlight, bold,
    strikeout, font size, fonts, emoticons, etc)
    7. allowed to add images and graphs
    8. voting on each posting (for feedback from “read only visitors to the site)
    9. shows country of blogger/visitor (with consent)
    10.spell checker with edit mode
    11.sub-categories allowed (like folders style)
    12.”new posting” highlight on “other links”
    13.PRIVATE CATEGORIES hidden from view of others
    – require password to view the categories

    I know there’s one waiting to be asked.
    No, I was not at another time zone (unlike pink?). Merely waken by my K9 companions and saw this latest thread!

  3. ce5nt, Wow, do you really have enough sleep? Post at 2.59 am and 6.13 am.

  4. WHEN IS “ZERO”!
    Depends on when you go to bed, right? Should be okay if one goes to bed at 9:30 p.m.!

  5. http://www.phpbb.com/
    Check this one out! Seems quite highly rated.

  6. Yup, we have 2 choices indeed… but phpbb isn’t that easy to setup…
    There’s another forum software SMF, which currently i’m testing at my own computer… hehehe

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