July 2007 Riddling Riddles – Riddle 6

July 6, 2007

The theme is still food court. For any Q&A correspondence and question answering, pls email to riddleQA@gmail.com

We will continue the food court riddles for July 2007, and we will change to other themes on August 2007. Enjoy!

6. Normal Riddle – Explain how to let go of somebody simple. (9 letters)


Answer: Mixed Rice

This week, as usual, we received a number of entries but mostly from the regulars. I’m sure there are many others out there who can and are eager to answer but are shy or afraid that we will laugh at your answer. Please be assured that your identities and answers are important to us and kept between ourselves and no one else. So come on, give it a try.

Explanation for this week’s answer:

“Explain how” = DESCRIBE
“to let go of” = Indicator to take out something from something else.
“Somebody simple” = SB (an abbreviation for ‘somebody’ which is commonly used in the dictionary)


=> MIX (DECRIE) => MIX is anagram indicator
=> MIXED RICE => Apply Double Jeopardy.

7. Normal Riddle – Clue 7. ( letters)

Riddle opens from 13 Jul, Fri 7.00 pm to 19 Jul, Thu 7.00 pm.


8. Normal Riddle – Clue 8. ( letters)

Riddle opens from 20 Jul, Fri 7.00 pm to 26 Jul, Thu 7.00 pm.


9. Killer Riddle – Clue 9. ( letters)

Riddle opens from 27 Jul, Fri 7.00 pm to 2 Aug, Thu 7.00 pm.




  1. Hmm… although ckloh was kind enough to text me Riddle 6 on Friday evening, I am still lost up to now! The Q does look like a ‘normal’ riddle, yet it is not… well, at least not to me right now. I can’t even identify which is the anagram indicator!

    ce5nt, the cat caught your tongue?… hehehehe. Aren’t you supposed to throw in some hints for us?

    Can someone explain how to solve this simple looking riddle? Very hard for me to say what it will be … but this one’s got me baffled too!

  3. Guys, how’d you’ll do in today’s hunt? Kindly post a few lines.

  4. Sorry guys, dead tired yesterday. Hit the bed directly after dinner and shower. Had not rest enough over the weekend (especially after gruesome 3-hour bowling tourney on Saturday and end up with a cramped right hand for the hunt)…

    The results are at home and now I’m in the office. Will be posting our “thoughts” tonight… hehehe

  5. Hey Josh, while you’re at it, would it be too much to send over the Q&A to me? I think you know my email address? Unless of course if you intend to discuss them here, even better!

  6. And by the way, josh, ckloh etc., try out my clue posted in the thread on Bloggers Hunt – post hunt. It is a ‘style’ 2R1I is familiar with.

  7. ckoh, we will try it out. If anyone want to send to our email on the question as suggested by ckoh, we are welcome.

  8. Ckloh,

    Would be happy if you could sent the QA for yesterday hunt for me… Thanks..

    By the way, Congratulation

  9. ckoh and wengsiu. Noted.


  10. hey josh, at least tell us who are the top 3 winners. Interested to know whether our “3.5 hour” lesson did the trick. (hee hee)

    ckoh, want me to publish all the sign boards for the 1st sector to rekindle people’s memory? Your signboard-of-interest is part of my library too.

  11. 2R&1I, please clicks the July 2007 Archives in your right panel. We publish the result this morning.

  12. ckoh and wengsiu, we have receive a few mails to asked us to do the same. I don’t think it is fair for us to do it for every hunts too, where everyone expect us to send the Q&A after the hunt.

    So, sorry we will not send it to you all after all. Usually, Zahrol will publish the Q&A on this website. Since Zahrol is doing this, you need to check this out

    Have to wait, see when he posts it in. Hope you all understand.

  13. 2R1I, that’s a good idea. But just wonder, what exactly do you mean by ‘publish all the sign boards’. Do you mean to type the names of all the available sign boards within that sector in a list form? Or are you gonna send them the pictures of the shops within that sector?

  14. Oh I suddenly thought of an interesting idea! I think some time ago, TOS had a virtual hunt on their website. Now it’s no longer there. Maybe that can be a feature here. What do you think of that, josh? Give a picture of a row of shophouses. And then Qs could be set relating to the sign boards found in the picture?

  15. Thanks too, 2R&1I, your 3.5-hr lesson certainly bore fruit!

  16. So, coming back to Riddle 6, is anyone gonna offer some hints yet? I feel so hopeless! Is my performance declining? Never mind the killer riddle. This is a normal riddle we’re talking about here!

  17. Hey, ckloh, I suddenly remember about the pictures that ce5nt took during the Bloggers Hunt. Where are those pictures now? Would be nice if I can get a couple sent over to my emailbox. Perhaps I can print a hardcopy for souvenir. Although that was an unofficial hunt, it was my first ever hunt in KL! And to me, it was as good as a full hunt too!

  18. ckoh, normal riddle sometime doesn’t mean normal. Still remember, we suppose have only 5 OFTB questions?

    We are clearing the stocks of what have in the library, before we move to next themes, so don’t be surprise that you might see not really normal one.

    All pictures inclusive of Chew’s one is all with Josh. Obviously, he is busy, tired and exhausted.

    Josh, get the message?

  19. Ahhh… stock-clearing. I see…

    By the way, ckloh, as I was saying earlier, why don’t you think of a way to include a virtual hunt here? I’m sure that can be an attraction in this blog.

    Perhaps the good CoCs can set the Qs and then other bloggers can give it a try. And then after a week’s period, they will reveal the answers/explanations. That would be good, wouldn’t it? By doing it that way, we have a wider audience. We can all hunt online!! What say you? Should this go into the wishlist too?

  20. Yeah, we will do a virtual hunt for treasure as suggested by ce5nt. It is suppose to start 2 weeks ago, but we need to concentrate doing Blogger Hunt then. Now, Josh are looking into the possibilities to shifting this to a paid server, exploring few options. Sorry, we are part time only.

    So, dare not start anything yet, continue as it is, whilst exploring the idea of moving house. Once, we decided which house to move, then only we buy the furniture. Maybe, the new house have some tools for us to do this.

    And on the virtual hunts for normal riddle, not treasure one? I thought this is the column for it. The last one is laroma, which we enjoy a lot. So, what next? Keep the questions flowing…

  21. I think you misunderstood me, ckloh. I am referring to the virtual hunt that was available on TOS website some time ago. But now they no longer have it.

    They actually had a picture (in their case, they had a cartoon picture). And in the picture, there’re lots of signages, just like in the real hunt. The virtual hunter can zoom in and out as they like. Then there were questions, but the answers were not in sequence.

    I can’t really remember now, but I think there were a few pictures. Each of those pictures had several questions to be answered. Very interesting idea. The only thing that was regretable was in their case, I think no answers were ever given!

  22. Hee. One thing, one thing first. Let us start treasure first as discusssed earlier,then only other ideas.

    Our blog still not as you think, alot of willing contributors. And as mentioned earlier, our plate is full, we can’t start anything currently that need our involvement.

    Perhaps, you are willing to be the contributor, setting up virtual questions weekly?

  23. Congrats guys. Now go out and do us all proud on Aug 11 – and capture the BIG ONE.

  24. Thanks, 2R&1I, just wonder how come most prefer to post in this column, rather than the Novice Hunt column?

    Anyway Aug 11, is a different ball game, if you see the winning list, it don’t really have alot of regulars in the list. Aug 11 wlll consists alot of experienced one which hunts for quite some time, and we only know our team members for around 2-3 months. Don’t dare to underestimate the strength of the field.

    But we will try our best and see how it goes. All the best for your team too and defend the BIG ONE. Sorry, for other masters, ALL THE BEST TOO.

    By the way, any Sun Hunt Masters or Open Champion in two consecutive years? Just curious.

  25. Will there be 2 categories in the Sun hunt this year?

  26. ckoh: Think in groupings.

  27. Ummm…. claire dear, uncle ckoh is a bit slow this morning. I know you’re trying to be economical with your words, but when you said ‘Think in groupings.’, which subject are you referring to? Care to elaborate a bit?

  28. My dear ckoh (uncle??)…you wanted hints to the riddle ya? Well, “Think in groupings”, as in groupings of words. I don’t know if this hint will help much…or help in any way at all!

  29. BTW, 2R1I, when’s this publication of sign boards within sector 1 gonna happen? I myself don’t have a photogrphic memory, so I can only remember very few signages there. But if you’re gonna put them in a list, don’t give too few lah!… Otherwise, the answer would become TOO GLARINGLY OBVIOUS!… hehehehe.

  30. By the way, this riddle is mostly done by claire. If you think it is ridiculous, blame claire. Haha!

    claire, I thought you not suppose to give any clue?

  31. Oh the riddle!!…. hehehehe… I see! You’re giving me hints about the riddle. I thought you were telling me something about grouping up pictures for virtual hunt! I was trying to figure out how that could be done!

    Hmmmm… yes, I’ve done that too, my dear claire — I’ve thought about ‘groupings’, but I have a feeling there is something wrong with the translation part of the question, eg. perhaps some ‘imbuhan’ missed out etc, much the same way I’ve commented on the first riddle: leanING is not SANDAR, but rather MENyandar (or BERsandar).

    So, for example, in this Q6, the ‘LET GO OF’ might be intended to be a ‘deletion’ indicator; but maybe also to be translated to something like LEPAS or BEBAS. If the solution lies in the latter, then it doesn’t work, because BEBAS is an adjective, not a verb. But I suppose we will come to these discussions later.

  32. ckoh, I’ve sent you the names of signboards in our library for sector 1. Feel free to publish them.

  33. 2R1I, sorry about that, I just checked out my emailbox. I’ve received the list of signages within that sector. I’m gonna publish it here shortly. While I’m at it, I’ll see if I can somehow conjure up some more Qs for this sector. Thanks.

  34. Oops!.. didn’t work… let me try again…

  35. Go on…blame me, shave me! I’ll only enjoy it…the pleasure’s mine.

  36. Hmmm… didn’t work twice… maybe third time is a charm?…

  37. Nope, didn’t work… let me try to rearrange the words. Maybe that will do the trick…

  38. Oh well, it seems that we can’t fit so many signages in here, 2R1I. Perhaps it’s just me. Would you like to publish it here. Maybe it will work?

  39. Not yet, claire! The tradition is that the shaving comes AFTER the answer has been revealed. Don’t get impatient now, ya hear!?

  40. ckoh, why you so lucky one??



    Next time, if you ever want to come to hunt in KL again, please let us know, so that we can know whether the hunt will be postponed.

    Hope you haven’t book the flight! Or else …

  41. Oh no!!! Well, there goes the Sun Hunt! My secretary was about to make the bookings this morning, but I told her to hang on for a few more days. I had a bad feeling about KL hunts after the STFOGA!

    But whatever it is, I won’t be able to make it for 03 November. I’m clerking the KK Rotary Club Hunt on 04 November. Hmmm… on second thought, tonight is the meeting on the Rotary hunt. Who knows I can convince them to change the date. But not promising. What a waste!

    I think the lesson that we can draw from all this is not to get too excited about a hunt. That will just tempt the gods! It will somehow get postponed!

  42. BTW, ckloh, I forwarded to you the signages which 2R1I sent to me. I’ve also quickly added another 2 more Qs (not in sequence). I wonder if you could publish them here as I was unable to do it after several tries.

  43. I will check with Joshua with this.

    Josh, wake up, you are needed!!

  44. 3 more days and counting before I get a good shave…

  45. Hmmm… can’t wait for a shave, claire? Well, I still have the 5+1 pack of Gillete blades. Still don’t know what to do with them! Maybe can become handy in aa few days’ time! But who knows your Qs this time will be justified…. I am still lost up to now. Perhaps ce5nt has come up with something.

    Hey, ce5nt, you’ve been mighty quiet this lately? Are you adopting the Master Liong’s policy now? Don’t slow down, my man. I know ckloh said they’re not adding anything new until they move house, but we can still shave each other on here!… hehehehe

  46. 2R&1I and ce5nt…you guys have been quiet. Don’t abandon us!

  47. Oh no…I hope people have not been put off by Riddle 6… 😦

  48. Perhaps you people scared them off, claire! That’s why lah you, who ask you people control podium finish like that? The sifu also takut already! Maybe very soon, you will outdo sifu too! How can oh!.. hehehehe

  49. Sifu will always be sifu…by the way…where’s my sifu Dr. Clue?

    Sorry folks. Work calls for all my time and attention. Will try to catch up soon. Never had such a crowded schedule in my career! Marathon meetings! Brain draining stuff! Wears me out more than the riddles – so you are second placed claire!

  51. Hey, ce5nt! Welcome back my man! We’ve been kinda missing you, my friend. But you haven’t missed much. Somehow it’s not the same without you and 2R1I here. Perhaps RR should consider paying you people some fee for keeping the fire going here?

    Oh yes, as you can see ckloh has added a whole new thread for my 3 little questions for the 1 sector of the Bloggers Hunt. At first, I just conjured up one Q entirely from my memory. But 2R1I was kind enough to provide the sign boards for that sector. So I quickly added another 2 more Qs. I feel honoured to be allocated an independent thread for those Qs. Unfortunately, not so laku — no takers up to now! ckloh sent in his try last night, but it’s not complete.

    You are gonna keep trying, right ckloh? And by the way, to make it interesting, why not include a short explanation to the answers. I can learn from those explanations too.

  52. Ok, I will give my complete answers with explanation tonight. Oops, it sounds that I get it wrong!

  53. For the moment, better not comment whether right or wrong. Keep you in suspense first! hehehehe… All will be revealed later! Well, maybe a bit late on Saturday night or Sunday morning, coz I’m attending charity dinner on Saturday evening.

  54. ckoh,
    if ckloh hv access to riddleqa@gmail.com, there’s no point for him to try out your questions already. Why are the answers not mail directly to u ?

  55. You have a point there, G. But of course, I’m also allowing one try per question to each person. ckloh has submitted answers for 2 of them. He said he’s gonna submit the last one tonight.

    Anyway, let me make it easier for you. Direct to me, preferably with explanations. ckoh1965@yahoo.com. That way, fair to everyone.

  56. ckloh, I hope you don’t mind solvers directing their answers to me. Just in case some of you from RR would like to try my Qs, they won’t end up getting accused in the end because they have access to all the answers and therefore able to pick and choose.

    Then I will give my comments/explanation etc to you. It’s then up to you how you want to publish it. Fair enough?

  57. By the way, G, I’m glad to know that someone is gonna try my Qs after all. As of last night, ckloh said no one submitted yet. Sayang lah if no one try. Nothing much to discuss after the answers are revealed.

    I’ve given some questions to some of my employees. And they didn’t really try. But I am convinced that actually they DID try very hard! In the end when I revealed the answers, they claimed that they would have easily solved the questions if they had tried them out. That kind of comment just drives me up the wall!

  58. Ok, ckoh. So, please don’t count my entry although, when I send it yesterday no one send anything yet to our mail.

    And I received entry from Mr. Clue this morning, I will send Mr. Clue entry to you tonight.

    RR riddle mail only accessed by myself, Joshua and William, if other RR want to try, please allow them.

  59. By the way, any discussion on the Blogger Hunt Encore by ckoh, should go to the post, not this. Thanks.

  60. GASP!
    Taking a breather. Will submit my tembaks for your q’s koh later this evening. Since it is not a race for time – I can savour them slowly.

    Anybody heard about this akan datang movie? Interesting title isn’t it? Nothing is something to sayang! Saw this poster at an Putra station. Sent a pix of it to ckloh – but unfortunately pictures are not available yet on this blog (josh – working on it?)

    What a wait for theSUN to rise again! Hopefully, the waiting is going to be worthwhile for those who still can! Many more may fallout as autumn approaches!

    NAME a.k.a. Riddle ENAM!
    I declare defeat with this one. Have to let go of it. It is so simple yet cannot explain how to. Must be designed for somebody simpler – or am I over the hills already?

    I like the idea. Maybe drop a hint on a Monday – kind of like mid-point tips! More encouraging. If you wanted to – you can deduct a point for answers submitted after Mondays’ tips are out – call them MONDAY BLUES!

    Got to go … catch up again when I can…

  61. ce5nt…I did drop a HINT the other day for Riddle 6. Ckoh was wishing for hints, so I thought I’d be kind enough to drop him one. Perhaps my hint didn’t really help much! Then I got ticked off for dropping hints… No worries, all will be revelead today at 7pm. Ok…almost all. Haha…

  62. ce5nt,

    Q) Explain how to let go of somebody simple.

    Explain how = DEMONSTRATE

    to let go of = deletion indicator

    someBODY = OD (some of the letters from BODY)


    simple = anagram indicator

    Therefore, EMNSTRATE anag. = TERNS MEAT

    What is so difficult about that!?

    Only problem is, I’d really like to know which food court serves this meal!!… hehehehe

  63. ckoh, you could open a stall at a food court to sell TERNS MEAT. Then it’ll be a valid food court sign! Haha…

  64. Hey!… that’s not such a bad idea! But then when the bird flu comes again, I will go out of business!

  65. Umm…I didn’t know TERNS MEAT is categorized under the bird family! Hahaha… wow, must be some new bird species.

  66. Whoops…I just found out that TERN is a small gull. Looks like you are right. Good luck in setting up the stall and looking for TERNS here ckoh!

  67. Oops!… sorry about that!… I just made up that solution from the top of my head. Didn’t bother to check the dictionary.

    But that word TERN came from the days of my playing scrabble for side income. I thought it is a kind of sea bird of some kind. Hmmm.. must check it out later.

  68. claire dear, you are making uncle very confused here. Don’t torture old man like that! OK… still a good half an hour to clear off my desk! Hmmm… if only no need to work…

    (This is definitely NOT the answer, but I am in the naughty mood to share this funny one!)

    Explain How To = SOLVE
    Let go of = FREE
    Somebody simple = RIDIC (urban/modern word for someone ridiculous)

    Reconstructed riddle is therefore:

    SOLVE = anagram
    anagram of “FREE RIDIC” = FRIED RICE!!!


    That’s what I would call a riddle like this.
    The number of layers will depend on how crazy one is!
    Now you know why my meetings are marathons!

  70. ce5nt, do you have lots of that? I mean, meetings? I am a firm believer of short-and-straight-to-the-point meetings.

    But alas, these days we actually serve tea/coffee and some snacks in meetings. And then it has almost become a tradition that someone, somehow, will be half and hour late. I don’t deny that SOME meetings are very fruitful. But in a lot of cases, meetings are simply a waste of precious hours by producing useless minutes!

  71. FRIED RICE is very close to MIXED RICE. And we receive not less than 4 entries for ICE KACANG!

    Can we know why? Thanks.

  72. Wow! Yet another example of a Double Jeopardy. I shall refrain from commenting because this thing is new to me. I’ll leave it to the masters to comment on the acceptability of this clue.

    Perhaps the only thing I can say is that this shouldn’t have been a ‘normal’ riddle. It most certainly is an ABNORMAL riddle!

  73. Ridic but cute:

    Hi ce5nt, miss you, 2r&1I and the rest. Luv your amusing analysis for the current Q, ‘ridic’ tho it is :)).

    Claire, why should there be any objections to your giving hints, so long as they are subtle?

  74. Still no takers!? What’s happened to all the masters!? Still shell-shocked I guess. Perhaps I should get the ball rolling, and then the masters will continue to build up the momentum?… hehehehe… Well, here comes the rolling ball!

    To me the answer wasn’t meant to be achievable. I’m fairly certain that even with another week, no one would’ve achieved the answer. Never mind if it was a NORMAL or KILLER riddle. The end would still be the same!

    When I set Qs, I always picture them in terms of ‘levels’. For easy questions, I’d give a single ‘level’. For example:

    Q) Raja kurus sedang berfikir.
    A) Thinking.

    For tougher Qs, I’d give 2-3 levels. But even if I meant the Q to be tough, I’d limit my scope of possibilities so that it gives a fair chance for the solvers to get the answers.


    (2) ‘TO LET GO OF’ can of course be a deletion indicator as I’ve said earlier. But it can also lead to FREE, RELEASE, BEBASKAN, LEPASKAN…

    (3) ‘SOMEBODY’ may mean some of the letters from BODY. Or maybe that SOMEBODY should be considered together with the ‘SIMPLE’ to arrive at SB?

    And then with the many possibilities from the above 3 items, we need to painstakingly interact them all together somehow. Now although maths was my favourite subject in school, it was ages ago. I have long forgotten the formula to count the number of possibilities to sift through. I think it was known as ‘keberangkalian’ or something like that. But I’d imagine those possibilities won’t be few in this case. In fact, I think the possible combinations would run into hundreds, if not thousands!

    And then, perhaps after spending sleepless nights for the whole week sifting through all those possible combinations, the solver finally arrives at the meaningless ‘DECRIE’. Would he be entitled to be happy then? No, that is still far from the solution! He must start again to figure out how to connect that DECRIE somehow to the name of a food found in a typical food court. IF — and this is a big IF — it suddenly dawned unto him the word MIX, then, voila! he finds his way home.

    As a CoC, I wouldn’t expect the solvers to go through such a marathon to solve my Qs. A tough Q need not be a marathon like ce5nt’s meetings! What makes a TH Q beautiful lies in the deceptions, tricks. That is why the most beautiful Qs are often those that are found to be so simple when revealed. That is the challenge for the CoC.

    If the setter needs to apply levels as high as the Petronas Tower so that the solver would be dead exhausted half way up the building, then that doesn’t make a good Q in my opinion. And I dare say if such Qs are continued here, this blog would soon lose its attraction.

  75. And I’m not giving such comments because I’ve failed to get the answer. I failed in many of the Bloggers Hunt Qs too, but I can still say that they were good!

    Besides, in a few days’ time it will be my turn to give/explain the answers to my Qs. And I can foresee a lot of shaving blades coming my way. So I might as well enjoy shaving others first before my turn comes!… hehehe

  76. I’ve had my share of harsh criticisms and claire’s mixed rice clue is certainly no worse than my earlier amateur attempts. True, I couldn’t solve Q6 either but I wouldn’t go so far as to say that this blog could lose it’s attraction if non-coc’s like us continue to try our hand at clue-crafting. Hey, how else would we learn?

    To US, our clues ARE solvable and our explanations valid. Unlike my simple style, Claire’s is more adventurous and complex, perhaps to make her Q more challenging and I do think it was a valiant effort. Cheers!

  77. Tough Q claire. As much as i opine that the idea of constructing the question was there, i do find it unfair to the solver. A good TH Q is something that is deceiving yet gives a fair play to the solver and to me, this Q does not fall into the category of fair play. Also, as mentioned much earlier, this Q will never be solved without knowing the sign board thus is working backwards for a solver and not solving the clue. Nevertheless, keep up the good work and i believe you are moving in the right track. cheers.

  78. pink, I didn’t say the explanations are invalid. It IS valid. Just like the first killer riddle, I wasn’t disputing that SHEET –> SAIL –> CROSSJACK. And I do agree that Q6 was a valiant effort.

    My emphasis in clue-setting is on FAIR PLAY. What I’m saying is, this Q6 wasn’t fair play. And I would’ve given the same comment if it were set by a professional CoC. I am not out on a mission to kill new CoCs. There’s no need to go for a marathon to arrive at the solution.

    You asked the queston: ‘Hey, how else would we learn?’

    Well, one of the best ways to learn is by listening to others’ comments. Those comments are not exactly the same. For example, not everyone agreed with everything I said about the first killer riddle. But you can see the common grounds where many of the masters thought it was an unfair question. And you also saw some of them said that the question was unsolvable.

    For this Q6, I’m sure not all of them will agree with me on all counts. But I am confident that their comments, if any, taken as a whole, will be very similar.

    claire, if you REALLY want to improve on clue-crafting, you should learn to listen to those masters. I am no master, so you don’t have to listen to me. But how about start with AD’s comments. If you are adamant on your ‘style’, I don’t think you are going to get very far.

  79. 1/4 ICE KACANG
    Explain how => INDICATE
    to let go of => to remove/delete
    somebody => DATIN
    simple => KACANG

    indicate – D => inicate, – A => inicte, – T => inice, – I => nice, – N => ice
    (removal of the letters of DATIN from INDICATE)

    There was an anagram indicator (chaotic) for a similar deletion in Q5, which led me to believe that this would not be the ‘correct’ answer, though
    the much-acclaimed ‘USELESS SPOUSE => POS Malaysia’ had no such indicator (can’t remember if there was a ‘?’).

  80. Good morning all! I’ve been shaved totally bald and I feel like a naked chicken now… hahaha!

    Now let’s see…one at a time:

    ALL IS FAIR IS LOVE AND WAR (is it???):
    ckoh dear…Actually, I totally agree with you on ‘fair play’. And yes, the latest riddle gives us many possibilities to play with, too many perhaps. A wise man once said, it is always easy when you know the answer. 😉

    Ad: thanks for being careful with your shaving. Hehe. Yup, I’ll keep my wheels turning. Will be back with a totally different type of riddle.

    pink, dear pink: What would I do without you? You are like the super glue which helps to glue back my shaved hair. Haha…

    I was given a few criteria to play with while crafting riddle 6: deletion, double jeopardy and even the answer. Initially, I crafted this riddle with thoughts that it would be under the ‘Killer’ category. But even if it did pop up during a ‘Killer’ week, perhaps it would still be “unsolvable” or otherwise.

    So people, go on shaving, with pink by my side, I’ve got lots more super glue to go on! Hahaha…

  81. Wow! That’s brilliant analysis, renroc! Beats my TERNS MEAT anytime… hehehe. I have a feeling that the others who submitted this answer must be masters too. Am I right, ckloh? Well, unless it’s all tembak lah!

  82. renroc, I love your analysis…especially the DATIN part! haha…

  83. So that brings us back to that million dollar question. If after you’ve given the answer to you Q, claire, and someone in the audience gives this ICE KACANG answer together with such analysis, what would you do? Would you accept this answer too?

  84. I’m afraid I don’t have a million dollars ckoh. So I’ll leave it to the Riddles administrator to help me out here. Maybe ckloh or the silent master willie65.

    What would YOU do? Anyone else.

  85. claire dear, in a real hunt, there is a remote chance that I will end up in such a situation. First of all, I don’t set Qs of so many levels like this. My Qs are almost always about few specific possibilities, so the scope is quite small. By opening the scope so wide, there’s a greater chance that someone, somehow, will think of something equally — if not more convincing — than your intended solution!

    BUT! IF I somehow end up in this situation, I would try to find holes in the opposing solution(s). After all, most of the time when people tembak an answer, they normally have some reasons behind that tembak. It follows that you just have to make sure that YOUR solution is the most fitting.

    Take for example the Q that we discussed here before:

    Q) English word for the content of a local toilet.
    A) You Kee Bah Kut Teh.

    Someone suggested the possibility of interpreting the ‘local toilet’ as ‘lelaki’. Then the content of that ‘lelaki’ yields ‘elak’, which is in turn translated into English to get AVOID or BYPASS.

    How would I attempt to defend my answer as a better fit? We all know that some toilets do have that sign ‘LELAKI’ and ‘PEREMPUAN’. Although we see that sign LELAKI on the toilet entrance, that was not intended to mean LELAKI = TANDAS. Rather, that ‘lelaki’ is intended to mean ‘TANDAS LELAKI’. Even if one were to check a kamus, I am confident that the meaning of LELAKI is not TANDAS.

    Therefore, the solver can only fall back on an indirect meaning, i.e. LELAKI is a shortform of TANDAS LELAKI, and is therefore commonly accepted to mean TANDAS!

    In such a case, my argument would be that YOU is most certainly a direct translation of the word ANDA; whereas the LELAKI is an ‘indirect’ translation of TANDAS. My contention is, therefore, my solution is a more accurate and convincing answer compared to that ‘LELAKI’ approach.

    So in the present case, maybe you should also start by finding holes in renroc’s solution. For example, perhaps you want to challenge whether that word ‘INDICATE’ can mean ‘EXPLAIN HOW’.

    Having said that, if in the end, you can find no holes in the opposing solution, then be brave to admit your mistake! And people will respect you for that!

  86. Oops!… I just realised my mistake up there. I meant to say, TANDAS is most certainly a more direct translation of the word TOILET; whereas LELAKI is not direct.

    I agree it is not fair. More to AD’s argument, but not ckoh’s argument.

    ckoh highlight that it is too many leveling. Let us compare riddle 6 with blogger hunt Q3. In actual hunt, a few levelling do always happen.

    Explain how to let go of somebody simple.

    This is ckoh’s argument.

    (2) ‘TO LET GO OF’ can of course be a deletion indicator as I’ve said earlier. But it can also lead to FREE, RELEASE, BEBASKAN, LEPASKAN…

    (3) ‘SOMEBODY’ may mean some of the letters from BODY. Or maybe that SOMEBODY should be considered together with the ‘SIMPLE’ to arrive at SB?

    Ordeal created ahead of a planned uprising.
    (1) ‘ORDEAL CREATED’ – One level here

    (2) ‘PLANNED’ – Second level here

    (3) ‘UPRISING’ – Third level here

    There are one more level in riddle 6 which is the double jeopardy part. But base on additional clue given like Food Court item and nine letter words and much more longer time, and double jeopardy not exactly is another levelling, I think it is reasonable on the levelling.


    The reason of Blogger Hunt Q3 is solvable because it is actual hunt where there are around 44 signboards in front of you. So, can work backward, try COUPLES, if can view it try RELOAD COUPON.

    I think as riddle 6, don’t have this luxury, so it is not fair. Fully agreed with AD. And if I am not getting it wrong, apart for this overlook, the rest of the clues is on the right path.

    I think since riddles here can’t have the luxury of seing the signboard, subtle definition is very important. If only we give the subtle definition, like the snack in RIDDLE 5, then at least it is solvable.

    How about this, we insert a definition clue here.

    Explain how to let go of somebody simple. This is economical related! (9)

    Please comment, if this is better. At least it will give the effect of work back, where 1000 of probabilities, suddenly become of around 10, where it needs to fulfil the “economical related”.

    Then at least the scope is much smaller. First answers solver thought might be something economical, economy rice. But it doesn’t fit, more than 9 letters. But how about roti canai? But can’t fit the earlier clue? Hold on, economy rice also means mixed rice!! Work back, yeah, get describe and sb, decrie. sounds like it. Add mix, I think it is fit!!

    And with the subtle definition “economical related”, then we can safely say the ICE KACANG is not a fit. But, because we don’t have the subtle definition, ICE KACANG is valid.

    Please suggest other area we need to pay extra addition, other than the ‘fair’ part? Thanks.

    On the acceptance of ICE KACANG, let us get back to you after checking with willie65.

  88. Ah… back from lunch, and I am excited that the discussion is finally really moving!

    I find it interesting that you’re comparing Riddle 6 with a bolded Q, ckloh. But I’m willing to accept the comparison anyway. What exactly do we mean when we talk about ‘level’?

    Since you’re so kind to provide the example, ckloh, let me elaborate on it.

    Ordeal created ahead of a planned uprising.

    (1) ORDEAL CREATED obviously tells the solver to rearrange the ORDEAL. How many valid words can we come up with apart from RELOAD? I suspect not many. This is just the first ‘level’ of our analysis.

    (2) PLANNED is more tricky. It can have direct or indirect meanings. In this case, we may have to sift through many more words before we finally arrive at ON. We are still in the first ‘level’ of our analysis.

    (3) UPRISING is another tricky word. We need to consider words like coup, rebellion, riot etc. We are still in the first ‘level’ of our analysis.

    The first ‘level’ is always about dissecting portion (s) of the clue in the hope of working up to the solution.

    So in this case, what happens after the first ‘level’? Well, we proceed to the second ‘level. We start looking around for RELOAD (although unfortunately I failed to spot this during the hunt). But I also tried to look for other words containing the letters in ORDEAL. Again I failed to spot any.

    But if I had spotted RELOAD, maybe the COUP, the ON and UPRISING can also fit in together. Perhaps it would still take a bit of time to fit them, but there’s a FAIR CHANCE that I will!

    You see, ckloh, from RELOAD and maybe a few more words like LOADER etc, we can already have a TARGET. From the very first level, we already have a realistic chance to solve the clue.

    Now compare with EXPLAIN HOW. Again we have so many possibilities. But in this case, you get nothing from this first ‘level’. Whatever words you get, you still get no guide whatsoever where you are heading. Even if you’re standing in a food court, and you see that MIXED RICE, it is still a long shot to connect to EXPLAIN HOW.

    Then the other first-level task include cracking LET GO OF and SOMBODY SIMPLE. Each one has a range of possibilities. And again none of those words that you get from those possibilities can help you to get a realistic target.

    So without any target to proceed, you venture into the second level — totally blind! Now you have to fit, for example TEACH + FREE + DY (someBODY); DEMONSTRATE – OD?; TUTOR – O?, still blind. You’ll see very quickly that this second level can have so many sub-levels,i.e. Level 2(i), 2(ii), 2(iii) etc., and you are entering each possible level totally blind!

    Then by a stroke of miracle, after trying all those possible combinations — and there are many! — you finally get DECRIE, still blind. That still doesn’t give you a target! Do you see the unending marathon here?

    It is a different story if I had told you that the answer is MIXED RICE. Then in that case, I think you’d quickly rule out all those other sub-levels (in level 2) to quickly get DECRIE. That’s why AD said this question is only solvable IF YOU ALREADY KNEW THE ANSWER. Otherwise, there’s no realistic chance to arrive at the answer!

    I hope you can understand what this long-winded old man is trying to tell you…hehehehe.

    It is always a risk to do Double Jeopardies (DJs).
    It is a good choice of devices used though, claire.
    It is a great target too – a very common foodcourt item definitely – subtly hidden anagram indicator! I am impressed.

    Personally, I think it has a smooth style – well hidden devices. As you can see from my “tembak” – I was going along the same lines too – great minds think alike (and you know what they say about the other half)!

    I would have taken my FRIED RICE one step further and
    only the likes of “ERIC” would have been the answer!

    “So wide! And it is not Digi!”
    It is often the common lament you hear in “mobile talk”. I however think there is no indication of mal-practice here – common 9-letter item in foodcourts is fair game. In an “unbolded” road hunt, ckoh’s suggestion will be expected. For a “bolded” – then your type can be expected.

    We also agreed to play this game in accordance with the T&C – the main one being : you are to imagine the signages! So if one has made a mental or physical list of 9-letter items – one would have virtually created the required “hunting sector”.

    Having said all that – a question which employs such a powerful device cannot be classified as a NORMAL question. So the adminstrators here have failed big time. The results speak for themselves.

    I would still recommend that in order not to make solvers contemplate temporarily/momentarily/permanently withdrawing from the game – a fair hint or tip on Monday (with or without penalty attached) will help lift morale again and may boost the interest to a higher level than when they first started! 7 days is a long time to suffer!

    Game on!

  90. And just in case you have forgotten, ckloh, I thought that bolded Q you quoted was also not achievable. But I thought that way NOT because the question was unfair. Rather it was because it was hard to spot the RELOAD.

    I think if any of the hunters spotted that board that day, we would have immediately stopped to consider it. In that case, provided that that board was spotted, we had a good shot at the answer.

  91. Hey renroc, luv your analysis too. Yes, Claire, your Q did open itself to interesting, unusual interpretations, though ce5nt’s was meant to be naughty (as usual?).

    I do agree with Ad that it was ‘unfair’ to the solver and I’m sure like me, you will learn from his comments and do a better job next round, rather than be ‘adamant with your style’.

    ckoh, please don’t think I’m trying to create friction or argue with you coz I’m a peace-loving person out to enjoy what’s left of my life. I’ve even refrained from commenting on your Q’s to avoid any possible unpleasantness. This is an attempt to make you see things our way. AS a coc, you are in a position to help us newbie crafters improve and we do welcome comments towards this end. However, if you notice, no matter how ‘bad’ my attempts were in the past, the true masters would never use disparaging and discouraging words like “deplorable”, “extreme lousy” or (in Claire’s case) “if such Qs are continued here, this blog would soon lose its attraction” and “I don’t think you are going to get very far”. Perhaps you can use those words on coc’s, but people like Claire and I are just having fun trying our hand at the fascinating art of crafting. It’s just like telling a child who falls while learning to walk, “You are so clumsy, how can you learn?” So please be kind, as we are learning to ‘walk’ in clue-crafting. Help us when we fall. Thank you.

  92. ckoh, get it. My question is, will it help if the question set like elow.

    Explain how to let go of somebody simple. This is economical related! (9)

    A definition clue is given, maybe the above definition is not a good example, but at least it will give an idea and smaller the scope. What your opinion, ckoh?

  93. pink, I was a bit surprised when I read your comment above. It never crossed my mind that you’re trying to create friction. I wonder why you thought like that about me.

    Once and for all, let me declare here that I am not a master; far from it! But I don’t subscribe to the notion that only masters can give comments. What is so wrong for all of us here to discuss and debate openly.

    I have had my share of criticisms from the hunters. I have been accused of setting tough Qs because I wanted to help my friends who’re regular hunters. Some newbies complained to me that the team Main Tembak always get the top prize, and they should therefore be banned from competing. Some of the comments are so ugly, I don’t want to mention here. But I am beyond those comments! I take the constructive ones, and discard the destructive ones. Hopefully, I get to learn something along the way.

    Over the last couple of weeks, you’ve seen how I commented on other questions with equal severity. I have also commented negatively against a few of the Bloggers Hunt Qs.

    But in all fairness, when I see something good, I am also generous with giving credits. For example, I really thought claire’s first DJ was good, and I said so openly — perhaps so much so that ce5nt was surprised to see my reaction!

    Similarly, I also gave credits to some of the Qs in the Bloggers Hunt. Please don’t only concentrate on the negative comments. I do give positive ones too!

    Don’t suppress yourself if you have comments against my Qs. Like I said before, we are all here to learn. I’m sure even the masters can learn something here. If you think lines like “if such Qs are continued here, this blog would soon lose its attraction” can’t help you, then feel free to ignore it. That is after all your right. I can try my best to convince you about a particular point, but in the end I can’t force you to agree with me.

    As far as I am concerned, you are all my friends. I am so happy that I got to know all of you. Well, maybe I would have been happier if I didn’t get last place in the Bloggers Hunt! But well, life goes on!

  94. ckloh, interesting question. I don’t think it would make much difference, but I don’t have the time to elaborate right now. I really need to clear my desk!

    Then tonight I’m celebrating JJ’s birthday at a restaurant — she’s 5 years old today. This morning when she woke up, she smiled all the way and was so excited. And that smile of hers just made my day. Oh how I love that kid!

    Later, tonight, ckloh… perhaps very late tonight!

  95. ckoh…please wish “Happy Birthday” to JJ on my behalf. 🙂

    And oh…even after emerging as a bald, featherless chicken, I’m really happy about one thing:
    That riddle 6 picked at how different minds think differently. It is amazing and really entertaining to see so many different analysis on the same question.

    Like what pink said, “your Q did open itself to interesting, unusual interpretations”.

    That my friends…is one way of learning. Coc wannabes learn how to craft better riddles AND at the same time, we get to have a peek at how peoples’ minds work!

    Oh ya…did I mention that it’s a good question for working our grey matters and to train our patience? Hahaha… just looking at the bright side of it all!

    And yes, I will be back with a different twist!

  96. Hi, I’ve been on only one hunt last year and have just discovered this site. I couldn’t solve the MixedRice clue but here’s one of mine for you to try 🙂 Don’t laugh, ok? 😛

    400 solo somersaults! What a treat! (6 letters)

  97. Hi, welcome to the board.

    Can I know is the theme is still food court? Thanks.

  98. Hey…I know you!

  99. Want me to ‘kah liu’ into this treat. Wait! Let me blow my nose!

  100. ckoh, I’m not questioning anyone’s right to criticise and I for one have learned heaps from the masters’ criticisms. All I was trying to tell you is that while it’s ok to say someone’s efforts are not fair, badly-crafted, do not make sense, not solvable, etc. disparaging words are uncalled for. Seems I’m wasting my breath. I rest my case. As for commenting on your Q’s, I’m a peace-loving person.

  101. Hey, potongstim, don’t be so digusting, we’re in a food court, remember? Go blow your nose elsewhere and come back to enjoy the treat!

    Sharklynx, welcome. Nice effort. Like the treat myself.

  102. yeah, still food court. claire u saying u know me? how u know me lah? i dunno u…lol

  103. Hello folks!… I’m back again! Ahh… it seems that we have a new comer here? Welcome sharklynx & potongstim. What’s that, a clue I see…

    Ummm.. good try, sharklynx. But I’m not too sure if cendol is commonly found in the food court. In KK, you can find it in food court, yes, but more commonly in outside stalls. We have good ones at the Bukit Padang Tun Fuad park. If anyone from west M’sia ever comes over, you should try it. Very addictive!

  104. oops!… not working it seems…

  105. pink, for some strange reasons we seem to have problem understanding each other. I’m not sure what you’re driving at when you said you’re not commenting on my Qs because you’re ‘a peace-loving person.’

    Are you implying that I will retaliate negatively when I receive negative comments? If that’s what you’re saying, I can tell you that you are wrong!

    But allow me make it easier for both of us. How about we refrain from commenting on each others’ Qs. That way neither of us will risk causing retaliation by the other party. Then that will make both of us peace-loving people; fair enough?

  106. Oh yes, I just realised I still haven’t answered your question in full, ckloh.

    In my opinion, your proposed insertion of ‘This is economical related’ doesn’t really make much difference.

    The problem with the clue lies in the original sentence. It is there that one must look at to remedy the problem. Insertion of another sentence after that will not do much good, unless of course if you want to actually specify ‘It is connected with rice’! But even that doesn’t really solve the problem in the main sentence. It will merely narrow down the tembak candidates for the solver.

    If you haven’t already noticed, ckloh, my objection lies mainly in the range of possibilities involved to arrive at DECRIE.

    Why don’t you search back the other DJ clue by claire. How far did you have to ‘travel’ to get NICHE and CK. You can actually analyse that Q to arrive at NICHE + CK confidently without knowing what’s the final destination. You will see that there are very, very few possibilities involved in the process. You will arrive at NICHE + CK fairly quickly. You will know that NICHE + CK would most probably be THE correct target, because there is just no where esle to go! But of course when you arrive at NICHE + CK, you still need to be clever enough to figure out that it’s a DJ format.

    But in the present case, how can you confidently decide that the DECRIE is the correct one amongst all the other possible combinations? Remember, we’re talking many, many possible combinations here! Can we be sure at all that we need to mould our way to arrive at DECRIE? The answer to this question is: there is no way you can know that DECRIE is the correct one, UNLESS you already know the answer is MIXED RICE.

    ONLY, AND ONLY IF, you already knew the answer is MIXED RICE, will you be able to force and fashion out your combinations to arrive at DECRIE. Am I making any sense to you ckloh?

  107. ckloh, I hope I have not confused you too much. Actually, if you look back to my comments on the first Killer riddle, you will find the same situation.

    I am not disputing that the word SHEET can somehow be interpreted (through several possible meanings) to end up with CROSSJACK. To be quite honest, I didn’t even bother to google up the SAIL. I took your word for it. And that was besides the point anyway!

    The point I was trying to make was that there’s just no way the solver would have known that he somehow, one way or another, had to fashion out his journey to arrive at CROSSJACK. The only way for him to know that he needs to get to CROSSJACK was if he already knew that the answer was ROJAK, and the only task left was merely to work his was backwards and figure out HOW!

    Therefore, what we’re saying, your clue has no fair solvable chance, because the solver has NOTHING in that clue that tells him the necessacity of CROSSJACK.

  108. Oh! I just saw your wishes, claire. Thanks. JJ is already alseep now. Tomorrow morning I will tell her that che-che claire wished her happy birthday.

    She’s such an expert candle-blower, you know. I just wished that her mommy didn’t cut her hair so short like that! I almost fainted when she came home from the saloon one day with short hair.

  109. Yes sharklynx…..I DO know who you are!

  110. ? uh…who? but i don’t know you…*puzzled*

  111. You don’t know me now, but you’ll know me soon enough! Don’t worry, trust that I know you. Oh by the way, welcome to the blog! Good riddle.

  112. lol alrighty…thanks 🙂

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