Fun Hunt Novice Challenge results and highlights

July 9, 2007
  • Clerk of course : Fun Hunt (Zahrol)
  • Hunt course : Klang Valley
  • Entry fees : RM 240 per car
  • Date : 8th July 2007
  • Duration : 5.5 hours
  • Format (total 120 pts) :
    • 10 walk hunts x 1 pts (more difficult questions) 
    • 30 road questions X 3 pts
    • 5 treasure questions X 3 pts
    • 5 road safety questions X 1 pts
  • Tie-breaker:
    • Total points from walk hunts 
    • Total time taken for the hunts
  • Prizes:
    • 1st prize : RM 1200
    • 2nd prize : RM 1000
    • 3rd prize : RM 800
    • 4th-11th prizes: Hampers                       


  1. Riddle Raiders B – Joshua, CK Loh, YH Lim, JK Lim (116 pts)
  2. Eugene, Jaclyn, Desmond, Christina (115 pts)
  3. Riddle Raiders A – CS Chew, GL Lim, SL Chin and Paulette (115 pts)

Full results:


Riddle Raider results and highlights

Please take note of the disclaimer that everything written and posted here are of our own opinions. They do not represent any other team or the organisers’ opinion at all.


The question was “Song of bread”. I can sing the whole song but didn’t know the singer and another team member had the “If” CD in her laptop but…. So rather than leave a blank, we tembak “Sunshine” as in Sunhine bread and John Denver’s “Sunshine”, LOL.


The question was Cahaya yang pertama … Route question, 3 points. The answer is Nora. Nor is cahaya in BM and pertama is obviously A. Actually, quite embarrassed to tell, we had actually round this sector for 5 rounds, the conclusion is we need to shoot. We have 2 answers to shoot, Nora and One-Up. In the vote, all choose One-Up, just because the pertama and one is related. We have drop points before to learn BM, previously is bah the banjir, now is nor the cahaya. What else, any similar tips? Hopefully, no more BM test in the future!!

Generally, Team B won by a whisker. Team A is a better car getting all the 30 questions correct, but drop too many walk hunt question. If only Team A can get 1 or 2 more walk hunt question right, they will be champion. The team that finish number 2, drop 2 walk hunt question and make a mistake drop 1 route question just like Team B. However, luck is on Team B side, which decide to gamble and take a 40 minutes U-turn just to get the 1 point, a vital point, which make Team B beat the other team by 1 point.

SL Chin won a lucky draw to Medan. There are 3 lucky draws altogether sponsored by Redland Holidays, the sponsor of this hunt.

Generally, Zahrol did a very good job in organising this hunt. Quite a few newbies and newcomers join this hunt of the total 32 cars, fresh blood to the hunt community. Every answers in the Q&A presentation are greeted with cheers and jeers and a lot of enthusiasm, something that is not so regular in regular hunts.

Riddle Raiders fully support Zahrol effort in organising a truly novice hunt where non of the regulars are allowed to take part. And being in the podium finish before for both teams, Riddle Raiders decided not to take part in future similar novice hunt by Zahrol in order to give more young bloods to taste the success. But Riddle Raiders will continue taking part in other Novice Hunt where some of the regular novices are allowed to take part.



  1. Who wants to go to Medan with me? Hehehehe…

    Actually I’ve got lots more to say…just that I must draw the line at a certain point. All RR participants will know what I’m saying!

    Congratulations to Team B and Team A : podium finishers nevertheless! Team B : welcome to the MASTERS’ CLUB! Hope to hear more stories from the adventure! Claire seems to hint there are lots to look forward to!

  3. ce5nt, thanks! More stories to come from both Joshua and myself. But we are too exhausted yesterday.

    MASTERS’ CLUB? Far from it. Novice Hunt is not counted really and our team, Team B, actually considered very lucky. We make a school boy mistake, by dropping an easy question in route question, a question where I think all the top 5 get it. We drop this due to our poor command of BM. In normal regular hunt, this mistake will severely punished us.

    Team A fair better in route question, get a perfect score for road questions. We beat them because we perform better in the walk hunts. And the 1 points we beat the second team is a hard earned point. We need to U-turn from SS2 to USJ 1, to get the one point. A big U-turn, a U-turn that cause us around 40 minutes.

    But this is the decider point, if we drop the point we will lose to team that finished no. 2 in countback.

    Folks, more stories tonight. Just an overview.

  4. Nevertheless, I would prefer getting the lucky draw. My team is the 19th car to reach there. Our number for lucky draw are 72, 73, 74 and 75. And I took number 75.

    If Joshua drove a bit slower, and we are the 20th car that reach there, we will grab the other 2 lucky draws. Hee hee, very greedy here!

    Other than claire, the other lucky draw number are 76 and 78. All are overseas trip by Redland Holidays.

    And I hold the no. 75? Joshua, why you???

  5. Wow, looks like you people had a lot of fun yesterday! I am green with envy! Congratulations to both RR teams. Quite an amazing achievement that both teams are podium finishers! Must have been the lesson from ce5nt’s METRO question that did the trick, huh?… hehehehe.

    Some U-turn, ckloh — 40 minutes for 1 point. Amazing valour! What a difficult decision to have to make! And you people got such a handsome reward. It’s the kind of thing that will outweigh all the other aspects of the hunt, I’m sure. Well done again folks!

  6. Btw, just out of curiosity, what’s the full score?

  7. The full score are 120. The format of the competitions are mentioned above.

    About the U-turn, a big decision to make. Initially, Joshua don’t agree. But we make up our mind to gamble and it pay off. But at the same time, some of us went down to buy treasures too.

    Normally, the duration for this hunt will be 5 hours, because it is novice hunt, Zahrol gaves another 0.5 hours. In regular hunt, no way we can afford to do that.

    Yeah, really learn alot from last bloggers hunt. Now, we are more sensitive on spotting, give extra care on all the alarm systems and even air-conds brand.

    On the rewards, yeah, at least it will cover most of our hunt expenses this month. Mind you, we are going to Penang for hunting in 2 weeks time. So, it helps.

  8. Ooops, Claire, didn’t know there was a line to draw and spilled the beans about the coc’s mistake. Really wasn’t aware that the subject was taboo. Well, that’s what distinguishes a pro from a newbie. Sorry, mates.

  9. I’m attracted to that line:

    ‘Every answers in the Q&A presentation are greeted with cheers and jeers and a lot of enthusiasm…’

    The cheering part is obviously welcomed. But what’s the story with the jeering part? Why jeer?

  10. Jeer bcoz, the answer is straight forward after explanation, but they don’t see it that way. Anyway, cheers is more than jeer.

    And there are quite alot of cars, from the same company Red Land, the sponsor, I think more than 5 and less than 10. So, they are sitting together supporting each other, quite a scene to me.

    Even in my company hunt, there is level of competition between a few teams, so we all chose to be quiet during the competition, or else don’t get top 3, malulah. But what I saw is they are not competing with each others, just cheering for every answers they get it right, if something new to them, they will jeer lah.

  11. josh, I happen to know a bit about Malay. I think it is possible to challenge the CoC on NOR = CAHAYA. I don’t have the time to research the word NOR right now, but I will check it out later. I am quite sure that is not accurate.

    I believe the word originated from the Arabic language. The more accurate word is NUR, not NOR. Sometimes another spelling variation is NOOR. That word is commonly used to preceed a Muslim name. For example, Mohd NOORAzmi. Another possible variation is NURAzmi. But although that NOOR is commonly used, the ‘official’ one is NUR.

  12. Yeah, during the hunt we actually look the dictionary of Nora and Nor, don’t find anything that is why we don’t take the answer.

    However, maybe, just maybe NOR is the old spelling. Nur is the correct one. Anyway, most of the car get it, and it is too late now.

  13. Don’t worry about it pink… 😉
    PS: Good thing we have a “disclaimer”! hahaha…

  14. ckloh, have you ever heard of ‘double storey bungalow’ which is commonly used to describe a detached house? Well, it is a description which is very common, even amongst learned people. But I will have none of it!

    The fact is that the word ‘bungalow’ means a single storey house — at least that was the original intended meaning of the word. But because so many people have been using ‘DOUBLE STOREY BUNGALOW’, that word BUNGALOW has somehow been implied to mean DETACHED HOUSE. It has lost its ‘single storey’ meaning because of the wrong usage of the word.

    But I circulated a memo amongst my employees. No one is allowed to use DOUBLE STOREY BUNGALOW — at least not if they’re drafting any reports to be signed by me!

    You’ve seen how I’ve debated on the usage of that word OFF here. I’d like to be fair to the solvers of my Qs. IF in the dictionary, NOR doesn’t mean CAHAYA, then I can’t expect the solvers to take it to mean cahaya anyway. But if indeed it is the old spelling, then I might give in.

    It is different in the case of my past Q where I gave a calculation leading to 10,000. The answer I was looking for was LAKSA. In that case, that word LAKSA is normally associated to that spicy noodle dish, but it has another meaning in the dictionary which is 10,000.

    So what I am saying is this: IF no where in the dictionary does it say NOR = CAHAYA, then I think it is unfair to punish the solvers with their ignorance.

  15. Oops!… I mean ‘unfair to punish the solvers FOR their ignorance.’

  16. Actually, I am not so sure too because my BM dictionary is the older version, used since my secondary school.

    But being told by pink that nor is cahaya, her team solve it almost instantly. She is the linguistic expert in our team, so have to accept the answer. In the Q&A, base on the response, it seems that it is an easy question too, no one complained. But seriously, on my memory, ‘nur’ is the right word not ‘nor’.

  17. hey ckloh, I’m no expert in anything but nor was the spelling for nur when I was in school (centuries ago :)). My classmates in the Malay school (I was the sole non-Malay) included Noraini, Nordin and Normah. The Jawi (Arabic too) script uses the same letter (wau) for ‘w’,’u’ & ‘o’. So it made no difference when Malaysia adopted the new spelling system changing, inter alia, ‘o’ to ‘u’ in many instances. Hence we still pronounce ‘sarung’ as ‘sarong’.

  18. Is that so, pink? Ah… if indeed it’s an old spelling, then I have to accept it. Like I said, I haven’t had the chance to check the dictionary. Hmmm… I really need to catch up a bit on my BM. And yes, I’m also aware of the common usage of ‘NOR’ in names.

    That’s the thing that is a bit confusing about the Malay language. For example the word NENAS which means pineapple. But I was told that there is another spelling for it, i.e. NANAS. And again, I haven’t really look it up in the dictionary. I must write down all these words and actually spend the time to check them out!

  19. Other than the singing roti Q, TeamA dropped 3Q’s that TeamB managed to solve:

    Q: Kurniaan untuk Bo Derek dengan kumpulan nyanyian tempatan bercampur. Answer: EVENT…

    We all looked for TEN or X but none of us knew the VE. I even called a teenage fren for a list of local groups and I think he did mention VE but nothing rang a bell. Seems my pinklet came up with VE in TeamB.
    Q: An Agency with element. A: ACARA

    We have no excuse for not spotting this easy one. We were looking for either earth, fire, water or chemical elements. We saw signs with au, silver & api but couldn’t fit ‘agency’ in. Tembak: a vote between SILVERAIRE & ZAPIAH.

  20. To continue…
    Think I’ll leave the other 2 with Claire as I can’t remember what happened and what were the answers.. really getting old!

  21. You are right ckoh, it’s a bit confusing. However, nanas has always been nanas (as in French ananas), tho often pronounced nenas. Strictly speaking, ‘nur’ should still be ‘nor’ like in other monosyllabic words, e.g. tong, roh, gong. Perhaps Malaysia has adopted the Arabic romanised spelling as it is an Arabic word.

  22. Yes, pink. The reason why I thought of the NENAS as an example was because we had a question last year relating to that very word. It was something like this:

    Q) Rotten local pineapple for former speed king.

    The answer was the word ‘SENNA’ (NENAS anag.), which was a brand name of some product (can’t remember what). But in that case, I think both NENAS as well as NANAS could be found in the kamus.

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