Blogger Hunts 2007 Encore by ckoh, AD, renroc, 2R&1I, claire, ckloh

July 10, 2007

We will hunt online, a Blogger Hunts 2007 encore by ckoh on Sector 1. Below are the possible answers:

01. Continental
02. Kian Sing Tyre Service (PJ) Sdn Bhd
03. Dunlop
04. KK Ho Electrical Sdn Bhd
05. Vono
06. T & T Mobile Marketing & Trading
07. Nokia
08. Cakera Padat Distribution Enterprise
09. Sweet Dream
10. SKH Furniture
11. Vono
12. Slumberland
13. King Koil
14. Twins Cake House
15. Reload Coupon
16. Maxis
17. Celcom
18. Protank Technologies
19. CAE Electronics (M) Sdn Bhd
20. VK Mobile
21. Magnum
22. 4D
23. ICI
24. Toa
25. Kodak Express
26. Panasonic
27. Poliklinik Rakyat
28. York
29. Ar Lehn Kopitiam
30. Klinik Pergigian Tiew
31. Perniagaan Marnwo
32. Salun Spring
33. Nail Art
34. Alpha-Up Sdn Bhd
35. Photo Stat
36. Sunlight Universal (M) Sdn Bhd
37. Agih Tinta Sdn Bhd
38. Couples Hair Studio
39. Digi
40. Sytel Sdn Bhd
41. BP
42. CVS Marketing Sdn Bhd
43. Agensi Boo Boon Pin
44. Great Eastern

Thanks 2R1I for providing the above list.

Encore by ckoh


Q1) Will finish off for a child.

Q2) Pajero without a wheel?

Q3) Entangled monarch beater?

Please post your answers for the 3 questions to riddleqa@gmail.com. We will just forward all the answers to ckoh. And he will tell us more on the closing entry date.


Q1) Will finish off for a child.

The format for this first question is something like a jigsaw puzzle. The solver is provided with an almost-completed picture but for ONE missing jigsaw piece. He needs to get that missing piece from the 44 possible answers within this sector.

Before proceeding further, we need to understand the general structure of the clue. And it’s necessary to understand the significance of the word FOR. In this clue, FOR means TO MAKE or TO PRODUCE.

Now our task is to look for a missing jigsaw piece that Will finish (the word) OFF to produce a CHILD. To express this in mathematical terms:


Where the ‘?’ is the missing jigsaw piece.

Now it is clear that the ‘?’ must be the word SPRING, because only then will the entire word becomes OFFSPRING, which means a CHILD (which in turn covers both son and daughter). Therefore, choosing from the possible answers in the given sector, the answer is:



Q2) Pajero without a wheel?

Of the 3 clues given here, I consider this one the easiest. And I am convinced that most solvers would have solved this clue first. Pajero is within the family of vehicles generally referred to as the 4-Wheel Drive, and commonly given the abbreviation 4WD. The solution is straightforward; simply remove that Wheel (W) from the abbreviation, thus:

4WD – W = 4D

Some people have asked me: Why Pajero particularly? Of course there are many other vehicles within the 4WD family. But I narrowed them down to Pajero and Prado. The reason I did this was because these 2 vehicles have the letter ‘O’ in them. The ‘O’ is intended to confuse the solver a bit. Some people with ‘complicated’ minds might want to deceive themselves, and then go on a wild goose chase trying to connect the ‘O’ with the wheel somehow! A tricky CoC will take advantage of whatever opportunity to throw in some deceptions!


Q3) Entangled monarch beater?

This clue is intended to heed 2R1I’s recommendation. It is a modest attempt to craft the so-called red herring. I saw the attractive ‘King Koil’ within the sector, and I was determined to adopt that as the decoy. Therefore, I deliberately adopted the ‘monarch’. I was sure that some people would quickly look up in the dictionary for the meaning of that word, just to make sure.

But that is still not very convincing. So, enter the ‘Entangled’ to induce the solver further. Maybe to some people, ‘entangled’ can be akin to the word ‘coil’. But here we have ‘koil’, not ‘coil’. Moreover, the word ‘beater’ is also a bit confusing. The average solver would have to decide which is the anagram indicator: ‘entangled’ or ‘beater’? In the end, this clue is about an indirect anagram.

Entangled = anagram indicator
Monarch beater = ACE (the ACE beats the KING, as in playing cards)
Anagram of ACE = CAE

Answer: CAE Electronics (M) Sdn Bhd

Thank you for trying out my clues. I hope you’ve enjoyed them.



Encore by AD


Q1) Phony COC for example got stuck in the middle of this.

Ans (from the same list of 44)

Drop me your answer at aw0804@tm.net.my and will let u know if your tembak got bullet or blank sahaja.

Q1) Phony COC for example got stuck in the middle of this.


A) Photo Stat

– Phony – Definition

(synonym = copy / photostat)

– COC for example – tos, tab (the more well

known) found stuck in the middle of this

(Photo stat)


Encore by renroc



Q1) The Force from Navarone is returning early.

Q2) Headless giant had a meal behind.

Q3) Choose an article around here for one who makes glasses.

Ans (not in sequence from the same list of 44)

(Please send ans to goh_tk@hotmail.com)


Force from Navarone => Force 10 (‘Force 10 From Navarone’ is Alistair Maclean’s novel, also a movie)
Force, F = MA (as in Newton’s 2nd law)
is = IS, => MAXIS
returning early is the second ‘definition’
MAXIS returning is SIX AM which is early 
Giant => OGRE
Headless giant => GRE
had a meal => ATE
behind => ASTERN
combined => GREAT EASTERN
3. ICI
Choose => OPT
an article => AN
around ‘here’ => around ‘the location on the signboard where the answer is’ => OPT…AN  
one who makes glasses => OPTICIAN
=> ans = ICI
All correct ans : 2R&1I, ckoh, claire & william yong
AD submitted correct ans for Q1 & Q3 and a very interesting ‘alternative’ (though debatable) for Q2. 
AD’s ans for Q2
 Headless giant = IANT
a meal => tea => T
behind => IANTT
 IANTT => agih (anagram indicator) ‘tinta’
 My opinion is that the main fault lies in ‘a meal => T’
It is OK for tea => T (without ‘sounds like’ indicator),
but for a meal => T, the indicator should be present.
Otherwise, a person => J, K, L, N etc and an animal => B, J, S etc. ??! 
Furthermore, the placing of T BEHIND ‘IANT’ becomes redundant since T can be anywhere. 
Excellent try by AD !


Encore by 2 Romans & 1 Impostors


Q1) Back issue with them and our sport’s initials inside.

Answer found in one of the 44 signs above.

Reply to: R37165@gmail.com


Answer: 4D

I crafted this question to drive hunters into their comfort zone and trap them into thinking one-dimension.  Most hunters tend to pick out familiar words in a question and quickly associate it to meanings widely used in past hunts.

Eg. The French is more often than not associated with Le, Les, La.
Eg. Issue is more often than not associated with Son, Daughter
Eg. Alien is more often than not associated with ET, Alf.
It is dangerous to think one-dimension especially with a street-wise CoC who picks on this known weakness of hunters. Hunters should always keep an open mind that words used can have alternative meanings to that which are commonly known. Now on with the solution …The surface reading seems to indicate that an outdated sport’s magazine contained some articles about sports personalities and the signatures of local sports. However as I have been kind enough to pre-announce that this is an intended OFTB question, hunters should always be wary about what is read on the surface. (There were a few attempts that literally tried to associate words in the signage to an outdated magazine)Next the words below appeared in my teasers. Not sure how many people noticed and picked it up. What are these words? Why, they are all “TIME” of course!Eleventh hour
July 15th, 2007 at 5:43 pm
July 18th, 2007 at 3:53 pm
Thursday evening
Now, let’s see how it all fits into the question. Refer to your trusty thesaurus for ISSUE and the word EMIT you will find. So, ….

Back issue => Back emit => TIME (which is the word I wanted)

Next let’s look at the rest of the question which cryptically yields the definition of TIME.

Them = letters on the signboard
Our sport = none other than “Treasure Hunt” of course (I’m surprised that many decided to associate to other types of sports and some went even as far as to associate to sports associations!)
Its initials = TH
Putting TH inside 4D => 4THD => FOURTH D

What is “FOURTH D” ? In the theory of relativity, “TIME” is defined as a FOURTH DIMENSION of course.

So there you have it, the solution. It is unique in the sense that the definition does not define the signage but rather it defines a word that needs to be first cryptically broken.

Easy ….. No.
Breakable …. Yes.
Comments …. Welcomed!


Encore by claire


Q1) Strangely keen with middleman.

Answer found in one of the 44 signs above.

Reply to: siowlyn@hotmail.com


Q) Strangely keen with middleman.

Answer: 4D


Assuming answer = X

Strangely = anagram indicator

Middleman = A (take the middle letter from “man”)

So: X + A = keen

4D = IVD

IVD + A = IVDA => AVID (Strangely being anagram indicator)

AVID = keen

Did you all enjoy this riddle? J

Well done to the Force from Navarone and Master Liong! I received some other very interesting attempts…thanks for trying.


Encore by AD


Q1) The monarch left the third person alone.

Ans (from the same list of 44)

Drop me your answer at aw0804@tm.net.my and will let u know if your tembak got bullet or blank sahaja.


A) Nokia

monarch = k

left = take away or no

Nokia – No K = ia (third person in BM)


Encore by ckloh


Q1) Get a pig in wire.

Ans (from the same list of 44)

Drop me your answer at lohcheekwan@yahoo.com.


Q) Get a pig in wire

A) Klinik Perniagaan Tiew

Why? Just rearrange “Get a pig in wire” and you will get “Pergigian Tiew”.

The idea of this question is after so many great questions above, I try to craft one that is totally different and entertaining perhaps. The message is sometime clues can be solved without any technique and language skills. Perhaps, just do some rearrangement, will solve it!!

Where is the anagram indicator? Ahem, mistake by my side. The initial idea is this is a “double jeopardy”, klinik is the anagram indicator. However, someone commented that klinik can’t be used as anagram indicator.

So, my apology. However, 2 person broke this clue 2R&1I and William.


Encore by pink


Q1)  With me at  the forefront, relief for congestion can be organised.

Q2) An issue to be handled with calmness.

Ans (from the same list of 44)

Drop me your answer at pysuyin@yahoo.com.


Q1) Ar Lehn Kopitiam

With me at the forefront = I in front
Relief for congestion = Inhaler

= Inhaler – I
= nhaler [organised]
= Ar Lehn Kopitiam

Q2) Panasonic

= Panasonic
= Pan – ason – ic
= A son in panic
= An issue to be handled in calmness

An issue = a son
in panic = to be handled in calmness 

This is not the latest update from pink, as she has her problem with the mail address. The last time she checked the email, renroc get the first answer correct with explanation and 2R1I get the second answer correct with explanation. 

Pink to update the latest update soon.




  1. Wow! ckloh, when I asked for your help to insert the Qs into the blog, I didn’t expect you to create a whole new thread! I am honoured!

    Well, of course in an actual hunt, we only have an average of 5 – 7 minutes per question. And usually there’re between 35 – 40 Qs altogether, plus a few treasures. Then there is the condition of the hunt, eg the burning afternoon sun. Moreover, for some strange reason, most hunters can’t see all the signages within that sector, eg. that forsaken METRO SECURITY!

    Now we have only 3 Qs. Plenty of time to think. All the relevant signages nicely given to you by our good friend, 2R1I. No afternoon sun getting into your eyes. And you don’t have to hold that bladder of yours for fear of losing precious time. Neither do you have to make a 40-minute U-turn to get a single answer. What more can you ask for? This is truly a godsend hunt!…. hehehehe.

    ce5nt, before you spoil the fun for some friends, DON’T REVEAL THE ANSWERS! — at least not yet! If you really can’t control yourself, go deal with Riddle 6!

  2. Oh I forgot about the time frame given for these Qs. How about you decide, ckloh?

  3. You decide. This is your show.

    Anyone who want to create challenging questions using the same 44 answers above, please let me know.

  4. OK, in that case, how about we set the deadline at 7pm on this coming Friday? I hope there’ll be at least a few tries by then.

    I’d like to mention here how my heart broke when I read that story about the little girl who was killed/burnt. Who in his right mind would do such a thing to a child like that? Some humans behave worse than animals. I hope the perpetrator will get the most severe punishment.

  5. Sorry, how about 7pm on this Saturday? Other day, other than Friday.

  6. Oops!… Up to you, ckloh. 7pm Saturday sounds good too.

  7. ckoh…I echo your sentiments on these brutal creatures who are not fit to be called humans.

    On another note, will be happy to try out your riddles!

  8. ckoh,
    Are your answers in sequence ?

  9. No, G, the answers are not in sequence. They can be any one of the 44 in the list above in no particular order.

  10. Me dear uncle ckoh…your riddles are tough lah…
    Hey, I don’t think you are old enough for me to call you uncle! Haha…

  11. Claire,
    The answers are out there. ckoh’s clues are technically sound. Give it a try. Don’t give up

  12. Dr. Clue, if you don’t mind you are invited to create 2 or 3 questions for everyone of us base on the 44 answers on the list. Just like what ckoh did.

  13. AHHHH!!! My sifu has spoken! I miss you Dr Clue! Now I have inspiration to put on my thinking cap. Must have been wearing the wrong cap.

  14. My eyes are getting all blurry staring at the words… Think I’m going to have alphabet soup for dinner! Darn…still can’t find the right cap.

  15. claire dear, listen to the Doctor. Don’t give up. Don’t confuse yourself by thinking of so many Qs at the same time. One Q at a time. If you give up, you will only end up hating yourself when I reveal the answers!

  16. Here’s a Q for u ppl to ponder…of course for some, it will be just a breeze.

    Q. Phony COC for example got stuck in the middle of this.

  17. Can I put up answer to Ad clue in this blog?

  18. I’ve been concentrating on the Riddle 6 thread that I’ve forgotten all bout this thread theo whole morning. Hmmm… interesting Q, AD. Dunno the answer though. Some ideas brewing, but nothing fits yet.

    Ah, it seems wengsiu has quickly solved the Q! Very fast of you, my friend! Leave it a little longer; some people might still want to try it. Then later all of us would want to know the solution. That is after all one of the main attractions on this blog.

  19. ckoh, i just tembak only… dunno correct or not

  20. wengsiu, drop me ur answer at aw0804@tm.net.my and will let u know if ur tembak got bullet or blank sahaja.

  21. Well, folks, less than 2 hours to go. I guess my clues are not so appealing, huh?

    claire, I’m sad that you’ve not submitted any attempts after all up to now. Perhaps you’ll still do it soon before the closing.

    ckloh, you’ve abandoned your attempt on the remaining Q altogether?

    To the rest of you bloggers, it’s been a pleasure to show you my ‘style’. I’m certain that a lot more of you have attempted my Qs, and some of you must have managed to crack them too, but were unwilling to submit them to me for fear of harsh criticisms!… hehehehe.

    To those who got stumped with these Qs, please feel free to give your comments/criticisms when ckloh publishes the answers/explanations. I’ve always maintained that there is still room for improvements for all of us.

    ckloh, I’ll be sending the answers/explanations to you shortly. I’d be pleased if you could help me to publish them after the closing. I’m just waiting for further submissions, if any. Then I’ll publish/comment on those answers.


  22. ckoh, missed the opportunity to work on your question. Looking forward to the next set from you.

    Ad, is the answer to your question found within the 44 signs posted?

  23. Well, folks, those are my answers and explanations. You can start your shaving now! But before that, let me publish here the brave bloggers who’ve attempted my Qs:

    renroc – all 3 Qs perfect.
    Dr Clue – Q1 & Q2 correct.
    wengsiu – Q2 correct.
    gerald cai – Q1 & Q2 correct.
    Edwin – Q1 & Q2 correct.

    Congratulations to renroc. His answers were the first to arrive in my emailbox. His answers came complete with explanations. Truly a master hunter!

    I should mention here that Dr Clue, perhaps in his haste, overlooked the correct solution to Q3. He was the first person to submit his answers to RR. However, he later followed up those answers to my emailbox, informing me the correct answer to Q3. I think it would have been interesting if these Qs were given in an actual hunt. With the time pressure in an actual hunt, one might miss the correct solutions.

    wengsiu was quite fast with Q2. But he didn’t attempt the other Qs at all. I wonder if he had tembak-ed the other 2 Qs, what would be his choices.

    gerald and Edwin both failed on Q3. And yes, they both fell into the trap of the KING KOIL just as I had intended. 2R1I, if you are reading this, I think I’m beginning to like this red herring thing!

    Unfortunately, these were the only participants for these 3 Qs. I hope all of you had fun trying to crack them.

  24. Yeah, found in the 44 signs.

  25. ckloh, can you tell me why you thought Slumberland was the answer to Q3?

  26. ckoh,

    Would probably not have solved your Q3 if not for pink’s catalytic ‘card shuffling’ recently.
    In a real hunt, I might have caught a different red herring !
    Have not been to any of your hunts (only ‘mighty dragons’ eg. from the Roman Empire, cross ‘rivers’, or in this case, the SCS to conquer !), but from your Qs in the blog so far, felt that ‘KING KOIL’ would not fit your style.
    Nearly fell for ‘KIan siNG tyre’ and was trying to
    create an anagram for a synonym of beater with anysitER, instayER, stayinER etc(if in time trouble, would have taken it & left !)

  27. What an interesting insight to your line of thoughts, renroc!

    For some years in my life, I played chess competitively. I was lucky enough to play against a Grand Masters from Indonesia in a simul. I adopted the Sicilian Defence with the black pieces. The game was pretty balance until the 8th move, I think. That’s when I lost a pawn. Now, normally losing a pawn against a GM is very disastrous. It was downhill from that point.

    But a post mortem of that game with ‘Fritz’ revealed that I had a way out and could save the game! The reason I didn’t was because I assessed the GM instead of the position on the board before me. In retrospect, I think it was stupid to adopt the Sicilian against a GM who’s so well-versed in that opening!

    In the present case, it is interesting that you decided against KING KOIL because you thought it didn’t fit my ‘style’. Come to think of it, it is amazing that you can so quickly ‘read’ me! I humbly bow down to you in respect, master!

  28. rncore by renroc

    1. The Force from Navarone is returning early.

    2. Headless giant had a meal behind.

    3. Choose an article around here for one who makes glasses.

    Ans (not in sequence from the same list of 44)

    (Please send ans to goh_tk@hotmail.com)

  29. ckoh, actually I am not sure the answer is Slumberland, that is why I told you still pending. I only told you Spring and 4D, and was exploring the Q3 question, and saw your mail.

    I am sure King Koil is not the answer. And I had decided to take entangled as the anagram indicator, and I found beater might be drum which is scattered in Slumberland. Like flower can be river, bloomer can be flower and I was exploring whether beater can be drum or drums and at the same saw your email that no one had replied. So, I decided to gave what I had at the moment, and I did not go back to the clue when I saw Dr. Clue initial answer. I thought that is the answer, so no point keep trying and wait for the explanation.

  30. Our story for leaving Rome:
    ‘Rome’ has been infested with many strong & powerful reptiles. In contrast to the true Romans, we have decided to leave Rome to fend for ourselves.

    You are welcome to try this Q from yours truly. It was crafted for the Bloggers Hunt, but was pulled out at the eleventh hour. A warm up for the “postponed” thSun hunt perhaps?

    Q: Back issue with them and our sport’s initials inside.

    Theme: None. Answer found in one of the 44 signs above.
    Reply to: R37165@gmail.com
    Answer to be revealed by: Friday, 20 July 2007
    No of letters: Cannot be revealed since the signs are in your face.

  31. Wow! It seems that the excitement is really building up here! And interesting to see different ‘styles’ presented by different setters too.

  32. And I am wondering this is just sector 1 of the Blogger Hunt 2007. If only, we can do for every sector. But of course, it involve too much work from 2R1I.

    We might just do shopping malls hunt, whilst the tenants name are easily found in their website. But this is later.

  33. ckloh, this is off topic; I’ve been meaning to ask you something for a long time now, but somehow never did.

    On the right side margin of this page, there’s that heading ‘Spam Blocked’, and then in that small ractangular underneath it there’s that ’54 spam comments’ shown. What is that for? That number changes from time to time.

  34. 2R1I, you call this a warp up? I’m beginning to think that it’s a blessing that I’m gonna miss the Sun Hunt!

  35. oops!… I meant WARM UP

  36. ckoh, you have 5 days to think about it as opposed to 5 hour and 44 signs that have been narrowed down from 1244 signs. I think you’ll manage – just make sure you think out of the box.

  37. Hehehehe… fair enough, 2R1I. I’ll try my best. But still, the Sun Hunt is very scary.

  38. ckoh, the Sun Hunt has Master Category and Open Category, the scary part is on Master Category. So, you have a choice, actually. But knowing you, you will be more interested on the scary part.

  39. well ppl, the dateline for my earlier Q is 18th july (weds)

    So far, renroc and 2R&1I got it. Too easy for u guys.

    here’s another simple question going on the monarch theme. hehehe…

    Q) The monarch left the third person alone.

  40. oops…again no dateline for my Q,ok ok…. will reveal the ans on this friday (20th july) by 12pm.

    ckloh, could i have ur email add again? thanks.

  41. ckoh, sorry I didn’t submit my attempts. I would have more time to crack my head on weekends, but last weekend, I was in Malacca conducting a training session for our branch staff. Your style is interestingly different I must say.

  42. Never mind, claire, there will be a next time. For now, let’s try the masters’ clues first — we have quite a number of them! Actually, I prefer to try to solve rather then set the questions… desperately need the practice! Next time perhaps I’ll give a Q sector in KK for a change. That should be interesting.

  43. Yeah, me too, ckoh dear. I also prefer to solve rather than set questions. But I’ve got some brewing in my head…weird ones. Will post it later once I’ve made some tweaking. Hehe…

  44. AD, please post it to riddleqa@gmail.com.

  45. ckoh, liked your first 2 questions – short and sweet. Just like how we remembered it from the Sutera hunt.

    But I have a problem with the 3rd one, I am pretty sure that the Ace does not lead the King in ALL card games! If you had somehow mentioned poker in the Q, that would have been acceptable but that would have been a dead give away. Just be careful when setting GK (General Knowledge) questions to verify the facts. Otherwise you’ll get a handful of tomatoes coming your way.

  46. Good point, 2R1I! In fact, I was waiting for somebody to raise that comment. While I was in the process of conjuring up Q3, I myself was considering the possibility of being challenged on A > K.

    Honestly, I don’t know ALL games involving playing cards. As far as I know, the Ace can take the value of 1 (ONE) in the playing cards series. But even then, the Ace is still of higher ranking than the King. If that is not the case in ALL card games, it is at least the case in MOST card games. But obviously I can’t rely on my knowledge alone. So to be sure, I had to check in the dictionary. Here are the meanings (amongst others) given in the Oxford:

    ACE – noun.
    a playing card with a single spot on it, usually the HIGHEST card in its suit.

    KING – noun.
    a playing card bearing a picture of a king, ranking next BELOW an ace.

  47. The second way to defend myself against the tomatoes would be to look at the Q.

    Ignoring the ‘entangled’ for the moment, we will end up with ‘monarch beater’.

    If we are referring to a living king, the possibilities may be very wide, e.g. a traitor who overturns him. But the traitor is not always successful in his attempt! The king may also be beaten by an enemy king from a different country. Still not necessarily successful though. So many people may be able to beat the king. So the answer obviously can’t be here. We must look eslewhere for the answer.

    If we’re thinking in terms of playing cards, sometimes perhaps the King IS the highest ranking. But if there is any card at all that CAN beat the king, it most certainly is the ACE. I don’t know of any other cards that can beat the king. But of course I may be wrong. Anyone knows of any card games where other cards — other than the ace — can also beat the king?

  48. ckoh, note the word “USUALLY” in the definition. New card games are derived even as we speak. So I would generally refrain from setting these type of GK questions which could be easily challenged. Good attempt anyway.

    Most COCs add a defence for GK questions (living GK) by adding an “for example” quote in the question, like “in poker for example”. But like I said if not worded well, it would end up being a dead give-away.

  49. I can quote you a popular card game called Big 2 (Chor Tai Tee) that 2 is the biggest card in the deck rather than Ace.

  50. Wow! I didn’t know the Big 2, 2R1I! Do you mean that in the game where you have the Ace, 2 – 10, J, Q, K all in play; and the highest ranking is the TWO!?

  51. Yes. A very popular strategy game like mahjong, but much quicker. Requires some poker knowledge. 2 of Spades is the biggest card in the deck (not Ace of Spades as in Poker).

    Just be careful when setting GK (General Knowledge) questions to verify the facts. Otherwise you’ll get a handful of tomatoes coming your way.

  52. Hmmm… good thing the Q appears here on the blog. Would be a lousy experience getting the tomatoes. Thanks for the info, 2R1I.

    Now what would I do if this happens in a real hunt? Then I’d probably say, “OK, I’ll accept the anagram of TWO also! If there is a WOT, TOW, WTO, OWT, I’ll accept them all!”… hehehehe.

    Then somebody else will say that they know of a card game in which the THREE is the highest card. And I will say, “OK, then I’ll accept the anagram of THREE also!”….

    Hmmm… bad idea…hehehehe

    Don’t worry 2R1I, I don’t do this kind of mistakes often. Promise!

  53. You know, 2R1I, this reminds me of some of my Qs which never left my question bank. It is necessary to check the Qs again and again to make sure that they’ll survive scrutiny.

    One of those Qs that never see daylight:

    Q) Look back for the first name of Victoria Adams.
    A) AVON.

    Can anyone suggest why this was a bad idea?

  54. ckoh, the question above on Victoria Adams looks fine to me. Perhaps many would think that Victoria is the first name.

    renroc, I have emailed my answers to you for the Blogger’s Encore. Will try the others and email seperately.

  55. My dear claire, the idea behind this Q is to trick the solver to think along that very famous name, Victoria Adams. Her full name, I’m sure you know, is Victoria Caroline Adams. But of course now she’s known as Victoria Beckham. So, actually, Victoria IS her first name.

    On the surface of it, the trick works wonderfully. The solver will go on a wild goose chase, looking very hard for the reverse of Victoria, or Caroline even! But they won’t be able to find any of those within that sector (I checked). Then I would have announced that this was actually a Q regarding the look back of NOVA — because FIRST Name Of Victoria Adams = NOVA. So the answer is AVON. All very nice, you see.

    Unfortunately, that trick doesn’t work at all! Each time I set a Q, I’d spend some time to check again to look for possible ‘holes’. This Q can’t work because there are about 6.5 billions humans around. We simply can’t guarantee that there are no other Victoria Adams around. In fact, I am fairly certain that there are many, many other Victoria Adams. So there might just be some of those Victorias with a first name of which its reversal might be found within that Q sector. If I am challenged by a hunter that there is a Kate Victoria Adams, for example, it would be very difficult to defend myself.

  56. My dear ckoh, forgive me as I’m still learning. But yes, I do see your point on the many Victoria Adams names. However, we will normally look for the most popular ones, and Victoria Beckham is the most popular one at this moment. Just Google “Victoria Adams” and the first page is full of sites linking to Victoria Beckham. So I still think it’s a pretty fair question, as you specifically mentioned Victoria Adams, and not just Victoria. And how can a treasure hunt be straightforward as to literally looking for Victoria Adams’s first name?

    That’s my opinion…

  57. claire dear, nothing to forgive!… We’re all still learning here. Of course it is reasonable to expect the hunters to google Victoria Adams. But, you know, the point is that we can’t rule out the possibility of other Victoria Adams. Which is exactly the situation we’re facing here in Q3.

    That was the point I was trying to make. In MOST cases, it is reasonable to expect hunters to know that the ACE beats the KING. BUT!! we can’t rule out the possibility that other cards might also beat the king. The ACE is USUALLY the highest card in its suit, but still open to challenge as in this case! And as you can see, it’s very difficult for me to defend my position! That’s why I said the situation reminded me of this Victoria question.

  58. BTW, claire, I am not saying that we can’t set Qs connected to names. It’s just that we need to make sure that we narrow the possibilities substantially.

    This one I gave during the Sutera:

    Q) Will start this to become the main star of Mork and Mindy.

    A) IAMS @ Pinnacle Pets Supply.

    You see, in this case we narrow down the search substantially. As you can see, this Q is true to my ‘style’, i.e. the jigsaw approach.

    The main star is of course Robin Williams. So the WILL start (meaning lead the word) IAMS to become WILLIAMS.

    Mercifully, no one challenged this question. But even if there’re other versions of Mork & Mindy, I think it’s still OK.

    So I’m outta here! Be right back after the run!!

  59. Here you go, claire, name this animal:


  60. Uh-oh… hehehehe… that was supposed to be a continuous line separating the top and bottom. Never mind, take it as a single line.

  61. One of my favourite birds ckoh… soaring free in the sky, talons ready to catch an unsuspecting prey… the free-spirited eagle.

  62. ckoh, tell me if my animal knowledge is not as wide as I hoped it would be! hahaha…

  63. Oh very good, claire! Indeed it is an eagle. I thought treasure hunters are normally too restricted to treasure hunting to the extent that they don’t have the time for golf!

    Tell me, what would be on your mind with this Q:

    Q) Initial offerings in the world’s local bank perhaps.

    This Q was quite surprising in the Sutera because some regular hunters failed to get the answer!

  64. ckoh…is the answer BOSCH?

  65. No clues given…so I’m more or less guessing but with some reasonings.

  66. Awesome, claire! I thought this was supposed to be an easy question, but during the Sutera some regular hunters failed to get the answer.

    However, in all fairness to those regular hunters who failed, I also tortured them on psychological aspect. I gave them a tough question, which deserved to be a bolded Q in KL hunts, on the very first clue! That must have been a big blow to most of them. Then after that they missed even some easy ones.

    The answer for this particular Q was BOSCH @ ANGKATAN HEBAT SERVICE CENTRE.

    I also found it fantastic that some people didn’t know that ‘the world’s local bank’ was a tagline for HSBC. Instead, they tried so hard to think what’s the Malay word for ‘BANK’!

  67. Isn’t the BM word for ‘BANK’…BANK too? So that would tell us to think in another way. Hey, not everyone uses HSBC…hehe…

  68. Indeed the BM word for ‘BANK’ is ‘BANK’ also. But, you know, sometimes when you get into a mode of thinking that looks so promising, it is very difficult to shake yourself out of it!

    And regarding HSBC, I agree that not everyone uses HSBC, but their advertisements are all over! And always with that tagline too: THE WORLD’S LOCAL BANK. In this case, I was requested to conjure up a Q connected to one of the sponsors, so I made the best out of it. I combined HSBC and BOSCH (both sponsors) as well as highlited ANGKATAN HEBAT (co-organizer).

  69. Wow…it’s great that you managed to combine 2 sponsors and the co-organizer all in one question!

  70. I’m still scratching my head on the questions posted by Ad and 2R&1I. Don’t tell me I lost my thinking cap after donning it for renroc’s questions…

  71. Oh by the way…is there any particular reason why ‘Vono’ appears twice in the list above?

  72. Yes, claire, I was a bit lucky in this case. It was either this or another target which I was also able to combine 2 sponsors into a single question. Of course it took a bit of time to perfect the question. But I chose to impress Angkatan Hebat in the end. It’s them who recommended me to clerk the Sutera in the first place. So it’s only fair that I returned their favour!

    You’d be surprised what the human mind can do with a bit of imagination and creativity. But language power is important if we’re to come up with something good. As you know, the English language is interesting. It presents a lot of opportunities for word plays, but if wrongly used, can also lead to disasters.

    When I was a boy, I used to play the organ. I had a friend who went to the music centre together with me. I would say: “I enjoy playing the organ at home.”; and my friend would say: “I enjoy playing my organ at home.” You see what a whole lot of difference in those two sentences just because of those words, ‘the’ and ‘my’?

  73. oops!… again it didn’t work….hmmm.. let me try again…

  74. claire, renroc was being kind to us newbies. But now you’re dealing with an intended bolded Q — by the mighty dragon! IF we are ever gonna solve it at all, don’t expect it to be very soon.

  75. As for ‘vono’, claire, perhaps that was an oversight. I think 2R1I simply took some of the boards within that sector randomly; and he didn’t realised that ‘vono’ has been picked earlier.

    There are of course many more boards there. For example, there’s the FIRST KNIGHT, WATER HYDRANT (we considered this for a short while because of UPRISING), ALEX (estate agent) etc.

  76. puff puff! Don’t think too hard guys, and you might just solve it.

  77. Just curious, 2R1I, any submission so far?

  78. ckoh, nope not yet.

    Let me give ye’all something to start off with. Identify the definition and the cryptic clue. Unfortunately even the definition is not direct (ha ha)!

  79. Yes, 2R1I, that’s exactly what I’ve been trying to identify! But it soon became clear to me that the definition clue itself isn’t clear.

    Incidentally, that’s exactly the topic I was discussing about with renroc (through email) — regarding the necessity of direct/specific definition. I told him that I think it’s NOT wrong for the definition clue to be indirect, and it depends on individual setters. But I would try to make it exact if I can help it. I’ve seen some definition clues that aren’t direct at all, e.g. ‘her’ or ‘she’ being clues for names like ‘Vera’ or ‘Rose’.

  80. Oh! before you get the wrong idea, 2R1I, renroc and I were not discussing about how to solve your Q!… hehehehe. But THAT would be something, huh?… good idea how to cheat!

  81. ckoh, like I mentioned I would be happier if someone cracks my clue. At least it won’t be wasted effort.

    So feel free to discuss ideas on the blog. I would love to know the thought process of hunters.


    Start : Number of letters not given – let’s start from the very beginning.

    SHORTLY, concocted a dessert with manGO bits served with CArambola juice, conveniently named Ice gocA.
    (better stick to ICE KACANG)

    A LONGER reflection on how MIXED RICE can be flavoured resulted in RIce cocOA.
    (not too palatable !)

    After an even LONGER pause, wondered whether Penangites like to sip coconut water with pieces of nutmeg thrown in. Voila, NUTMeg cocONUT !
    (pink, claire, cmliong, ever tried this ?)

    Next Morning : Oops ! Wrong sector – ans in Sector 1 of Bloggers Hunt.

  83. Hmmm…. scary…

    renroc, I’m afraid all those years of ‘cryptic thinking’ has taken its toll on you. I’m having trouble to decide whether you’re telling a story or asking a question!… hehehehe.

    I’m trying to figure out the remaining Qs, and there you go with yet something else to occupy my brain! Carambola juice… bombastic!

  84. Good morning! I’ve got a new riddle with answer from one of the 44 signs above. Where do I post it? Is it here?

  85. May I post my riddle here? It’s referring to the 44 signs as well. I thought I read somewhere to post it somewhere else…but I don’t remember already. Hehe…

    I’m eager to share my riddle!

  86. Mornin’ claire, done with the tweaking, huh? That word ‘tweaking’ always reminds me of ‘You’ve Got Mail’, such a beautiful movie which I’ve watched no less than 5 times!

    If we’re not careful, claire, the RR riddles will soon fade into the background! But I’m looking forward to your Q anyway. Not another DECRIE please… hehehehe.

  87. Morning ckoh dear! It’s solvable I think…hehe… So do I post it here? Then you can see if it’s another DECRIE or not! Haha…

  88. Everyone which have clues for the above 44 signs, please post it here.

    The answers please send to riddleqa@gmail.com, 1 or 2 days before the close date.


  89. For other riddles, not the 44 signs, please directly send to riddleqa@gmail.com.

    We will put it to our library and we will decide when to publish it.

  90. Right, I’m going to post it here anyway. Here goes nothing:

    Q) Strangely keen with middleman.
    Answer found in one of the 44 signs above.

    ckloh, sorry if I’m not meant to post my riddle here. Feel free to “shift” it elsewhere more appropriate.

    Oh yeah, anyone can email your answer to me at siowlyn@hotmail.com

    Give it a try after you’ve done cracking your heads with Ad’s, renroc’s and 2R&1I’s riddles. 🙂

  91. Whoops…I just typed my comment and posted when I saw ckloh’s comments.

    As for the closing date, let’s make it at 4pm on this Friday. Sorry guys and gals, I’ll have to make it earlier because I’ve got a plane to catch.

  92. ckloh, if you don’t mind, perhaps they can post the answer directly to me so that you, josh and willie65 may give it a try too.

  93. Oh by the way, this riddle just popped up in my head while I was attempting 2R&1I’s riddle. I was looking through the 44 signs, when I spotted something interesting. Then again, it could be very simple for all you hunters out there!

  94. Oh dear…perhaps my riddle is a tad too simple. Someone already got the answer! Hehe…thanks for trying!

  95. Hi. The Blogger Hunt questions are tough. Worth trying though. RR food court questions are even harder without any signboards to look at.

    I’m out of brain cells. Out of my league.

  96. Edwin…please keep on trying!

  97. ckloh, I will send you the answers for my question Thursday evening, to give you more time to submit an attempt too.

  98. Dear all,

    Due to some technical issues, Ad’s answers will be posted at 9pm tonight. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

  99. 2R1I,

    Still blank! Your clue is more than a bolded Q! And this time I have no excuse of not seeing that board RELOAD COUPON!…. hehehehe. ***waving white flag***

  100. ckoh, before you throw in the towel. Read these two paragraphs below. They too contain very subtle clues. But now that I have mentioned it, they should become very glaring.

    I always like to tease, with subtle clues included in my postings. Enjoy!

    Posted: July 15th, 2007 at 5:43 pm
    You are welcome to try this Q from yours truly. It was crafted for the Bloggers Hunt, but was pulled out at the eleventh hour. A warm up for the “postponed” thSun hunt perhaps?

    Posted: July 18th, 2007 at 3:53 pm
    I will send you the answers for my question Thursday evening, to give you more time to submit an attempt too.

  101. Got another 3 ppl giving me their answer for my Q1, namely weng siu, edwin & william. However, all three also say they tembak saja. Therefore, it would be nice if ppl send in their answer/s with an explanation. Anyway, their tembak’s got bullet. Congrats ppl.

    Technical problem: Since my answer for Q1 will only be out in 2 hrs time, feel free to tembak away and send ur answer to me.

    Ckoh, still waiting for your submission. Is not difficult at all unlike 2R&1I’s!!!


  102. Oh man…this is giving me nightmares!

  103. Ad, don’t hold your breath; it doesn’t seem like I’m gonna get the answer anytime soon!… hehehehe. I’m missing something. Indeed the Q looks simple. Yet it doesn’t fit. Maybe it is something I’ve never seen before. Am still trying though. But not likely to be successful. Great learning experience, came up with lots of interesting ideas!

  104. Hey Ad, mine is not that much more difficult than yours. When ckloh reveals the answer on Friday, you’ll realise how breakable it is.

  105. Master ce5nt, help us out here, man!! These 2 masters are bullying us!.. hehehehe. Show them your stuff!

  106. It’s not fair…all you masters are chuckling about while we get bullied and have nightmares and lose hair!

  107. How about the other masters? Come help us out! Dr Clue? Master Liong? Time’s running out, and I still can’t figure out COC!… Arghhh!

  108. You and I ckoh…I can’t figure out COC either. Found something that fit partially only… 😦

  109. Yeah, fit partially. But no score involved, no point to tembak!

  110. It took me more than the normal hunting time to figure out the question by Ad. Ganbate.

  111. 2R&1I,

    Have anyone send you the correct answer yet? If not alot of people get your answer, I would like to have a discussion among all of us in the blog, before you send me the answer on Friday.

    I will only post the answer around Friday 9pm. So, you can send tp me by Friday evening.

    We can have discussion on what we get so far on your questions, and see how it goes. Maybe, we can get some pointers here and there. And both yourself and ce5nt will have a good laugh too.

    Just a suggestion. If everyone agree this is a good idea, I would like to suggest ckoh to kick start first tomorrow. As mentioned earlier, Joshua, William and myself, are from the same company, and all of us are blocked to access the blog in our office.

  112. hey edwin, what is ganbate???

  113. Good morning, folks!

    Hmmm… how simple, Ad! That’s exactly what I thought of tembaking. But I wouldn’t have been happy even if I got it right. Just to tembak because of TOS in PHOTO STAT, and then didn’t know the significance of the rest means hardly anything!

    I wouldn’t set the question this way. I’d like to make my Qs short and precise if I can help it. Perhaps something like this:

    Q) Phony COC for example in the middle.

    I would do without the ‘got stuck’ and ‘of this’, because I don’t think they have much value to the solver.

    Oops! Later for work!


  114. Ad. Ganbate (Japanese) = Good luck or jia you (mandarin).

  115. Ad,

    OK, let me tell you what went wrong; why I failed…

    The first thing that caught my attention was that COC. From the beginning, I knew that THAT word’s gonna be THE problem! At first, I considered that COC might have a different meaning, i.e. an abbreviation for other phrases or titles. But I ruled that out quite quickly. Then I considered others, such as SETTER (as in question setter), even TEASER (as in one who teases — brain teaser). But I couldn’t find anything with those words within.

    Then an idea struck me. I thought ‘Phony’ could also be an anagram clue — in fact, I know it can! So maybe I can jumble up SETTER somehow, and find the result(s) within one of those possible answers. Still nothing! Well, some are found within GREAT EASTERN, but still very far, and hardly ‘IN THE MIDDLE’.

    Next, I considered ‘for example’ for a bit. Maybe you meant it to be ‘e.g.’. And again I jumbled that up with SETTER, TEASER etc. Still nothing.

    ‘in the middle of this’… I was drawn to ‘this’ at the end of the sentence. Perhaps it was a trick somehow. Maybe it was meant to be literal? So I was looking for something that is contained by the word THIS or INI, e.g. TH?????IS or IN??????I. All dead ends!

    Then 2R1I raised the significance of the ‘for example’ when we were debating my Q3 on ‘king beater’. That made me think again on that ‘for example’ in this particular Q. Unfortunately, I don’t know many CoCs in KL. But I certainly know TOS and TAB (the latter I saw several times in Michael Pang’s blog). Then I debated with myself on trying to understand you, Ad — whether you meant the CoC to refer to the PERSON (as in DOM, LIM S.K), or the EVENT ORGANIZER COMPANY. Can the ‘CLERK of course’ refer to a company? In the end, I decided perhaps it could.

    Looking at the possible answers in the list, there’s only PHOTO STAT with TOS ‘in the middle’. So that’s the most promising TEMBAK. But I couldn’t figure out how to fit the rest. That’s why I said the CoC fits, but it only fitted partially to the answer! Somehow, the PHOTO STAT —> PHONY didn’t click in my mind.

    In an actual hunt, perhaps I’d tembak PHOTO STAT anyway. It’d be silly not to try! But here, there is no point to tembak if only for the sake of tembak. Well, maybe I’d do it for the RR riddles… hehehe.

  116. ckloh, that is an excellent idea. Something that ce5nt and myself have been promoting for quite sometime now but there were no takers.

    “The Power of Discussion”
    You’ll come to realise how powerful putting multiple heads together, compared to figuring it out alone.

    I once heard this story (True Story):
    Once upon a time there was this team of 4 taking part in a hunt. One of the team members had a night out till the wee hours and spent the most part of the hunt dozing off! Most of the questions were a breeze for this team “running on 3”. But then they hit this question (can’t remember the question but it is insignificant to this story), they couldn’t quite comprehend it. Spent a good hour, making multiple rounds. Just when the team decided to throw in the towel, the exhausted dude woke up and shouted “McDonalds” out of the blue. One of the quick-thinking members latched on to what was yelled, added his comments, and the remaining 2 put two-and-two together and Voila, a difficult question it was, no more!

    So Edwin, although your team mates may not be “street wise” it pays-off more often than not to include them in the discussion.

  117. ckloh, there were a few attempts for “Photo Stat”. I had to invite the submitters to clarify their answer because I wanted to make sure that they were not making the error of “intending to submit for Ad’s question but posted it to me instead”. But no, none have cracked it yet – so I guess that leaves 43 signs to consider.

    Yes, feel free to simulate the actual situation in a hunt. Imagine this situation. You are stuck on this “difficult” question. You have gone multiple rounds. But everyone was working solo so far. No one has actually brought their ideas out into the open. Minutes are ticking away, but looking at your watch you have another half hour (actually a day and a half) to spare. But in the back of your mind, you know this question is crucial to make the podium.

    Treat the forum as your extended team members. Throw out your version and ideas. Get people to contribute. You never know, you may find someone screaming out “McDonalds”!

    You may find me throwing in some subtle clues here and there to complement the ideas from the forum.

    Promise you I won’t laugh, although I probably would not restrain myself from giggling slyly.

    I think you guys are ready for Phase 2 of our learning process, “The Power of Discussion”.

    Now this is exciting and I want to get involved.

    Good luck!

  118. May I declare here that I am disqualifying myself from ckloh’s latest Q here. I was supplied with the answer by someone by mistake!…. hehehehehe. And looking at that answer, there is just no way I would have achieved it anyway!

  119. ckoh: Yes it was a simple question turn round and round in ur complicated mind. The reason you failed perhaps was becoz you defeated yourself with all the multiple choices of words. Stick to the simple form 1st and if that dont give u any head way, then go deeper. Not the other way round.

    As for the usage of stuck in the middle instead of just middle is for good surface reading as I do not like Q that dont have a smooth surface reading. The Q will be very abrupt as per your reconstruction of my Q and thus sticks out like a soar thumb.

    And on the COC matter, i believe in TH Q, TOS and TAB are considered COC(s) and not individual/s, otherwise, you will have thousand and one names to consider such as Ckoh, 2R&1I, Mike pang and others … hahaha

    Anyway, thanks for trying and is time to work on 2R&1I, claire, my 2nd Q and renroc’s 3 Q (which i solved 1&3 and gave him an alternate ans to his 2nd Q which he did not accept).


  120. Yes, Ad, very true. Always try to solve from the simplest way first! In fact, I always say the same thing quite frequently to my team members when they’re having a training hunt.

    I guess I was affected by COC. And yes, my ‘complicated’ mind was also the culprit! Sometimes, when you try too hard to be complicated, you tend to miss even the simplest!

    Y’know, Ad, last year Kramnik and Topalov, both super GMs, played for the unified World title. Several Catalan openings — almost repetitions. In one game, both these super GMs missed mate in 2! Can you believe it? Mate in 2! Even a beginner can see deeper than that! Under the intense pressure, even the complicated minds of the super GMs can fail in something simple!

  121. Oh! I find it interesting that you came up with something different for renroc’s Q2. I thought the answer for that Q is an exclusive fit! When the answers are revealed, I’d love to see your answer and explanation, Ad.

  122. And, Ad, on the sentence construction, I don’t see the one I suggested as ‘abrupt’:

    Q) Phony COC for example in the middle.

    Maybe it’s possible to improve the sentence further with the help of a couple of commas:

    Q) Phony COC, for example, in the middle.

    But that is not really necessary in TH Qs I suppose.

    I once gave:

    Q) Domestic helper between the engineers.

    A) Iramahir Sdn. Bhd.

    And someone suggested that I should have included the word ‘found in’ after ‘helper’. But I disagreed. I think ‘found in’ was optional, but not entirely necessary.

  123. ckoh:
    exactly, “found in” is optional. Anyway, each have their own in construction of TH Q. Your is short, mine, preferably a little smoother thus having a few extra words.
    As for renroc’s Q, will let you in on my thoughts later. 🙂

  124. ckoh: I’m surprise you ae such a strong follower of the chess world. I never knew Kramnik was going to be that strong after he won the World juniors u18 sometime in 1990 but i trust if your whole life evolves around it, you improve by leaps and bounds. Don’t know if renroc still follows the chess scene as i lost touch after that World Junior tourney. 🙂

  125. No, Ad, don’t get me wrong. I don’t follow chess that closely these days. I have long abandoned competitive chess. In fact, I haven’t played for years! Very painful if I think of all those hard work spent on indepth study of the Dragon Sicilian (including accelerated and hyper accelerated) now all gone!

    But Kramnik/Topalov was different because it was history — unification match after 13 years I think? We haven’t had a ‘true’ world champion for far too long! I bet Kasparov must be green with envy now!

    You should read about it, Ad. Very interesting. Topalov threatened to walk out when he was losing, much the same way Spassky threatened to walk out against Fischer years ago when he was losing! History has a strange habit of repeating itself!

  126. I’ve got my hands halfway up in the air…getting ready until the eleventh hour.

  127. They say don’t bring your probs to bed with you. Well I did but fell fast asleep before I even finished going thru the list of signages. Tried again when I woke up but instead of answers, 2 Q’s popped up in my head.

    Will try to solve at least 1 before tonight.

  128. ooh, managed 2 see renroc’s Q2 and Q3 in 3 minutes flat. And a reasonable shot at Ad’s monarch in one minute. Hope I didn’t shoot blanks!

    No time to look at the others. The clock just struck nine.

  129. 1 down 2 to go. I tembak-ed Ad’s monarch but shot down the wrong ruler. lol

    The monarch left the third person alone.

    My argument: monarch = SHEIKH (Arab ruler)
    third person = he
    alone = 1
    left – omit
    Hence SHEIKH-he-I = SKH Furniture.

    Now waitng for renroc’s Q2 & Q3.

  130. hi pink,

    After considering your arguement, i must admit, it does have a very strong point. I believe in normal hunts, becoz of time constrain, your answer may not be acceptable but I retract my earlier reply to ur answer and admit that this answer would fit too.

    Well done pink.

  131. pink: just to add a little more. My research doesnt show sheikh as a monarch anywhere but i accepted it based on the fact that a monarch is a ruler and a sheikh is a leader of a family / community. But i must say, you had a different angle.

    Check put my answer when posted and you will see that it was again a simple question given a very complicated thought.:)

  132. Sorry, for the late posting again. Have things to patch up before going to Penang tomorow.

    Enjoy for those who go to STOFGA. William, SC Chew and GL Lim will be there.

  133. Oh Ad, I’m not arguing about my ‘tembak’, Just seemed to fit. I’m sure your answer would fit better. BTW, my Cambridge dictionary does define sheikh as an Arab ruler.

  134. Claire: Well done! I love the q. Though i did not get the answer, i accept defeat. Did get avid = keen but just didnt make 4D = IVD.

    Pink: What can i say, outdated reference. hahaha…

    2R1I: Breakable, nah. Even after your explanation, still find it too coagulated. If done in a hunt, no way anyone will answer it.

    Renroc: Good Q(s). Got the last one sms to you but banging my head for not seeing it earlier.

  135. Just read your explanation, Ad. Simple, u call that? I like the no king part, but why ‘alone’?
    As for my tembak, I looked for somewhere to fit the third person in (he or she) and saw SKH immediately. When the alone was accounted for with I (single), everyhting seemed to fall in place nicely. So simple…yet wrong 😦 Had fun anyway.

    renroc, didnt you get my e-mail? I got Qs2 & 3 right too, but Q3 is still too complex for me.

  136. pink: alone was there as i wanted no more than “ia” only.

  137. Wow, all are tough for me but one thing I would like to point out… normally ia in BM refer to thing not person. Thats is what been taught by my cikgu…
    Perhaps my cikgu is wrong.

    Firstly…thank you all for trying the questions posted! Hugs all around…

    Ad…gee, thanks. *blushing* That question popped up in my head while I was searching for 2R&1I’s answer.
    As for your riddle, I saw “ia” and “no” in Nokia but didn’t know that Monarch = K. Why is Monarch = K? Is it that Monarch = King = K (as in K from a deck of cards?) Pardon my ignorance…hehe…

    renroc…enjoyed your questions. Hehe… Just to share with everyone, I had a slightly different explanation for renroc’s Q1, but our dear riddle craftsman accepted it. Here it goes:
    Force from Navarone = Ten = X
    Is = IS
    Returning early (this was where my mind traveled out from the milky way!)
    Early = AM, Returning early = MA
    So now I have XISMA…opps…so how did I put MA to the front? Ahh….early is a “double indicator”. 1. Early = AM and 2. early also tells us to put it BEFORE XIS…voila! MAXIS. Crazy?

    Ckloh…very refreshing question. I’m sure you got some of us fooled! Our minds were getting too complex and twisted…

    2R&1I….WHAT THE…??? Are you seeing what I’m seeing??

  139. wengsiu, I think you are absolute right on the “ia”, what your cikgu says is right. The new BM grammars mentioned “ia” is only for thing.

    However, what AD said also not wrong, the old BM grammars mentioned “ia” to refer third person.

    In hunt, too bad, you need to know the old version and new version, even though our school teacher only teach us the new version for the younger generation, and said old version no longer valid.

    Most questions still asked old Malay spelling, if you refer to the other thread of our team recent hunt, my team dropped a question because the Malay word used are the old spelling, which we did not aware of its existence.

  140. Oops…forgotten to mention who hit the target for my question. Well done to the Force from Navarone and Master Liong! I received some other very interesting attempts…thanks for trying. :)Someone actually met ALI BABA while trying…now I wonder how did that happen? Hehe…;)

  141. Hey…what happened to my smiley faces?

    IA DIA
    Hmm…I thought ‘ia’ is accepted as a reference to a person when I last took a BM paper in uni…Yes, it used to be for referring to a thing, then the format changed or something like that, and ‘ia’ is used to refer to a person too. Then again, BM is an ever-changing language and I can never seem to keep up with it!

  142. Ad, kindly explain how pink’s version is acceptable?
    I can accept sheikh as a monarch. But in your question, it is clear that it is the monarch rather than the third person who left the signage. Awkward for it to be the other way around?

    Never mind whether solvable or not, I hope my questions have been educational. I try to include a message in my questions so that the RR team and others can pick up the intended pointers. In this case it is to avoid “thinking one-dimensional” which typically affects not only the newbies but occasionally the regulars too.

    claire oh claire, a case of us being so near yet so far! (ha ha)

  143. 2R1I,

    I accepted pink ans as I see she read it as :

    the monarch (sheikh) left (means omit) the third person (he) alone (i)so what is left is skh.

    So sheikh – he – i = skh.

    That’s why i accepted her ans.

    ckloh, thanks for explaining to wengsiu. What to do, come from middle of old school and new school of thought so need to know both ia and dia.

    wengsiu: FYI, many hunts have used ia as 3rd person already so u better take note.


  144. Ad, I think there is a difference between left & left out (omit).

  145. 2R1I: you got a point there but since i did say i would accept the ans here, i leave it at that.

    Pink: want to prove your contention or shall we leave this as it is and we (all others) work on ur questions?

  146. Yes my dear 2R&1I…so near yet so far. Hahaha…
    I almost banged my head on the wall when I saw the answer for your riddle. I bet you almost did the same didn’t you? 😉 Haha…
    BTW, may I share with all the “glaring” clues I “discovered” from your postings? The postings you so subtly pointed us to “time”.

  147. claire, yes … my head is full of bumps & bruises.
    yes … go ahead and share your adventure.

  148. Apologies to blur-blur & pink !

    Was in Bangi for an in-house conference since Friday
    morning and had no internet access.

    blur-blur submitted correct ans to Q1 & Q2,
    while pink had correct ans for Q2 & Q3.

  149. Hello folks! Sure good to be back! Hmmm… interesting to see the revelation of the answers here.

    2R1I: Bombastic answer/explanation. If that was your idea of something breakable, then I have a lot of work to do still! I think it’s an almost impossible Qs on this blog, let alone in an actual hunt!

    claire: I must apologize to you, my dear. Due to the many Qs appearing more or less at the same time, I had to choose which to try. I made a cursory inspection on all those questions, but in the end I decided to concentrate on 2R1I and Ad’s. Unfortunately, I was unable to solve them anyway! The reason I decided to ignore yours was because I took it for granted that it would be another ‘impossible-to-solve’ Q. But now that I see your answer/explanation, I realise that I was wrong. I don’t think I would have been able to crack it, but it would have been worth it! Beautiful puzzle and a brilliant solution in my opinion. Well done claire. I think you are of CoC material.

    Ad: This 2nd Q of yours is hard to understand. In fact, I disagree with the explanation. Correct me if I am wrong, but are you saying that the word ‘left’ is taking a dual role: the first as a deletion indicator (to take away something); and the other as a definition (meaning ‘NO’)?

    ckloh: It didn’t take very long to spot the letters found in ‘Pergigian Tiew’ to match those in your Q. But I was trying to figure out whether ‘klinik’ could be an anagram indicator somehow. Then I got a email from 2R1I highlighting the missing DJ indicator! I told 2R1I he has an amazing skill to spot the answer even for WRONGLY-SET QUESTIONS! That’s why I said, there’s just no way I could’ve solved this one!

  150. ckoh, ha ha, I think if readers were able to associate “our sport” to treasure hunting whose initials is TH, and with 44 signages only in that one sector (very wishful thinking in an actual treasure hunt, ha ha), everything would simply fall into place.

    Regarding the treasure you forwarded, what a big difference a tiny little “I” makes, huh. I could not accept that TOS would accept “any flavour” since he has very clearly defined the brand, and went to bed last night a very dissatisfied man !!

    Returning the favour, here is a challenging question from today’s hunt for you to sleep over. This question you will not be able to answer without seeing the signage, so I included it. Try to explain it.

    Q: 2140
    A: Salun Rambut MINX

  151. ckoh: how did you do in ur closed hunt?

    Just to ans your Q, “left” does not do dual role. “Left” here means = take away or no. Therefore, when the monarch left, it simply say no k! Sorry if you still can’t understand. Can’t find a simpler way to explain. Cheerio.

  152. renroc: I’ve explain my ans to you but let’s see what others say.

    headless giant = iant
    had a meal behind = read as after a meal
    therefore, after a meal you have coffee or tea
    so, i took tea =t
    And that’s why agih (anagram key) tinta (iant+t)

  153. 2R1I. I was in the hunt today and I could not solve that question. Only understood when the COC explained it. It’s a tough one.

  154. Hello Edwin, ditto, we didn’t solve it either. We tembaked correctly though but was not awarded any marks as we had not filled out the full signboard due to “time pressure” of a different kind!

  155. 2R1I,

    I think you misunderstood me. TOS was asking for a specific brand of softdrink, and a specific flavour, i.e. lime flavour. But that flavour was so hard to get. We went to over 20 shops along the route of about 150km. We covered 7 Elevens, grocery shops, petrol stations, and many other shops. Zilch! So we ended up forgoing that treasure. But in the end, those who brought the correct brand, i.e. Fruit Tree F&N got 2 out of 5pts. Some CoCs are generous. Some are very strict — anything imperfect, no points at all!

    As for your “2140”, I find the question amazing, really. I can’t find any connection to MINX and would be pleased if you could explain the answer.

  156. Oops! I thought my post didn’t go through. So I posted again a 2nd time!

  157. Edwin,

    Well, now you’ve met 2R1I and ce5nt. I told you it’s not so difficult to know them!

  158. ckoh, au contraire, I have understood you perfectly. The solution is glaring if “I” was there. But having left out “I” from the last line in your text message, it just did not make any sense that they intended any specific flavour.

    I will leave “2140” open for the forum to discuss for now. Perhaps the RR team would like to work on it as well. Will publish my thoughts on this question and reveal the answer by end of this week.

  159. 2R&1I, does 2140 have anything to do with time? MINX can look like Minute and 10. Or I’m entirely on the wrong track.

  160. 2R1I,
    you’re killing them with their own curiousity esp when answer is given, yet cant solve the clue. I thought it was an interesting way of setting the Q.

  161. claire, absolutely nothing to do with time. Time was the deception.

    Interesting and refreshing – yes.
    Good question – hmmm, I’d have to think about it!

    Will let everyone think more DEEPLY about it. I would say it has a little of Claire’s “DECRIE” flavoured into it (ha ha).

  162. 2R1I: not so much of claire’s decrie but more like I Want To Be…..

  163. Ad, so you received some SOS too huh? (ha ha)

  164. Ad, thanks for the pointer

  165. Ad, there’s no question that I fully accept your solution for the monarch left…Q. In fact, I was tickled that you even accepted my lame solution. It’s also good of you to try my 2 encore Q’s – no one else has done so. Hopefully, faulty construction is not the cause of your getting the Q1 wrong (your solution wd be right if it were a “sounds like” clue). Won’t the others give the Q’s a go too, even tho they are comparatively rather amateurish?

    My streamyx has been down for 2 days and am using my sis-in-law’s.

    Riddle Raiders’s participation in the Gurney Plaza walk hunt resulted in Ckloh&Josh walking away with the 12th prize (out of a field of 55)while claire&pink didn’t do very well. Surprisingly, one of my inexperienced pinklets, sha-lyn & her pa was in 14th place (there were 15 prizes) while my other pinklet, Yao-han & his friend was tops. This is Yao-han’s 3rd consecutive 1st placing (the first with Claire & me after the Queensbay Hunt with me & Claire and the second in Novices Hunt with the Riddle Raiders). Quite an achievement for one with a 4-roadhunt experience, I think.

    Will be back as soon as my streamyx is fixed.


  166. Ckoh,

    I still do not who is Ce5nt and 2R1I.

  167. Edwin, you haven’t been paying attention to what I wrote in the past, have you? Don’t you remember I told you that they are almost always on the podium at the end of the hunt? Go to Michael Pang’s blog; go through all the past hunts and see the results. Then narrow down from there. Then compare that with the result of yesterday’s hunt. You should then know the identity of these two grand masters!

  168. Yo pink, I’ve submitted mine too and you rejected my Q1 answer for a spelling inconsistency, remember? (Hmm, a sign of Hunt-kinson’s?)

    Wow, your pinklet finishing tops in the Gurney hunt? Respect-lah! He’s like L-Hamilton of our sport – 4 hunts and 4 podiums! Definitely need him to be on my team!!

  169. Hey Edwin, next hunt we wear nametags, ok?

  170. pink. I havent submitted any answers to you yet. i think u got me wrong for someone else.
    I tried the other day for a short while and havent had the time to look at it again. Been really bogged down.

  171. Ad, sorry, I didn’t see your post earlier. Ahh… I see what you’re saying now. I understand you now.

    We won the KL-CH hunt. Some anxious moments debating with the masters. Interesting learning experience though. When I hunt with my own team, I am always burdened with the cracking of the clues. But I’m glad that that burden was evenly distributed amongst us in this particular hunt. Apart from the time pressure, actually I was quite relaxed during the hunt.

    You should’ve seen the final moments before the submission of the answers. Most of the hunters had natural talent in formula one driving! If only their vehicles had wings, I’m sure they would have had enough speed to take off and fly to the finish station!

  172. Hey 2R1I, I was in the shower when I suddenly thought of an old joke of mine. And that joke suddenly gave me an interesting idea connected to the “2140”.

    If the clue is what I think it is, then I must say it’s quite amazing that the CoC could conjure up something like that! But if it’s indeed what I think it is, then perhaps it would have been perfect if a ‘?’ is somewhere there?

  173. ckoh, kindly share your steps leading to the solution.

  174. 2R1I,

    The joke was something about inducing my friend to ask a question, and then I will answer his question.

    First, I would ask my friend something like this:

    ME: How do you write the abbreviation of MINUTES?

    FRIEND: M-I-N-S?

    ME: Yes you are!! (laugh)

    The (minutes) abbreviation sounds like a question: Am I an ass? It suddenly occured to me that we more or less have something similar here. But I don’t know if that was the idea behind this Q.

  175. Ckoh. I know they are on the podium. The thing is I do not who is who. Well it is definitely not the lady. So there are 3 other guys. Who is who?

  176. Edwin, try to break the clue ce5nt and 2 Romans & 1 Impostors. You will know who is who.

  177. Yes, Edwin, that’s the means to determine the identity of the grandmasters. These are freak hunters we are talking about here. Even their handles here means something. Those handles are themselves clues to their real names. Crack those clues, and you will know their names!

  178. Yo Edwin, why’re you ruling us out as being “the lady”? We’re keenly interested to know. “The lady” has been well described in this forum to have an “eye for detail”. Don’t we fit that description? (especially ce5nt with his detail account of events, infinite ideas, tips & pointers etc). Hmm!

    ckoh, beeeeep! I think you need another shower – let us know when another idea pops up. Think about your favourite subject of mathematics and you may just solve it (hee hee).

  179. Ah, so that’s not the right avenue after all, 2R1I. Well, that settles my problem with the requirement of a question mark. Hmm… well I’ll have to start over again… and yes, perhaps another shower!… hehehe

  180. ckoh, you should try getting those F1 plugs!

    Hmmm, maybe not … since you’re lying so close to the engine, I am pretty sure nothing will work!

    Perhaps finding a comfortable spot in the bathtub will be your best solution.

  181. sorry folks … posted the above in the wrong thread …. copied it over ….

  182. 2R1I. I’m ruling out you guys as the lady because ce5nt mentioned in one of his posts that he teamed up with a couple. That’s when he met you.

    Ckoh also mentioned in his post that he ought to discuss with Margaret and Chai. Instinct is telling me that they are the couple.

    ce5nt is Vincent. VK is 2R1I. (And one of you is the driver who has a sharp eye – mentioned also in one of the posts) That’s my deduction. Now the only thing left now is connecting names with faces.

  183. Finally, Edwin, you are almost home! Indeed there are ‘clues’ given in the posts. In fact, perhaps too many given; so much so that you’re getting mixed up, my friend!

    Your deduction in paragraph 2 is not harmonious with that of your paragraph 3 above. If you are as detailed as Margaret, you’ll know where’s the flaw in your deductions.

  184. Very good Watson (er Edwin), very good!

    You know what will be interesting for the rest of the week, why don’t I flag you all off on a mini blogger’s hunt here – to figure out the handles for the rest of our team mates. They are in cyrptics too. Their names have appeared in the Riddle Raiders Blog – that will be my only clue!

    Feel free to post your answers!

  185. 2R1I. One thing i do not get is how does 1 Impostor fits into your name.

    ckoh. Where did I go wrong now? Hehe.

  186. btw, I totally dun understand pink’s encore question. Guess that my brain is tired.

  187. Edwin,

    Your analysis about the driver is wrong. If you are really thorough, you will realise that too.

    Regarding the questions, Edwin, in my opinion each question has a form and shape. If you are sharp enough, you can almost tell who set the question. And if you are detailed enough, you can also tell something about the solvers as well. For example, I can guess that you don’t do cryptic crosswords.

    I think many of the bloggers here can more or less solve my questions because they’ve seen quite a number of them already. In a way, they know my style! So perhaps I won’t be able to cari makan on this blog. My questions will be easy to crack!… hehehe. Nah… just kidding… I am a tricky little devil with lots of creativity/imagination!

    Likewise, you can tell that pink is a cryptic crossword player because the questions almost always appear in a cryptic approach. Each setter has a style of his or her own. You will realise, for example, that claire is quite creative and imaginative with her questions, but her questions are ALWAYS — one way or another — about anagrams!

    That’s what makes this blog an ideal learning place because we get to see so many styles in the questions. Moreover, we also share other questions from hunts set by others as well.

  188. Oh dear ckoh…you’ve just spelt out my fondness towards anagrams!

  189. Hehe… my dear claire, I’m sure so many other bloggers here have seen the anagram in each and every one of your questions. I’m just being kind enough to point it out to Edwin, since he presumably missed lots of the past excitement!

  190. Oh darn…am I so easy to read? Hahaha…

  191. Ckoh. I based my deduction on memory alone. Guessed I got one of the details remembered wrongly. Did not browse the previous entries before i conclude. Anyway, thanks for the correction.

    btw, aren’t most of the questions here anagrams?

    Yes. you are right. I do not do cryptic crosswords.

  192. Edwin,

    If you are referring to RR riddles, then yes, they’re all anagrams. But when I said ‘questions’ I meant ALL the questions here.

    If you go to the Bloggers Hunt, for example, there’re not all anagrams. Look at the one about ’11-2B’, that’s a sounds like type. The METRO is about initials; and so was the JASON. LOWANZ was about look back. My own questions scatterred all over the threads are a good mix of all sorts of nonsense! They are not all anagrams!

  193. Oops!… my mistake, sorry. That ’11-2B’ was also about anagram!

  194. 2R1I, allow me to answer Edwin’s question…

    Edwin, his initials are CVK. Those can all be referring to numbers, you see. C = 100; V = 5; K = 1000. However, only the C and V are roman numerals. The K, although can refer to a number, is not a ROMAN numeral — it is the ‘impostor’ in this case. Therefore you have 2 Romans and 1 impostor. You see now how crazy these people are?

    So, Edwin, if you ever become a CoC, you must make it a point to give very, very straightforward questions. Then all these crazy twisted-minded freaks will fail!… hehehehe.

  195. My streamyx is down for some mysterious reason. Am now in a coffee house using its wifi with my daughter and our laptops. Will be in KL for the PAVA Hunt and will only be able to publish the solutions to my encore Qs when I get back to Penang on Monday.
    So do try my Q’s until then. Thanks!


  196. Sorry, Ad, mixed you up with @R&1I. Do give the Q’s a go, ok?


  197. Then one of 2R1I team mates is 2 Impostors.

    I believe I saw the name margaret as well.

  198. Edwin, you are learning very fast, my friend. We are all learning a lot here, aren’t we?

    But there is still a small detail that you’ve missed. 2R1I’s teammate’s handle is ‘2 Imposters’, not ‘2 Impostors’. These are two different, but equally acceptable spellings for IMPOSTOR/IMPOSTER. In a real hunt, a wrong spelling can cost the game! I’m sure Margaret will tell you that it is important to be very detailed.

  199. Sorry pink…been drowning in work. Have to conduct a workshop this weekend, Sat and Sun. Yeah…WEEKEND! At least they give me back 1 day of annual leave…so I can go for more hunts! Hehehe…

    I’ll give your riddles a try and hope to submit my answers before 9pm today. 🙂

  200. I believe margaret has another name, if I am not mistaken. ce5nt mentioned one of his other team members other than 2R1I, features regularly in the riddlist column ranking.

  201. Oh yeah… I wanted to share with you all my (mis)adventures while trying to gather the GLARING hints from 2R&1I’s postings. Remember those postings with GLARING hints on “time”, to help us in solving the “Back issue with them and our sport’s…” riddle?

    Well, this was what I found as GLARING hints (hehehe):


    Posted: July 15th, 2007 at 5:43 pm
    You are welcome to try this Q from yours truly. It was crafted for the Bloggers Hunt, but was pulled out at the eleventh hour. A warm up for the “postponed” thSun hunt perhaps?


    Now let’s see…looks like a very normal posting….Wait a minute! Ah ha! The letter ‘e’ is missing from “thSun”… spelling mistake? Hmm…2R&1I did say his clues were GLARING. Now THIS is glaring. Let’s see…ah… “perhaps” could be an anagram indicator. Anagram “thSun”…VOILA! We get => HUNTS. So our sport must be treasure hunts!

    So now you see folks…the “spelling mistake” also guided us to think of treasure hunts. And as 2R&1I pointed out the element of “time” in his postings… it came to my mind that he is indeed one ingeniously brilliant guy!

    Did anyone notice that? Or was it just my over-active imagination?

  202. claire dear, I noticed that ‘thSun’ long before 2R1I even brought it up as a ‘subtle hint’. Whenever I see a typo, I always stop to consider why. It may be a genuine typo. Even I do it every now and then. But sometimes, it has a meaning to it. Either way, I always pause to think when I see something out of the ordinary. Some people call it paranoia; I call it being careful/detailed.

    But that’s what I was trying to tell Edwin. The hints given by these masters are hardly helpful! The ‘time’ hint was also not helpful…. at least not to me. Apparently it did you good, but did you get very far with it?

  203. ckoh dear…I only got until fourth dimension but didn’t manage to connect it with “time”!

  204. ckoh: pls direct the statement, “hardly useful tips given by masters” to 2R1I only since he is the only one who gives “tips” for his quetions. Others, simply comes out with questions that are solvable without tips. hehehe.

  205. Yes, Ad, that’s another way to look at it.

    So listen up Edwin — not that I’m trying to teach you about treasure hunt (since you’re obviously more experienced than me!) — but if the questions require ‘tips’ to be solved, then those questions are really killer riddles!

    And I forgot to tell you, Edwin, talking about being detailed and meticulous, you must observe, read word for word, letter for letter! Everything counts! Just to give you an idea how to do it right, go to Michael Pang’s blog. Then scroll down to the portion entitled “One mad rush”. Under that heading look at the second picture. Do you see the beautiful lady, and the handsome guy? Well, that’s how you should concentrate. You can almost feel the amount of information they’re obsorbing!

  206. Ckoh. I’ve found out.

    pink. btw, sorry for not submitting any answers. Spent half of my free time this week reading harry potter. Anyway, to tell the truth, I could not see ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’. Too good for me.

  207. Edwin, please proceed to solve as you wish. We will postponed the closing time for pink’s riddle just for you.

    Haha, just kidding. The fact is pink’s have connection problem, haven’t send us the solution yet, so I afraid we will postponed the answer to next Monday. I will met her in the hunt this weekend.

  208. ckoh, claire,

    The hints/tips drove me further from the answer (not that I was anywhere near.

    BEFORE the hints :
    My ‘tembak’ was ‘Nail Art’ though I thought it would be wrong because it answered ‘Back issue with THEIR and our sport’s initials inside’.
    THEIR initials : NA
    Our Sport’s initials : OS
    inside => NosA
    which is back issue(a son)

    Preferred TH instead of OS, but then I would need
    ‘REGUAD coupon’ instead of ‘RELOAD coupon’ !

    AFTER the hints :
    a) ‘postponed thSun hunt => Is this THE back issue as in thSun hunt is an issue yet to be resolved ?
    b) missing ‘e’ in thSun => Is this the back issuE ?
    c)thSun hunt => hunthunts ? Twins ?
    d) ‘I will send you the answerS for my question ….’
    => 2 signs !!? GIVE UP !

  209. Hahaha…interesting read renroc.

    But after all the hints and everything else, I think that the idea of 4th dimension = time = emit reading from right to left is a good one, especially including TH to get 4th dimension. It is uniquely different and I salute to that!

    Only problem is there were too many “things” to solve, like getting “our sport’s initials” right, then guessing what is “back issue”, etc that made it an even more difficult question to crack.

    But very interesting indeed…

  210. What’s the explanation for ‘IN PANIC = TO BE HANDLED IN CALMNESS’?

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