July 2007 Riddling Riddles – Riddle 7

July 13, 2007

The theme is still food court. For any Q&A correspondence and question answering, pls email to riddleQA@gmail.com

7. Normal Riddle – The French man takes notes agitatedly, missing out 2 points. (8 letters)


Answer: Lemon Tea

The French = le
agitatedly = anagram indicator
missing out = deletion indicator
2 points = N (north) & S (south)

= le + man + notes – ns
= lemanote
= lemon tea (agitadely, anagram indicator)



  1. Just out of curiosity, ckloh, is this riddle also one of claire’s?

  2. hi ppl, left a Q at BH07 encore. have fun!!

  3. ckoh, this is not from claire.

  4. OK, ckloh, I thought so. Somehow there was a sudden change in the ‘style’ of the question. Either claire suddenly changed her style, or it’s by other setter. Hmmm… interesting development here. It seems that RR has quite a number of contributors after all, huh?

  5. Yeah, around 4 to 5 of us are contributing.

  6. Hello people. Haven’t been posting very much lately as this week had been a crazy one, both at work and outside of work. Probably a week of having too much on my plate.

    Today I’d like to share my experience from the other side of the fence, the side of a course setter (or COC to many) and would welcome comments.

    This weekend, I had the opportunity to clerk a course for a group of total newbies from all walks of life (not RR newbies, but is-TH-related-to-buried treasure newbies)! Maybe a handful had hunted before, but back in the times when it was the norm in treasure hunt to count the number of lamp posts in a given sector or the number of cows grazing in the field (those days rather than worrying about dropped signboards, COCs had to worry about cows passing on, ha ha).

    I was given strict instructions to make the hunt’s level of difficulty below average. I thoroughly enjoy setting deceptive questions – lacing innocent-looking little sentences with plenty of deception. Those who took part in the Bloggers Hunt can probably attest to that! So, this hunt somewhat curbed my flair as I had to put a lot of my ideas under lock and throw away the key!

    Scores on the day were above average. All 4 treasures were solved by all teams barring one who also did a fine job solving 3. During the Q&A people were boisterous, cheering and laughing, especially about the fallacies of others (hillarious answers). There was a genuine twinkle (in some of the participant’s eyes) of proudness when informed that some had solved the tougher questions of the hunt. You could tell they had put in their best effort in this hunt, and more importantly had thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

    The participants responses had opened up my eyes to something new. I found that at the end of the hunt, I felt all warm inside. I realised that I derived more satisfaction when people can solve my clues. The unsolved questions had been a week of wasted effort as no one had come close to solving them, and probably will never remember them.

    On that note, I would like to end my posting by putting this challenge to the RR team that crafts the weekly riddles. I see some very creative ideas. Sadly however, they were designed without considering the perspective of the solver. Try supplementing your ideas with extra clues (can be in the form of definition to the result, or a less difficult cryptic clue – in the tune of 11-2B). And like me, you will derive some satisfaction that some people had cracked your riddles. The impossible questions usually end up being just that – impossible and distant memories!

    Enjoy the rest of what is left of the weekend!

  7. Following up on some of the many postings that I had missed out this week, I have these comments to make:

    I missed the window to submit an entry but must admit that I had not even come close to Mixed Rice. Like renroc I was tinkering on Ice Kacang because kacang = simple. I think renroc’s explanation to justify Ice Kacang was almost perfect with the only flaw that “the somebody” or “Datin” was quite out of place within iNDIcATe (with nay a keyword to suggest such).

    Read my further comments on this type of question in the last paragraph of my previous posting – same day at 9:47 am.

    Welcome to sharklynx and wengsiu. Noticed some new members joining the blog.

    Anyone heard from ce5nt lately?

    I think what this blog needs (Joshua, an action item for you perhaps) is a central thread where people can be encouraged to post their cryptic questions and us readers can give our comments. Currently the questions are all over – in threads carrying other titles.

    And when posting questions, in order to help the readers, at a minimum the following information must be included:

    a theme (can be food court, a proper word from the Dictionary etc)
    a reply-to-address (to post our answers without revealing them)
    a cut off date (when answers will be revealed so that those who are interested but can’t follow the blog every day can check back on the stipulated date)
    number of letters and/or words (we are working blindly here so this should be a minimum requirement)

    (addressed to pink) ckoh being ckoh is very much a perfectionist. If I read him between his lines accurately enough, he has absolutely no ill intentions despite his “extra” comments. Not only is he attempting to perfect his own crafts, he has the honest intention to also help the RR team perfect their crafts as well. You can say the “extras” were just his way of stressing his points.

    (addressed to ckoh)
    Following your comments closely, I validate that some of your comments (not the extras) do carry some weight and would benefit and enhance the learning of the RR team and the ones dreaming about being COCs one day. So perhaps rather than limiting your comments on pink’s attempts (and vice versa), perhaps you can be more creative in your “extras”.

    RIDDLE 7
    My opinion is that this riddle was very well crafted. Sentence flow was good. Words were very well choosen and not out of place. However, “THE” in French has been overused in our industry and in my opinion could be replaced with something more subtle. Good luck for those still trying. Cheers.

  8. 2R1I, it’s good to have you back, my friend!

    I guess I’ve never been very good with how I express myself. I can see the way you presented you comments above are much subtler and milder. Perhaps this is one area in which I still have a lot of room for improvements. However, I am glad that you understand me. I suppose I will just have to try harder to hone my skills on the “extra” parts of my comments! I will try to be more creative!

    RIDDLE 7:
    Yes, 2R1I, I too think there’s a big change in style in Riddle 7. I could almost tell that it came from a different setter. Either that, or claire had improved in her style! Whoever set Riddle 7, let me tell him/her that this was a good job.

    MASTER ce5nt:
    He’s been AWOL for quite some time now. The last time he posted a comment, he said he’s gonna work on my Qs. I was excited because I foresaw plenty of comments would come after the revelation of the answers. But unfortunately, I think that was the last we’ve heard of him. Master ce5nt, I think a lot of us are missing you! Please come visit us here again soon!

  9. Hi 2R&1I! Good to see you again. Thanks for your good intentions but let me assure you that I don’t think ckoh has ‘ill intentions’. I was only wishing that he wouldn’t use disparaging words on us newbies, or anyone else for that matter, in order that this remains a fun, pleasant blog. You will notice that that I responded in kind to his comments on scrabble words and Malay words.

    On another subject, I think sharklynx’s good amateur effort was meant fellow newbies to solve and for masters to help hone her ‘style’ rather than for someone to just give the answer right at the start. Sharklynx, correct me if I’m wrong. I loved the way ce5nt and 2r&1p give subtle hints without actually revealing the answers so as not to spoil the fun for others. Hope this will practised for Q7 too as it is ‘normal’ riddle which is ‘sap sap soi’ for masters.


  10. Sorry, 2R&1I, mispelt your name :)). I do agree with the French being overused but one must remember that it could be ‘le’ ‘la’ or ‘les’. Hope ce5nt, Dr Clue and renroc come back soon – miss them too.

  11. BEE LIFE!
    This has the busiest time of my life! Budget meetings. Resource planning. At local and regional levels. Teleconferences with USA! And I have relatives visiting from UK and China all in the same month. Own daughter in Japan is visiting next week! But I do owe this wonderful blog a presence!

    The Bermuda Triangle effect again. So this time,
    I am going to copy it to a notepad first and then
    only submit – if it fails, I can copy+paste it back and send again!

    Yes, I must say that R6 made holes in me!
    It however was an ideal target – clever claire spotted a gem. I would love to have used it for a q too. BUT R6 lacked just that little touch that would have perfected it! Nevertheless, Excellent Choice, claire!

    If R6 was a routine q. One would hear this very common lamentation in the cars! ckoh mentioned a view and I ditto it. When something leads to nowhere – it loses appeal. The journey, as ckoh correctly put it, must be such that it will lead the solver through “logical” paths – there can be many – that is what deception is about – but they must all be logical journeys : DECRIE? Hardly qualified as a logical path. In fact it was a dead-end! It was just this tiny bit that spoiled a wonderful idea! Come out with another one claire – you have an eye for interesting targets!

    Good to see a few more fresh “faces”. Do write regularly – give us your opinions, comments, acknowledgments – a just a shout!. Spice up this blog – it deserves more colour!

    Sorry, my friend for not putting in my answers as promised. I did try them but just missed sending them to you. I got the 1st 2 – but was stumped by the last one. I like your crispy style! Brief but loaded! Enjoyed them! ENCORE indeed!

    It seems to me you enjoy cards! A very interesting side of you, I must say! No wonder it was so hard for most of us to read you! I hardly enjoy such games. Not my kind. So that will be at my peril (had this been a real hunt question!) Good one! Love it!

    I love everyone in this blog for who they are and as they are. I wouldn’t want anyone changing themselves to be someone else. So we are all different but that is what makes each one of us interesting in our own ways. Pink and Ckoh : you are both fantastic individuals – each one having qualities I wish I have myself. I can see that claire loves you guys too!

    Communication however is an art – some opinions are best expressed in person – the “keyboards” always fail to convey the inner feelings correctly (no auto-emotion checker built-in!).

    I would recommend keeping “personal views of personal views” for later when we meet or not at all. What we “see” is often not what is “spoken” and definitely can “feel” different.

    PO LES!
    We want people with different views to continue to contradict each other – they are all very intelligent – brilliant in some instances too! Just keep the colourful ones for other occasions! For me, it is okay to be poles apart as long as the gap is filled with acceptance and understanding!

    I also believe that whenever we feel stirred by something we read – we must not be tempted to respond spontaneously! Emotions are instinctive protective mechanisms – they have a purpose – we need them to save ourselves – but they need to be harnessed in many situations.

    I would apply the count-to-ten rule – I will type/spill it all out – but count to ten after that and then erase all of them! Yes, ALL! Then I will type again – and I usually come out with something that has most (if not all)of the not-so-nice stripped off or turned to, hopefully, harmless humour!

    Discussions about setting questions should not end up with more riddles to be solved … besides stealing the thunder from the Riddler Riddles – they can lead to puzzle fatique. If anyone want to solve puzzles regularly – the Star provides the right medicine!

    I would encourage all aspiring or “eager beavers” to pass their Qs to the administrator and let them put them up for you as part of the weekly riddles rather than creating new “side-lines”. I also think it is okay to have 3 qs per week – ckoh has proven that it can work!

    I would also go with the idea that questions can be randomly posed but the answers should also be given. Then the discussions will be around : were they fair, clever, could be further improved? What other interesting ways could it be rephrased? Then I think more will give their comments, the blog would be more educational and discussions will be livelier!

    The wait for the answers to be given days later – can lead to bottled-up emotions released during the debate that follows. I may not be right – but I am sure I am not completely wrong.

    I suggested earlier that a tip/hint be given on Mondays for the riddle of the week to revitalise interest mid-week. And deduct a point for all answers received after the tip is given to make it more challenging.

    Just wanted to add that the tip/hint must either narrow the clue to the item or eliminate certain “paths”. Otherwise, they are not helpful tips/hints.

    These 2 months will be extremely busy for me. I will be around – just not as often! Hope more will write and regularly!

  12. ce5nt,

    sorry i only read about your write up after posting now 2Q in “encore”. I shall refrain myself from furhter putting up Q here as you are right that any limelight in this blog should be given to RR. Therefore, any future Q(s) will be passed to ckloh(rep of RR) and let him/them decide if they want to post it. My sincere apologies to RR.

  13. AD: TQ! RR RUN SHOW!
    No worries, AD. With multi-threads – it is a typical “accident” that can happen to anyone and often too!
    Still, it is only our opinion. RR decides, of course.

    Keep the RR riddle as the main course : with points and rankings. Let all others (RR chooses how many, can vary each week) be the accompanying starters and desserts (no scores, no rankings).

  14. ce5nt,

    Welcome back, my friend. Now we REALLY know why we’ve been missing you. You not only have a refreshing style of writing, but also filled with valuable wisdom!

    Interesting that this particular element of my question ‘style’ has been noticed. But alas, although I know the rules of playing poker, I don’t play it. And I don’t enjoy blackjack too. Games of chances are not my cup of tea. I don’t like the idea of being at the mercy of luck. That hardly works for me! I occasionally play mahjong to kill the time. But mahjong required a lot of thinking and it’s not totally luck.

    Those who’ve hunted in my past hunts would have noticed that in every hunt, I almost always throw in at least one or two Qs on something related to playing cards; and mathematics/calculations. I once gave the following:

    Q) (0,0) and (0,0,0) found here.
    A) Origins Pharmacy.

    Only one team knew that those coordinates were referring to the origins of a 2D and 3D graphs respectively. The funny thing was that the hunters that day comprised engineers, a doctor and some other technical professionals. Another one:

    Q) In a way, cube of ten found here.
    A) Amway.

    A strange-looking Q where the ‘here’ at the end of the sentence was meant to refer to the ‘In’ at the beginning of the sentence.

  15. ckoh:
    Your q’s are so entertaining! Love them all! It is even easier to appreciate them with the answers! If you do hunt questions in KL – you will have a great following! Seriously, consider a spell of outing here someday! Someone ought to invite you to a joint project here!

  16. Yeah, I take my hat off to ckoh’s questions. Very refreshing with a twist of lemon!

  17. pink:
    I have always been intrigued by the French language.
    It is very beautiful to listen to but I am just useless learning other languages. But that does not stop me from being fascinated by them.

    I am thinking that it may be interesting and entertaining if you have a column of your own here in this blog that “Translates Treasure Questions Into French” – a few a week?

    And then you share with us some of the fascinating aspects of the language? The “you did not know, because you did not ask” kind! You never know, you may just start a rush for the French Courses!

    gerald : maybe you can try sharing some of the interesting Mandarin questions you do so well with?
    I remember that they were all very interesting too when you explained them to us. I am sure RR will not mind giving you a thread of your own!

  18. RR don’t mind giving threads to other posters. In fact, this is the very main reason, why we want to shift house. On this website, it is not so possible, as if we give admin ID to the person to edit the thread, the same admin ID will have to access of most of the RR protected blog for member discussion.

    Once, we have find a suitable website, more people will have their own thread. Maybe, ce5nt on the awards, ckoh for all his thoughts, gerald for Mandarin questions and so forth. Just a suggestion.

    And most of 2R1I concern to have a more systematic structure will also be taken care by the forum included in the package. At the mean time, Joshua still exploring it, so give us time. Please keep on posting, whilst we are looking for a solution.

  19. Thanks ce5nt and claire.

    In setting TH Qs, I try very hard to keep them simple. I would normally avoid specific knowledge, especially those that require googling. I also try to limit the scope of possibilities for reasons elaborated in the Riddle 6 thread. Essentially, I try to ensure fairness and reasonable solvable chances in all my Qs.

    However, I would somehow twist those Qs to include some tricks and deceptions. In fact, I consider this particular task as the main challenge for the CoC. I derive very little satisfaction if I defeated the hunters because they didn’t know the name of some rare species of insect that is no long in existence!

    In spite of your kind words, ce5nt, I doubt that KL hunters would enjoy my hunts that much. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve noticed that the Qs in the west are very sophiscated. And they’re well over my schoolboy standard! It seems that KL hunts are mostly geared towards sophistication. I need to learn much more before I can even consider doing a hunt there.

    But who knows, one of these days if I can survive the TH lessons here, I might just want to take up that challenge!

  20. ckoh:
    You are being very humble! Everyone can enjoy entertaining questions – simple or otherwise. Your questions only appear simple. They are tricky and nice! Almost all of them are eye openers – opens up new discoveries, new angles and sometimes brings us back in time – deja vues!

    Try re-writing all 30 Qs from the Blogger’s Hunt in your original style! Just be yourself! Since we already know the answers – if they are in sequence – publish them in a totally different order and see if anyone of us can figure which question was re-written for which one! (We all have the list of answers – so it is as good as 30 Qs in ONE SECTOR!)

    You choose to publish them openly or privately! If privately, send to ckoh and he can send to 2R1I and me. I am certain it will be very interesting!


  21. ce5nt,

    You haven’t been paying attention, have you!? For one thing, just this morning, I was telling claire that I’m more interested in SOLVING, rather than SETTING the questions! I’m still learning, in case you have forgotten… hehehehe.

    And the way you put forth that suggestion, it’s as if I am a professional CoC! Well, I’m not. I’m only doing it as a hobby.

    And also 2R1I has found a hole in my Q3 after all! Arghhh… how embarrassing… hehehehe… all the compliments, and then suddenly BOOM!… the TOMATOES!!! Oh learning is so much fun!

    I’ll think about it, ce5nt, but I can’t promise! If it happens, it won’t be this week. Am going for that KL – Cameron Highlands adventure this weekends!

  22. ckoh, don’t worry about it. We all learn as we go along. Good luck in the coming ISP hunt. We were supposed to go last year, but they cancelled it eventually.

  23. SHHHH!!! Don’t you dare, 2R1I!!! Only a few more days to go now. If they cancelled the hunt this time, I’m gonna kill you…. hehehehe.

  24. Oh by the way, is the STFOGA really happenning this Saturday? I guess that means this blog is really gonna be very quiet then, huh?

  25. Blog will be rather quiet this weekend because STFOGA is on (I think!) and some of us are going to ‘makan-makan’ while hunting in Penang!

  26. ckoh, in the event it does not happen (ISP), I am sure STFOGA will welcome you & your team with open arms. You are welcomed to join us for the “torture” (hee hee). None of the distinguished COCs seems to be involved, so we are all going for a joyride this weekend!

  27. Hey! you have a point there, 2R1I! Yeah, that’s a nice thought. If indeed the Cameron Highlands hunt is cancelled, I have the STFOGA to fall back on. Oops! not too loud now. We don’t want to tempt the treasure hunt gods now, do we?

  28. BTW, 2R1I, I’m wondering, is there any place I can get hold of cryptic crosswords in KL? To the best of my knowledge, there’s none here in KK. If it’s available in KL, I’d like to buy some. That should be good for training.

  29. You can go to Borders, either in Time Square or The Curve.

  30. OK, thx for the info, ckloh. I’ll try those places.

  31. Try also Kinokuniya in KLCC. The Australian ones are pretty good.

  32. Good. It seems that there are many choices there in KL. Thanks again guys!

    ckoh(& anyone else interested): you can preview the titles at wwww.mphonline.com.my

    I wonder if we can ever adopt a book or some books as “official authority” for cryptic questions used in Treasure Hunt?

  34. ce5nt, if anyone is ever short of ideas, you are certainly not him!

    If ever we’re gonna have any authority at all in treasure hunts, I doubt that it will come anytime soon. There are so many CoCs out there, each with his or her own style.

    For example, as a CoC I’m not so sure I am in favour of the idea of taking reflections of sign boards in the mirror as the targets for my clues. I’m also not very favourable to the idea of something intangible, e.g. to whistle a tune or a ‘high five’, as treasures.

    There are also other finer aspects to be dealt with. For example, you can see 2R1I’s objection to my Q3 relating to the ‘king beater’. Questions such as whether a universal king beater in the ACE is sufficient as an answer; or should that be shaken by a less common two as a king beater? Can questions be set meant for a single word from a more-than-one-word sign boards? These are some of the many questions which I think would be difficult to deal with in a game of riddles and puzzles!

    Scrabble, on the other hand is somewhat much easier to handle. We can all agree to a specific dictionary as the authority. Many years ago, I used to earn my side income from playing scrabble. We actually played for 50 sen per point! We agreed to the Official Scrabble Players’ Dictionary as the authority. So all of us started learning new words religiously from the OSPD. Strange words including many abbreviations were included, e.g. TSK, TSKTSK, TRANQ, QAID, BIOTA, ISATINE, even ATAP etc. But soon the task became too daunting. Then more authorities came and the task became almost impossible!

    Well, that is the range of possibilities that we treasure hunters would be facing, and I can’t imagine how, if any, we will ever get to anywhere near a single authority for treasure hunts!

  35. Ummm… ce5nt, are you sure about that website address you gave up there? I tried it out but failed.

  36. hi

  37. Sorry Guys Just testing. cos some posts doesn’t seem to pop up.

  38. SEARCH : CROSSWORDS : 2nd Try!
    ckoh: http://www.mph.com.my/welcome/welcome.cfm
    try this one. I actually cut & paste what I typed to you and then it “switched” to this one. So this one should work for you. Happy browsing!

    Yes, it does seems impossible. But really, is it? I believe if we nibble at the elephant – eventually we will reach a point when it will exponentially develop into something significant and acceptable.

    Agree on whatever we can first. Start somewhere. It may take 10 years – but we will be thanked (and remembered) for starting it!

    Today, we see obstacles – tomorrow – they will appear like passing fog! I believe this generation of Treasure Hunters have the mind-set to think “standards”. Not everything can be standardised today – but there will be enough to begin with.

    Are using standardised or within official guidelines :
    tulips, tulip symbologies, tie-breakers, question paper format, score sheets, scores, definition of treasures, “pace”, briefing requirements (handouts, etc), tulip reading clinics, do’s and don’ts, event safety considerations guides, organisation standards, … work on these – tackle question setting last!

    I am sure there are more areas where standardisation or official guidelines can be introduced.

    And someday, it will be recognised as a criteria for sponsors/ organisers to select COCs. Needs a new generation of setters to get it going.

    so hire us! (If anybody is a qualified/ certified/ accredited event manager – will be able to give us input in how to approach this.

  40. Oh! This time it worked. Thanks ce5nt!

    Well, I have to agree that we have to start somewhere. The question is, who’s gonna start? It would be good if we actually have something as a guide.

    Coming to your suggestion on setting Qs on the existing answers of the recent Bloggers Hunt, I think it’s quite a huge undertaking. But perhaps it would be quite interesting to conjure up SOME questions only, and taking all those 20 answers as possible answers. Which means a very short question sector! Say 5 questions out of possible 20. Now that would be a challenge, wouldn’t it?

    I’ll try to work along those lines, and see if I can submit next week. Then give a whole week for bloggers to attempt. What d’you think?

  41. ckoh: good idea too! take your time … I am confident many will enjoy your production!

    That’s how it can begin … start discussing what will be the “standards” or “guidelines” and implement them in your next hunt … and stick to it as much as possible – agreeing to modify “standards” only after joint consultations.

    It will take a while to shape things – but if we all agree to work together and towards that common goal – it will be done! This blog can be the official “custodian” of the standards – just by documenting them right here (new thread?)!

  43. Wow! Very ambitious, ce5nt.

    I was criticised for this:

    Q) A name I call myself, and a long long way to run.
    A) MIFA Electronic & Refrigerator Service Centre.

    Why was I criticised? Well, the critic said this Q has nothing to do with all those anagrams, containers, initials, deletion etc given during the briefing. Perhaps I might as well tell them all the answers during the briefing. Maybe that will make them happy!

  44. ckoh: there is such a thing as qualified critique and a pain-in-the-you-know-where! Ignore the latter. Your MIFA tops my BillBoard Chart.

  45. And I think josh is beginning to get worried, ce5nt. Too many ideas that will probably take ages for implementation!… hehehehe.

    Well, I’ll leave you alone while you contemplate even more fantastic ideas, ce5nt. I’m retiring early tonight! Catching up on lost sleep! Thank goodness I’m not in KL where people hardly ever sleep!

  46. ckoh, were you there?

  47. everybody, ckoh is right. too many ideas now. we might need your help later on to remind us on the pending list.

  48. ce5nt,

    Ok, ok, I shoulda kept my mouth shut about le, la, les for French ‘the’. Tho I do still remember that ‘question’ {pronounced ‘kestio(n)’ is feminine (hence la)}, it was definitely not my intention to flaunt my (lack of)knowledge of the language. I offered French, English and Malay Literatures for my HSC (A levels) all of 40 years ago coz I wasn’t good at anything else. Now even my clumsy Mandarin, Thai and Tamil is way better than my French.

    C’est vrai it would be entertaining if I could do Q’s en francais, coz I would be sued for murdering the language!

    On my very first (UMNO) hunt, one of the Q’s was “Sahabat karib berniaga di sini?” Answer: Hao Phen Yu Bookstore. ALL the 100+ teams (I was the only Chinese in the hunt)got it right.

    I really enjoy your lovely command of the English Language – the wit, tongue-in-cheek humour and all. Reminds me of my late father whose command of the language was described as ‘exquisite’ by his British bosses.

    I think standardisation of hunting criteria is a great idea tho to make things ‘official’, there has to be agreement as to who is the authority.


    It is already interesting as it is! Whenever you are ready – consider “flavouring” this blog with more of your French Flair! Or even Muay, Pu Tong Hua or “Tammel” – I honestly and sincerely enjoy and welcome the potpourri and the mini episodes!

    By now you should realise that I am very trigger-happy with ideas! They just pop out of the head and hop onto the keyboards! Not expecting any of them to be realised or pursued – but I can go on and on with whatever’s stirring up in my cracked-pot!

    ckloh/josh: No need to take any of them seriously – at the very least – they are just conversation pieces for this blog! (Or baits to get others out!)

    The authority is US – the citizens of this RR BLOG!

  50. 2R1I,

    I’m afraid I didn’t even know about the recent NBT Hunt in Brunei. Sounds like an interesting hunt. 200 teams, I can’t imagine the traffic jam that will cause! I have a feeling that it must be something like our DBKK — overwhelmed by the amazing race format.

    I’ve been following up with some friends in Brunei, hoping to give it a try, but was told that they’re probably not doing any hunt this year. Well, maybe next year I’ll try to tumpang somebody.

    edwin: welcomed to keep testing. We could do with a few surprises now and then! Do pop up more often! Just add a few more words than the last pop!

  52. ce5nt: Tried my best to think of the answer for any riddles. However, the solving methods are so elaborated.

  53. Edwin,

    That’s the fun of it! If the Qs are easy, the challenge is not there. It will take a bit of time, but I’m sure after a while the mind will adjust itself to come up to the level required to solve the Qs here!

    You have to bear in mind that we have much more time to work on the Qs here when compared to an actual hunt, thus presenting a unique opportunity to learn! The many setters here also give us many styles and ideas which can be very useful in an actual hunt.

  54. edwin:

    Give us one example of what boggled you. What angle were you at? I am sure the rest will eagerly give you tips on how to address a similar type for the future – especially for real hunts!

    We encourage discussions of “solving approaches” so we can either learn from them or help fine-tune them!

  55. I thot we’re not supposed to discuss the method before the answer is revealed. Wouldn’t that give out ways of solving it before the actual dead line?

  56. Yes, Edwin, I think that’s exactly what ce5nt meant. That’t why he said to give us one example of what BOGGLED you. What angle WERE you at? I thin he meant when you were dealing with PAST questions. After the answers have been revealed, we can all discuss freely what went on in our minds etc.

  57. edwin:
    Sorry! My misunderstanding of your dilemma. Was thinking that by helping you with any “past” questions that you did not understand completely might help you with current or future ones.

  58. Alright.

    However, Cant really remember any ‘past’ question that is related to Riddle 7. Sorry.

    Even a normal riddle feels like a Killer Riddle. Then what is a killer riddle??? hehe.

    Ckoh and Ce5nt. I think I got the angle of thinking right but cant seem to piece any answers out of it.

    A normal riddle does just that – makes holes in you.
    A killer riddle – makes holes in you and then leaves you in a hole! For dead! For good! But luckily this blog is only a celluloid world! We live again!

    Since you have a LOGICal approach and you FEEL right about it – then have the GUTS to tembak! (Right, claire?)

  60. Not related from Riddle 7.

    There’s this bold question from one hunt.

    Eliminate first one hundred for decor sake perhaps.

    Answer: LK Florist.

    Can someone help explain?


  61. Ce5nt. As I mentioned before ‘cannot seem to piece any answer together’. Only have an angle, however nothing logical have yet to come out. Logical answer. Or Answer that made sense.

  62. Edwin, I was in that hunt. We were stumped too then.
    Here is the explanation as I remember it:

    eliminate = ko
    one hundred = ll (50+50)
    first = first

    Put that all together = LK Florist

    The rest of the question is just a description of the business.

  63. 2 Romans & 1 Impostor. thanks.

  64. Doesn’t seem like a fair Q that one, Edwin.

  65. Welcome Edwin, and thanks for sharing the bold question. Altho 2R&1I’s explanation makes the answer clear, I definitley wouldn’t have solved it myself. As a newbie, my first instinct would be to anagram ‘decor sake’ (‘perhaps’ being an anagram indicator) then eliminate the letters ‘o’ and ‘h’ (‘first’ being an initials indicator) – and get totally lost! So don’t be discouraged if you find it tough-going at first. We have very learned and generous masters in here to help us learn the ropes.
    Have fun!


  66. edwin:
    There were some tips “dropped” in this thread .. maybe If I pointed them to you – you could try to read between the lines?

    FROM 2R1I:
    The FRENCH has been overused.

    Agreed with 2R1I.

    She took her hat off to ckoh for a beautiful question posted! Look in there.

    See the points they were making? Without taking extreme notes, you should be able to put them together for this popular item.

  67. Let me explain, Edwin.

    I have come across SOME questions where the indicator is placed several words away from its intended target(s). But I hardly set any questions that way. In fact, I think it is unfair!

    In this question that you’ve cited, the anagram indicator is located at the end of the sentence, whereas the intended targets of that indicator are those words before the word ‘for’. I feel this is quite unfair, although I say again this style has been used by some CoCs. To me, the location of that anagram indicator in this Q tells the solver to rearrange the letters in, say ‘sake’, or ‘decor sake’.

    I think if it were me who set this Q, maybe I’d have that word ‘perhaps’ located between ‘hundred’ and ‘for’. Then in that case, the Q becomes like this:

    Eliminate first one hundred perhaps for decor sake.

    In this modified sentence, that ‘perhaps’ may target the word(s) on its left or right. Let the solver choose which one(s).

  68. Oops!.. you beat me to it, pink!… hehehehe… sorry, I was busy typing, and I didn’t know you already had that comment up!

  69. Ckoh, the hunt was the Sun Corporate Hunt.
    Can you explain how is it unfair?

    Just wanted to know, does everyone here know each other and seen each other before? Does that mean I’m the odd one out? (Do not know anyone personally)

  70. edwin:
    We all “met” at the Bloggers Hunt 2007 recently. Have you followed the threads? Lots of learning stuff there too.

  71. Pink. That was what I thought during the hunt, but I couldn’t see any answers to it. I was even blurred when the COC showed the answer.

    Ckoh. Noted.

  72. ckoh, let me introduce you to “for”.

    for –> ckoh
    ckoh –> for

    This has been an acceptable anagram key.

  73. That’s the thing, Edwin. I am not saying that the Q’s unfair for a fact. I am saying it is unfair in my own opinion. I may be wrong. We do that here all the time. We debate; we discuss. Then hopefully, in the end we will agree on some things.

    It is just my opinion that the ‘indicator’ should be located next to its intended target. But actually there is no hard rules on this particular point. If you have visited Michael Pang’s blog, I think you will also see a similar comment by him somewhere in his past discussions.

  74. Yes, 2R1I, as I said, I have seen some Qs like that. I’m saying my own opinion is that it is unfair. But I still need to know that Qs are being set like that!

  75. Ce5nt. dunno why I had the impression that you guys know each other before blogger hunt and decided to hold a blogger hunt just to improve your skills. Anyway nice to meet you all although it’s only nicknames.

  76. Well, if you hang around long enough, Edwin, you might just have the opportunity to join the next Bloggers Hunt!

    RR is planning to have 50 teams hunting! That would be something, wouldn’t it? Well, not only that, they’re thinking of doing it twice a year! Awesome dedication and love to the game!

    But alas, I will most probably not join the next Bloggers Hunt. I am cursed by the treasure hunt gods. Everytime I want to join a hunt, that hunt will somehow be postponed or cancelled! Ask them here, and they will tell you the same!

  77. edwin:
    Tell us your treasure hunt adventures or history! Always nice to “listen” to these. How did you start and what made you still passionate about it? What else about t/h intrigued you? Which recent hunts did you try?

  78. ce5nt.

    It all started when i just graduated from university and was working in my first job, my friend asked me to join a treasure hunt named MIHRM in 2003 (by Sam Rahman). Me, do not know anything about treasure hunts joined for fun.

    That’s how it all started.

    I believed my next hunt was the Amazing Hunt by TAB to Johor Bahru. Got disqualified anyway. But during then, the team name was created.

    I’ve joined a lot of hunts since then.

    – The Sun Corporate Hunt
    – Most of the Sun Walk Hunt
    – Shell Hunts, etc…

    I believed more than 30?? hunts. Not sure about the figure.

    The most recent one is the Novice Hunt where we ended up in 10th place. The next hunt is Multiple Sclerosis Hunt by TAB this Sunday. Tomorrow is the briefing.

    I’ve been joining hunts for 4 years. (2003-2007)

    Why I join treasure hunts? It’s because I want to win and exercise my mind at the same time.

    Hope my story is not boring.

  79. wonder what happened to josh and ckloh? They’ve been rather quite.

    Feels like we’re raiding their homes and having a jolly good time, while they have been away.

  80. Ce5nt. Something really interesting happened during one hunt by TAB for my old company. The hunt was from KL to Gunung Ledang. One of the task destination was the Seremban Market. There we had to sing Old Mcdonalds with 3 different animals while making the actions in the center of the market. We have to do it in front of a crowd. Really had fun. But it was one of those crazy things to do.

  81. Wow! You are much more ‘senior’ than me in treasure hunts, Edwin! And I dare say more senior than most of the RR members as well. I myself have had 6 official hunts, plus one Bloggers Hunt which was unofficial. However, I thought that Bloggers Hunt was worth it because for one thing, I got to learn a lot; and for another, I got to meet up with all these good people!

    Most of the RR members are also newbies, I believe some have had less than 10 hunts? But mind you, Edwin, they’ve had podium finishes! Don’t you play-play!!

    Master ce5nt and Master 2R1I are our mentors here. If you said you’ve logged over 30 hunts, then you must have seen them before. They’re easy to spot. Go to any hunt, and at the end of that hunt, they are ALMOST ALWAYS amongst those on the podium! Again, don’t you play-play!! They’ve been teaching us a hell lot over the last month or two since this blog was started. And I’m sure the rest here will agree that we’ve learned a lot from them!

    However, there’re also other masters who give comments less frequently. You see, Edwin, many are just watching from the background. We are the ones willing to offer our faces for them to shave on!

    Feel free to throw in some of the past questions you’ve had to discuss here. I’m sure they will be much welcomed. Again, welcome to this blog, my friend.

  82. By the way, ckloh, what has happened to Ad? I’m dying to see his explanation to his riddle. Is it forthcoming tonight? I’m staying up late a bit specifically for him! Should I go sleep and hope to see the answer tomorrow morning?

  83. Ckoh, RR are trained by masters. I do not have any training at all. Self learn. Looks like I have work even harder.

    In my team, the pressure is on me to guide them to look for the correct answer. Most of them are still far away from being able to explain an question although they are getting better.

    However, my teammates always changes. The onus is always on me to find new members.

    I believe ‘Ad’ is supposed to post up the answer at 9 pm. But I dun see any movements on the other thread.

  84. Anyone here younger than 30? Just curious.

  85. By the way, Edwin, before I go to sleep, if you don’t already know it, let me warn you that the masters’ help — especially those that they claim will help you to solve the riddles here — are not always helpful!

    We have very naughty masters here, you see. They are like matadors. They will let the bull’s horn come so close to them, but yet never really let it quite touch them! Likewise, they’ll lead you very, very close to the answer, but yet still very far away! Their hints are hints alright, but not quite good enough to be of any help! But after all that’s what thrills the matadors!

    Good night folks, pleasant dreams!

  86. Oops, Edwin, my apologies! Wow, 30 hunts in your pocket and I assumed you were a newbie like me (all of 5 hunts to my credit). Hahaha, singing Old Macdonald’s in a marketplace indeed, what will they think of next?

    Been babysitting 2 French-speaking toddlers and am exhausted (happily so) and have just peeped at the encore Q’s. Am taking them to bed with me now, hope to see some light by morning.


  87. Pink. About 30 hunts (I’m still doubting whether I got the figure right) is nothing when I have not improve that much. In almost all the hunts, I ended in the middle – the not so good not so bad category. Need a little bit more push to make the top level grade.

    So dun be impressed by a number.

  88. Sorry everybody, keep you all waiting.

    If anyone wonder what happen to Joshua and myself, I have a very very BAD news for you all. The company where Joshua and myself working decided to block this website to be accessed in the company. So, a major restructure on the posting time.

    No more posting time at 7pm. And no more accessing the blog during office hour.

    Just came back from dinner with the Hongkies, my counterparts, sorry to keep you all waiting.

    So, I will post AD’s answer very soon.

    On how the whole thing will work, since we don’t have access anymore during office hour, we will keep you all informed!!

  89. I counted. 20 is more accurate.

  90. On RR Hunts experience, i think only claire and pink are below 5. Joshua, William, SC Chew, GL Lim and myself are below 20.

    Occasionaly, we have other helpers like Julie, YH Lim and JK Lim all also below 5.

    Just to answer the query from ckoh and for those who interested.

    We still a very new team, and even until now not everybody meet each other yet. Still have alot to learn. And certainly get alot of useful tips from the masters here.

  91. hi ppl….
    ckoh: patience my dear friend. Ckloh has been given the answer but due to his explanation, is like they say….ON THE WAY… hehehehe…

    Edwin: Well done and thanks for your explanation. I believe now that you had more than tembak as you actually solved it.Good job and one word of advice on your team mates in hunts, try to stick to the same ppl until you feel that there is no team dynamics or just not going anywhere, THEN CHANGE!

  92. edwin (and all newbies):
    30 hunts in 4 years – Too light, in my opinion. Need to be denser to benefit from the “momentum of revisions”. Had it been 30 hunts in 1 or 1.5 years – that would have propelled you into the top 10.

    My maiden was in 1992 and it was a Guild for Students of University Malaya (GSUM) hunt. I went with 3 other newbies (as in completely new). We secured our first position – solid as a bottom-rock of 21 teams!

    They called us up to receive a SPECIAL PRIZE. That announcement had everyone, including ourselves, buzzing around “what’s it for?” or in Manglish “For what? What for?” (which I believed was adapted from the Cantonese “Kau Mat For?”). Proudly went up on a 3ft x 3ft podium (stage)to receive our SPECIAL!

    It was only after they announced the 20th PLACING that it daunted on everyone “ooh! i tot for whaaat, chaay!! We got a wooden bullock-cart from one of the “Melaka” souvenir shops! I guess we were that “slow in the heads!”.

    But I also remembered very vividly, the intriguing questions that continued to fuel my passion for the game (not a sport yet for me then) – amongst which :

    Ax: M A R L B O R O

    In those days, cigarettes and beers featured prominently. These signs are extinct now (in my opinion, holy smoke and cheers to that!).

    Ay: S.ALAM

    (The COC, still a COC today, loved to cap-case every word and uses minimum punctuations – “leave it to them to construct their own fate; question or statement – up to them to interpret”.

    This sign is still on the Federal Highway – right in the middle of the divider somewhere near G.A.B (if anyone in KL still care to look for it!)

    The whole team never met again for the next hunt – which was the next week – but I went on and got myself into a new team. I asked around to be adopted!

    I joined a not-so-new team who was also looking for regular partners – one of them was in June’s RR Ranking – the one I invited to start a Mandarin thread!

    Then we went on a spree of hunts – weekend after weekend – the Ribenas, the BGAMS, the AAMs, the (god-forgive-me-if-i-may-call-them-that hunts, the Kiwanis, the Mensas, the SRAMs, more GSUMs (before doing a couple of them as HuntMaster – a term I coined); I think it felt like 30 in a year! Maybe more! Should see my bill for the tuition fees I paid!

    For the next 10 years – the team changed a bit and an interesting couple met and merged – I still regard myself as the “father-in-law” of this couple. The bride was from another team. She soon became part of the “bridegroom’s” and the 3 of us became HRU – The Beginning. She too is featured in June’s RR Rankings!

    My journey took a steady climb from bottom to middle – hovered there for a while. Then, the regulars took notice! “Who are they? Where did they come from? Better watch out for them!” We were amongst the main pack within the next year or two.

    Took us another year or so before we touched the top 5. And not too long later – we could lay an occasional hand on the 3rd and an occasional 2nd and a couple of firsts (where most of the regulars did not feature!). The regulars then were the likes of the Chongs, the Foos, the Salims, the YS, the JLs!

    And just before I retired from treasure hunting – we had a spell of good podium finishings.

    I took a 3-year break (to concentrate on my business) before I was invited by mandarin-thread-invitee to come out of retirement to rejoin the team and it was not too bad a proposition too – we chalked a few podium finishings, although I did move amongst a few teams (on free-lance) before settling back with “the couple”.

    It was then on my comeback – that I was introduced to 2R1I (leave it to you to share your story!)

    Hard to believe – but must have clocked some 400 hunts by now! Maybe more! Got to go! Share more later! Hope ckloh’s employers don’t tip off my employers!

  93. ERRATUM : Somewhere in the middle of my saga : “For the next 10 years …” – should read as “In the next 10 years!” And that entire para should have been inserted after I mentioned “the champions” and “And just before I retired …” (I was actually editing the story when I accidentally clicked on “Submit Comment”!!!!)

  94. Interesting story, ce5nt. What a journey! And it is also a good evidence that I am not the only COC who set all his Qs in caps. But I intend to change that style. For future hunts, I intend to make my Qs appear more ordinary — like how sentences are supposed to be written!

  95. ce5nt, I will let you finish off the story. Do not want to contaminate your broth.

  96. Wow…so many new postings in such a short time!

    Ce5nt…RIGHT! (on your tembak-ing post on July 18th, 2007 at 8.46pm) Don’t worry about shooting fully loaded or with blanks. Hehehe…oh gosh, I think I’ll stop commenting on this. 😉 Love your story…

    Ckoh dear…perhaps you could let us know in advance on the dates you are dropping by KL and maybe we could “tailor-make” Blogger’s Hunt 2 around your time. But I don’t think it’s going to be anytime soon…

    Edwin… I think some of us here are below 30, including yours truly. But I’m sure you know that age is never an issue when it comes to Treasure Hunts! And just a minor “touch-up” to ckloh’s comment on our hunt experience, mine is less than 10, but above 5. RR team is still very new. We “found” each other by chance…umm…or more like by “advertising” ourselves. Haha… long story.

  97. claire dear, thanks for trying so hard to accommodate uncle from Sabah! But I think it should be the other way round! You people name the time and date, and then I will try to arrange for a visit to KL. And this time, I’ll be back with a vengeance! You just watch out, now I know where to look for METRO!.. hehehe

  98. YESTERDAY ONCE MORE, ONCE MORE (more stories):

    In the 90’s handphones were not an everybody has-it thing yet. No internet. No PDAs. Then, cars were loaded with several versions of encyclo’s, dict’s, almanacs, yearbooks, newspapers (a whole week’s collection!) and thesauruses. How things have changed now.

    I think some of you may not have seen this contraption before. The mechanical or semi-automatic film-slide projector with its tommy-gun style “magazine” or “rack” magazines. That was the main tool of the trade then!

    I introduced “interactive” PowerPoint presentations at one of the GSUM hunts that I jointly clerked with a COC who is now a TABE COC.! Today, PowerPoint is the de facto tool and some have even ventured with Flash multimedia. This area will move in tangent with evovling technology.

    I also introduced a standard EXCEL format for Tulips and Briefing Notes. Before then, they were all hand-drawn! I created a library of symbols. Notes were like essays and unstructured – I formatted them with EXCEL.

    I still remember the day a COC came to my office to collect a 2.5″ floppy disk for the formats. No email then! And he is still using it (albeit modified) today. And so are other COCs – their formats have resemblance to the original.

    One of the trend setting treasure questions I remember very well from the yesteryears is one from YS (get to know this name – hunt from him soon!).

    Treasure Q: Wind hinder a man.
    Answer: (I will tell you later after my meeting this evening). Many of my vintage will know this treasure. Nobody solved this one back then. But it will be a breeze nowadays!

    Got to get back to meeting! Catch up again later.

  99. ERRATUM: come to think of it – it wasn’t EXCEL then. It was LOTUS!

  100. Ce5nt,

    I read your story with my mouth wide…
    Truly a master and now i know how treasure hunt in Malaysin evolve…

    Very entertaining and informative

    Answer: Breeze DeterGent. Get it?

    The hunting community recognises this one too as a Classic: “Princess possessed a utensil”. I believe this one was crafted by GrandMaster Chong FS.
    And you see this sign everywhere in the streets even up today – especially where are there road works -“Dihadapan”.

    Another COC of the yesteryears (looks like he is sticking to hunting only nowadays),Pasu, had this classic : “GREEN DANCE”. And you can find this sign everywhere in town – any town – where they serve meatfree meals. Savvy?

    I believe the word “locksmith” was first introduced into treasure hunt by GrandMaster Chris Foo. This crafty crossword fanatic who also introduced the double jeopardy and popularised anagrams, which was first introduced by GrandMaster YS; meant it to be a professional who tends to hair i.e. “locks” e.g. hairdresser or barber (a crossword terminology).

    What we now know as double jeopardies and multi-level anagrams and containers were the KILLER RIDDLES of yesteryears!. The classic container question from Chris Foo back then was “LL”.

    Again, nobody solved that one.
    Answer: MidValley.

    Are we seeing history repeating itself here in this RR blog?

  103. Wow, very generous of you to share those stories, ce5nt. Those are interesting stories as well as valuable lessons. I wonder why all this never came up weeks ago!

    I want to ask you, ce5nt — I have never seen a DJ in a real hunt before. How do they set the Q? Does the CoC put the Q on the Q column of the paper, or the answer space? Before finding this blog, I didn’t know about the DJ as you know it in the west. When I did my DJ, I put the clue in the answer space, and the hunters had to fill up their ‘answer’ in the question space.

    For example, I left the question space blank and gave “PIPES” in the answer space. Then the hunters had to fill up the question space with “Pepsi Twist @ Restoran Tanjung Emas”. Do you do the same thing in KL hunts?

  104. ckoh:
    Just do it the normal way. Place the ‘clue’ in
    the question column. Answer column is for answers.
    e.g. PIPES? would be your question in the question column. And they place “PEPSI @ ….” in the answer column.

  105. sorry, meant to type “Pepsi Twist @ …”

  106. I got the wrong answer. Thot it was lemonade.

    The in French = the

    notes = notes in music (abcdefgh)

    missing out = forgeting

    2 points = o

    le man de o = lemonade

    Maybe really totally got the angle wrong. hehe

  107. The in French = le. Sorry

  108. Hmm… OK, thanks ce5nt. Next time I’ll know what/how to do it.

  109. Edwin nice try. Only thing is follow AD advise to ckoh today. Try the easier level first before proceed to the next level.

    Saying that, I myself also is not good in doing this. Just been told by 2R1I, my tembak attempt is failed for the blogger encore. We all learn.

  110. ckoh, the problem with putting the “PIPES” in the ANSWER column is that you are announcing to the hunters that you are setting a DJ question, which is like giving away free points!

  111. claire:
    “Perhaps the French man’s note is missing two points?”
    Does away with “takes” which is misleading : An extra word in my opinion. Because cryptically it can mean “containing” or “holding”. I.e. suggesting that “LE MAN” was holding “OTE” or “NOT” or “OTS”.

    Learn from each riddle and example featured in this entire blog – there are dozens of them. Every word has a cryptic and a straight side to it.

  112. Yes, 2R1I, that’s what I thought also. But I didn’t quite know how to go about it. Like I said, I never knew that the DJ has long been established in KL hunts. It was an experiment of mine. But of course I may be wrong. Maybe the DJ has been done before in KK too, long before I started hunting. I was worried that if I had given the DJ, and put that PIPES in the question column, the local hunters won’t accept it. But now I know better!

    But you’d be surprised, 2R1I, in the Sutera so many people didn’t get the answer to PIPES, even some regulars! Very strange!

    Well, I guess I’ll be missing the revelation of the answers tomorrow. Will be in KL by early afternoon, and I don’t know if I’m gonna go to cyber cafe for the sole purpose of getting on the blog! ckloh, if you don’t mind, throw in another one of claire’s killers so that I would still have hope to get into the race!… hehehehe. See you on Sunday evening folks!

  113. ce5nt, I doubt riddle 7 belongs to claire.

    I have not been able to understand her yet.

    claire 2 Rest of the World 0

  114. Riddle 7 is not by claire!!

    What really happen for riddle 6 is …

    For riddle 6 theoritically, the initial question is

    99 deers gone south.

    The idea of having a double jeopardy and deletion is by myself. William crafts the above clues.

    However, we decided to explore something more interesting eventually, and decided to give it a try. claire is merely just pick up a whole list generated by my spreadsheet, where it consists all the possible “redice” permutation like describe – sb, discreet – ts and the list continues. A whole list of around 20 possibilities, that will make mixed rice.

    We took claire’s one, because we think “somebody simple”, is quite deceiving, where we just want a simple form of somebody instead. But perhaps, too many combination at the other part of clues too without giving any hints, and to be fair to claire her original one, before slighly modified by both William and myself are slightly more solvable, where she use “describe”, instead of “explain how”. We don’t consider the ‘without the sign reference’ impact in the riddle, compare with actual hunts.

    Since today ce5nt so generous with his real life story, and there are so much interest in riddle 6, even tomorrow will be riddle 8, so decided to reveal the story.

  115. Ce5nt. I remembered that somewhere in this blog that one half of the ‘couple’ that you always go hunting with is MS (Initials). I recalled seeing her name in the Multiple Sclerosis hunt. Are you joining that hunt?

    One thing I noticed that in that hunt, there seemed to be a lot of masters joining. Hehe.

  116. ce5nt, Q7 is too straightforward to be Claire’s and your version is a huge improvement on my original. Thanks.
    Edwin, how did you get ‘o’ for 2 points?
    BTW your 20 is still a number to be reckoned with by my standards. However, I seem to have been much luckier. My first was an all-Malay UMNO hunt several years ago from Balik Pulau in Penang to Perdu lake in Kedah with a clueless Datin as driver, clueless me as navigator and 2 noisy kids in the backseat. We came in 3rd (RM1000)in a field of 100. Then 2 road hunts with my first-timer family got us 6th and 8th placings. Another with an established team put us in 6th place and my maiden hunt with the Riddle raiders saw us in 8th place. Claire and I have teamed up for 2 walk hunts and we were champs in the first and second-placed in the second. Impressive huh? :)) Let’s hope my third outing with Claire in the Gurney Plaza Walk Hunt this Sunday (44 teams so far) will see a continuation of this trend. Wish us luck!


  117. edwin: “notice a lot of masters are in the hunt”…. Well, that’s why ce5nt said, your 20 odd hunts in 4 yrs is just too little. I dont think i have 400 hunts as like ce5nt but i would say i have done approx. 150-200 hunts by now starting way back in 1992 also. But way back then, hunts were scarce. Unlike now, where there is a hunt almost every week.

    Sharing of experience:
    Since we are sharing our hunt experience, i think most oldies won’t forget the Legend hunt by chris foo.
    It was my 1st open hunt and of all hunts to start with, this one. Gosh!!
    Here’s 2Q that i recall vividly fom that hunt (think was in 1993) and there are;
    Q1) Nutcase
    A) Shell (my team were doing so badly by then that we wanted to put the COC as the answer)
    & the other is the famous
    Q2) The headless chicken found in the back corner.
    A) Hotel Kowloon

    Imagine, during those days not many ppl know about removing words or synonyms etc so Chris definitely brought hunting to a next level and i recall Chong and team won it with something like 98 pts from a total 150pts. Unlike nowadays where the scores are so high.

    Anyway, after that gruesome hunt, my team mates and I starting the challenge for top honours and now, well…we are doing ok.

    Now let’s wait for the next hunter’s story.

  118. AD, since ce5nt briefly introduce his team mates, can you please do the same? Need not to mention name, maybe just let us know how you all know each other, and how many hunts together and things like that.


    Yes, 7 was pink’s! To me, you two are synonyms!
    Sorry for the mix up, ladies.

    “regulars” just simply means that – we turn up because IT is there!

  120. Dear ce5nt…I’d like to see YOU blush! Haha… I go PINK in the face very easily… and don’t worry about the mix-up. 😉
    Oh by the way…I’m still waiting for an answer from you, master ce5nt, on my question at Blogger’s Encore. Do give it a try when you can squeeze some time from your marathon meetings!

    To all…do keep trying all the questions at Blogger’s Encore…opps…I’m in the wrong thread.

  121. Ad. Can you explain the question “Q2) The headless chicken found in the back corner.
    A) Hotel Kowloon”. I cant figure out. Thanks.

    Pink. I got ‘o’ because of I thought it was the second letter in the word points.

  122. Ad. It’s ok. I’ve figured out how the answer is derived.

  123. Ckloh: Continuation of my story 🙂

    Well, i started hunting with my aunt and 2 other friends but i believe sometime in the year 2001/2, my team had a split due to work commitments of two members and so happened at the very same time, renroc’s team had the same issue. Therefore, we have since teamed up and form the team that we have today. However, beginning this year, my aunt got herself attached to a Event Co for TH, so we have gotten mike to join us on a more regular basis unless he has a hunt to do for that day. I guess my team does about 15-20 hunts a year and still enjoy most hunts. 😉 Next hunt we are in will be Putrajaya. see you there if you ppl are hunting.

  124. SYNONYMS, moi et Claire?
    antonyms more like it, ce5nt:)) she’s young, pretty, clever…all that I’m not, yet right from our very first hunt where we emerged champs, the chemistry was there. Unlike poles….

    Impressive histories there, guys.

    ce5nt, the Di had a pan and vege tarian Qs ring a bell. Many yeatrs ago, a Dr Ho called me (on the recommendation of the Sunday Star cryptic crossword people) inviting me to join his team. He posed those very Q’s to me, which I solved instantly and he said something like his team would have won if I had been on that hunt with them.

    Why did I not accept that golden opportunity (and probably have chalked up a few hundred hunts by now)? I actually thought treasure hunts were for the idle rich who had nothing better to do than scour the country looking for hidden treasure. Also, I couldn’t imagine agreeing to traipse around with a total stranger looking for treasures! Arrrrgh!

    Anyway, never say die – Road Hunt No. 6 here I come!

  125. pink:
    Classics weren’t they? I was told that this one was also from Chris Foo – the master crafter of that era.

    It is so easy to share and gain knowledge nowadays,
    it is not unimaginable for newcomers to fill THeir salt bank a lot quicker THan yesterday. THis blog is an excellent example of THe kind of modern catalyst for THe proliferation of THunt know-how. Soon, 5 years of today’s exposure will be THe equivalent of 10 years of THose days!

  126. I am as much of a fan of riddles as anyone else… probably even more-so. I love riddles and I usually spend months or years – literally – figuring them out myself.

    But in all honesty… that is not a riddle. That was just a nonsensical gobblygoo made to make the creator feel smart when they have to finally explain it.

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