Medan for FREE?

July 21, 2007

This is the link to the competition page.



I have recently won a lucky draw from the Novice hunt. It’s a Free & Easy package to Medan, 3D/2N, with breakfast and airport transfer EXCLUDES return air tickets, food and souvenirs that you may want to pick up from Medan. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances, I’m unable to pillage utilize this voucher.


I’m proposing to give this voucher for FREE…yes, FREE…to the person who manages to solve the last Food Court Themed Killer Riddle for this month. Details of the voucher as below:

3D/2N at Semarak Hotel, Medan, including breakfast and airport transfers.

Validity period: until 30th September 2007

Valid during weekends and public holidays without any surcharge. You may choose to upgrade your package by paying the difference.

Tour agency: Redland Holidays (main sponsor of Novice Hunt)

So what do you all think? Is it a good idea? Want to give it a try? Tell me tell me tell me!!





  1. claire:
    Generous precedence! More should follow your example. BTW, I am sure you meant it for the FIRST to solve last Killer.

  2. Whoops…..you are absolutely right ce5nt…yes, I do mean FREE voucher for the FIRST person to solve the last killer riddle with the Food Court theme.

    So…are you all up to it? Is it a good idea?

  3. Very benevolent offer claire. Perhaps your action will attract others to do the same for each of the coming months – a spark maybe to blossom the RR site into a very active riddle site.

  4. Where is the riddle to solve?

  5. Not yet hadi. The riddle will be revealed this Friday at 9pm, if I’m not mistaken. We will make an announcement then.

  6. Why friday at 9pm..earlier la…(night sleep… or party.. or driving back home…)

    Sure i cannot solve one…. just wanna see the killer question..

  7. Hadi, welcome to the board.

    Sorry, we can’t post it earlier, finished work earliest at 7 pm.

  8. […] Riddle Raiders our growth in the local hunt community « August 2007 – General Discussion The MEDAN trip goes to … August 3rd, 2007 https://riddleraiders.wordpress.com/2007/07/21/medan-for-free/  […]

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