Riddling Riddles, New Format, New Look – start from August (Wish List)

July 23, 2007


As mentioned earlier, weekly Riddling Riddles will have new look, new format instead of current one when only involve us to post the riddles every Friday.


  1. More people will involve in clues crafting, everybody can learn and get comments from the rest.
  2. More people will exposed to various clues styles and techniques involved by solving different COC’s clues.
  3. No access in the office for Joshua, CK and William, prohibit us to post at the designated time, thus the competition might not be that fair without fix/consistent post time.

How it works:

  1. No more competition format at this moment, maybe later.
  2. Everyone can post us anything from Category A to Category D to riddleqa@gmail.com. Cut off time every Friday 7 pm. Missing the cut off time, will be carry forward to next week.
  3. RR will post it somewhere on Friday, 9 pm to Saturday, 9 am, every week.
  4. The answers of the riddle will be disclosed by the riddle crafter instead of RR, on the following Friday, 9 pm to Saturday, 9 am.

Category A – Virtual Hunt (Weekly created column)

RR will provide 40 to 80 real life shop names like Blogger Hunt Encore every month. For all the 4 to 5 weeks, everybody is welcomed to craft their clues and send to RR’s mail for the posting done from Friday, 9 pm to Saturday, 9 am.

Category B – Theme Riddle (Weekly created column, if any)

Riddle crafters can post theme riddle to RR’s mail. Remember to include the below info when sending to our mail.

  1. Theme Riddle
  2. Themes (for example, food court, multi nasional and etc.)
  3. How many letters?
  4. Email address to post the answer. 

Category C – Treasure Riddle (Weekly created column, if any)

Riddle crafters can post treasure riddle to RR’s mail. Remember to include the below info when sending to our mail.

  1. Treasure Riddle
  2. Email address to post the answer. 

Category D – Anything Under the Sun (Weekly created column, if any)

Can be French lessons, bombastic Scrabble words description, interesting piece of general knowledge for sharing, interesting previous hunt clues, interesting hunt ideas to share and anything under the sun, which are not in Category A, Category B and Category C. Send to RR’s mail if you all think worthwhile sharing.

Category E – Weekend Hunt Experience (Weekly created column)

This is to share the hunt experience on the weekend.

Highlight of the Week

Those very good riddles from Category A to Category D, that RR think is worthwhile trying, will be upgraded to Highlight of the week. For those, who short of time and can’t afford to go for every riddles, maybe he/she can go for Highlight of the Week first.

Please give your feedback. Above are the framework we come up for the future RR’s Riddling Riddles weekly. Any comments, recomendations and wish lists are welcomed, before we kick start the new format on the first Friday of August.



    I am a fan-atic for change. And these will certainly be refreshing. Will make this blog “famous” for being dynamic, ever friendly and progressive. I am sure this latest attempt to “organise the excitement” can only get better and better for everyone! Looking forward to the changes! Still wish there is some way of “alerting whenever there are latest UNREAD comments”!

    Everytime after a hunt, some may be very eager to share a story or incident. Maybe a category for “TELL US WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU” or any title along your overall re-design, for us to tell our stories of our most recent hunt/adventure.

    It could be a way to organise those breaking news/sagas “under one roof”. Today, it is plugged into the latest thread. In this category, we can post our congratulations and “condolences”! A place to share the joy or the pain!

    The original feature of this blog was the unique competition. Preserve this for historical value. So this “CLASSIC RR RIDDLE COLUMN” should not lose its significance.

    It should not be “rivalled” by another competition. If there is justification and desire to have another competition – then maybe a “COMPETITION OR CONTEST” category will help to keep them together – not very KOOL to see contests/competitions all over the blog (even theStar, NST, theSUN realised this – they have a category “CONTESTS” – so everyone can find them and not miss out).

    Need to clarify what I meant : any challenge that results in ranking or rewards. Non-competition will like the ENCORE series and those “fun” questions sprinkled here and there.

    I must admit that I am probably the most active idea generator in the blog so far – the 90% probably have more but theirs have yet to surface. I would not mind a category for “Spilling Your Brain Juices” so we can keep this clutter in one place and not mess up the general “discussions about clue setting” – which, BTW, I also think is the most important category that should be kept separate from the others.

  6. Just wondering, ckloh & josh, would it be possible to do a virtual hunt by inserting actual pictures of a hunt sector? It is different somehow because in reality the font, sizes etc are different. If you simply list down all those possible targets, one has no challenge in terms of ‘observation’ skill?

  7. ckoh, I afraid your suggestion is not so feasible. If you notice it clearly, the new arrangement is to lessen our involvement, so that we can involve on something else. Your idea is great, but afraid it is not inline to our goal.

    Assuming, someone is doing this, taking 40 photos to 80 photos every months, but still, on my understanding from Josh, we can only upload certain amount of pictures. Anything more, we need to pay. We are using this website for free, so have alot of limitation. Another thing, even if we can upload 40 pictures for example, it will slow the whole webpage. Is it worth it to sacrifice the whole website, just for the sake of having a ‘real’ feel for hunting? I still remember you have complained before on the website performance, as our thread reach 200 plus comments. And that is just words.

    A better way on doing it is we put the pictures elsewhere, not here. We will create a link to the the site. The question is who will take the photos every month and upload it to the page. We need volunteers, if really want to implement the idea.

    And even then, I don’t think we can get a real feel, in order for you to open a picture, it will take minimum 30 seconds, most of the time more for example to view it clearly. Just go to the Sun webpage, to get what I mean. Alot of hunters will just give up on attempting it, if it is so tedious. Just my opinion.

  8. Hi all,

    Really miss you all. My streamyx is down for some mysterious reason. Am now in a coffee house using their wifi with my daughter and our laptops.

    Ce5nt, Dr Clue, renroc, ckoh, Edwin and others, won’t you give my encore Qs a go? I know they are not really up to standard, but they are all I’m capable of for now. 2R&1I has got 1 right so far. Gotta go – have taken 2 hours to finish my cafe latte while I caught up with my e-mail.


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