July 28, 2007

I’m a bit late to write this, but I got offline a few days from the “best-effort” service I had received in my local Screamyx support. Supposed that the DSLAM went down and maintenance was done for PJ area. Well, suppose the DSLAM went down, the whole neighbourhood would be screaming at Screamyx (no pun intended). Lucky for us, service was restored (at best effort again) at around 1pm, which I was still at work… and my work place has filtered off this site and blocked by WebSense. My say, what a NonSense.

Neococphobia – (read as new-cock-four-biar)
A certain phobia towards new unknown CoCs – who don’t even know what is “Treasure Hunting”, and ended up with a pretty huge backlash from returning to the roots of “oh well, let’s get back to the good-ol’-scavenger-hunt-and-count-the-batangs-at-the-mamak-stall”

The Hunters’ Holy Crusade
About 40 regular hunters had enough of the bullshit smeared on their faces nonsense spat by the CoCs of STFOGA, walked out of the hunt – right before the hunt actually started. The whole drama lasted about 3 or 4 hours with the presence of police (Wasn’t the police meant to deter crimes and going around to catch big time criminals? What were they doing there handling some peaceful drama? Sounds like cowardice from the organizers).
This would be the first time in history (well, the only one I know of other than the infamous PenDrive event not long ago) that hunters had walked off a hunt with bitter memories.
A truly good entry for Malaysia’s Book of Records under the Hall of (S)hame.

Professional ConArtists
Last we’ve heard, there were nonsensical hunt questions in the “hunt” itself. Eg: What’s the owner’s name of this mamak stall?
I’ll be frank to answer “Your momma!”. Alright, I wouldn’t. Perhaps “Your papa!”

And what was with the hunt details to advertise “Klang Valley hunt”? Hunters were made to go all the way to Melaka. Oh, now we know, Melaka is actually still under Klang Valley’s area. How ingenuine!

And those crap rules the COC had last minute inserted, eg: having stickers to earn an extra 40 points, what does it have to do with a Hunt? I see no point.

The Malaysian (Rojak) Hunt
We are proud to be Malaysians, and to having a special hunt culture here in our own country, that’s something to be applauded for! Our Hunt traditions (ok, I’m not that old to know so much, but ce5nt had been posting a few comments about these things, so credits to him 😉 ), had evolved from so many years ago. From a scavenger hunt back then to a much more complicated affair now, aren’t we hunters proud of this? A friend of mine in Australia recently joined a Scavenger hunt and compared it to the hunts that I had went through, he said “Well, now I find my hunts are not hunts at all”.

Why ruin the culture to appease some “big shots” and the same time displease the local hunt community? Nothing’s worth more than the experience of going through a good hunt.

More controversies showing up
The hunters who walked out that day received cheque refunds, but our RR’s team got a stop-cheque order before the cheque clearing. Is this turning into a scam now? RM 250 might not sound much nowadays, but was it worth that? A bad experience, woke up early in the morning to walk out, and a stop-cheque order? Even Masterkard has to bow down before them to be able to provide such “experience”.

Update (30/07/07) : Updates from Mike’s blog, and not only RR’s team hit by bouncing cheques (boing boing). Hunters are currently awaiting response from STFOGA Excos who claims to be looking for “Ernie Jumayla” – the undersigned for those “refund” cheques.
Hunters, transform and roll out! (I wonder how would hunters transform? More riddles oozing out of the body? Ewww)

Le Hunter’s Croisade
Anyone who’s facing the same problem on the stop-cheque or anything else, pls voice up and let’s fight as a community, not as individuals. This is the time to show the strength and unity of the community! If it is a fight that they want, then it is a fight that they will get!

Phobically yours,
RR Siao Lang

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  1. Wasn’t that enthusiastic to write this up until I heard the thing about the 40 points sticker.

  2. We’ve been debating about what makes good and fair treasure hunt questions over the last couple of weeks. Perhaps it’s time to debate on what makes good CoCs huh?

    Hmmm… just when you think you’ve seen the worst of the CoCs, now you get the mother of ’em all! When I did my first big assignment, I had sleepless nights before the hunt. I was so worried that I’d screw up. I was so afraid that I’d disappoint the hunters. On the night prior to the hunt (up till very late at night),I even went along the route of the hunt to ensure the boards were all still intact (it turned out that one of them was already not there!). I wanted so much to make a big impression on my first assignment.

    The STFOGA joker who indentified himself in the style of a ‘Clerk-of-Course’ truly had guts. Apparently he knew hardly anything about treasure hunt, yet took up the role as a CoC! Some people are just blessed with amazing courage.

  3. ckoh,
    The CoC is a “she”, very “thick” skin type.

  4. care to reveal the name of the C.O.C?

  5. You wan to know her name … read here http://srikanditf.blogspot.com/2007/07/jemput-datang.html#comment-1621027159644856963

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