Seputeh HYO Hunt results and highlights

July 29, 2007
  • Clerk of course : Pava
  • Hunt course : Klang Valley
  • Entry fees : RM 240 per car
  • Date : 29th July 2007
  • Duration : 4.5 hours
  • Prizes:
    • 1st prize : RM 1000
    • 2nd prize : RM 750
    • 3rd prize : RM 500
    • 4th-5th prizes: Hampers                       
    • 6th-8th prizes: Other gives                       


  1. Toh Wei Ming, Selina Yong, Ho Mun Yee, Lily Loh (94 pts)
  2. KS Liew, Ramesh, FS Chong, KY Lim (92 pts)
  3. CK Loh, Julie Tan, Paulette Yeoh, KB Lim (82 pts)
  4. Mohan Campos and team (80 pts)

Full results:


Riddle Raider results and highlights

Please take note of the disclaimer that everything written and posted here are of our own opinions. They do not represent any other team or the organisers’ opinion at all.

First of all, I would like to spread the joy of our team very good placing in an open hunt, in fact this is our team’s first podium finish in an open hunt. Although this is vastly helped by  another bigger hunt in Putrajaya which attracts most of the regulars, and only 3 regular teams participate in the HYO hunts out of 16 cars, excluding us, we still very delighted.

The format of the competition is 30 questions, 2 points for 1 questions and 5 treasures, 8 points for 1 treasures. Base on this format, the treasure is extremely crucial, 1 treasure equivalent to 4 route questions, so it is only right all the teams will not want to drop any treasures at all.

And if you expect us to write, how well we are working together, how everything goes right and et cetera, I afraid you are very wrong. In fact the only things that is go very right for us is the luck. Extremely good luck.

What is wrong then, my navigation skill! This is my first time I be a navigator in any hunt, and being  back seat player all the while, I tend to have the habits on concentrating too much on the preparation of the questions and always bring my team to ‘Holland’ whilst navigating. Out of the 4.5 hours hunt time, approximately 30 minutes we are not in the hunt route, this is how bad we are, diverted to somewhere else, and always try to find the way back to the origin and this cause us alot alot of time. And Pava’s, the COC, received not less than 5 phone calls to lead us back to the right track, might be his worst experience as a COC. Doing this in a short distance hunt, is nothing but disaster. Because of this time wasting, and also one of the sectors where the questions are no longer valid and the questions are misplaced in wrong sectors, yet we are not aware and spend alot of time to find the way, we are far far behind from all the other teams. I can say, with one hour left, we are not even half way, and not even answer half of the questions, with 1 treasure still pending. So, I am amazed we can make it even though we skipping the one of the sector of 4 questions by not going to the place itself, the place is in Taman Desa, and there are 5 questions in Brickfield, which we just use less than 30 seconds per question to glance through and tembak. Luckily, we hit some bulls there. So, I want to apologise to my team mates, to putting ourself to this pressures, not pleasures, especially Julie, the driver, which is very patient and cool. 

So, overall luck is very much on our side, especially we get the last treasures, worth 8 points, just 15 minutes before the disqualified time. Without the valuable points, it will be a very big difference on the standings.

Besides what happen above, the team’s teamwork is great, we managed to solve a few slightly difficult questions that other teams drop. But with three seasoned regular teams in the hunt, we knew that we can’t drop too many questions. But as mentioned above, luck is really on our side too, there is one stretch in Bangsar, which slow everybody down, because of the question is cancelled because of wrongly set and 5 of the questions are marked in the wrong sector. Because of this, other teams also impacted, and make our mistakes do not penetrate us so much.

Overall, a great experience (good and bad), great results, do not expect this after what happened above and a great escape! We were just less than 1 minute from the disqualified time.



  1. Congratulations. Care to share the questions?

  2. Getting lost was part of the adventure :)) The fact that we took it all in our stride without losing our cool showed great team spirit. It was really laughable that our team did not appear in any of PAVA’s pictures of the hunt – we were way behind! Anyway, we never expected to win as ck told us that the first 3 prizes were already ‘booked’. So it was a real bonus that we came in 3rd. Good show, teammates!

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