August 2007 – Virtual Treasure

August 1, 2007

Remember to includes details as at below:

  1. Treasure Riddle
  2. Email address to post the answer.  

Please send your riddles to riddleqa@gmail.com.

Your riddles will be posted between Friday, 9 pm to Saturday 9 am, every weeks.

Please review the answers in this column too, on the following Friday, 9 pm to Sunday 9 am.

ce5nt Virtual Treasure Competition


To make this Virtual Treasure more interesting, RR will organise a Virtual Treasure competition, using ce5ntreasure # 2 & ce5ntreasure # 3 as the questions to determine the winner. The style of the question will be very much alike with ce5ntreasure # 1.

The exact format of the competition will only disclosed later, but what different with this competition with the previous one is you need a team for this.

So, please register your team at riddleqa@gmail.com by Wednesday, 22 August 2007, 9 pm. Only those that register, will get the questions, those that do not register to the mail, I afraid you will get the questions only on the Q&A session and miss all the FUN, 2 weeks from now. So, please confirm your participation NOW! Those that registered only after the above date, will still eligible for the competition, but will have time disadvantage compare to other teams.

Minimum members per team are 2 pax and maximum members per team are 3 pax. For those, master level, you know who you are, I suggest you form a team of 2 to make the competition more interesting. However, if you send a team of 3 also, well, the more is the merrier.

For those, who can’t form a team, you can send only 1 name to us, and RR will help you to find a team.

The reason for the team competition is RR feel to include a very important element in this competition called team work. Team work is crucial especially solving treasure questions, normally you don’t solve it alone.

In your mail just, let us know the below info,

 Team name

1) Member A, email address (compulsary)

2) Member B, email address (optional)

3) Member C, email address (optional)

Any further queries, please post it in the comments below.

For this purpose, I will further delay the answer presentation of ce5ntreasure # 1, to Friday, 31 August 2007, 9 pm. Those who haven’t have chance to attempt the question can use this weekend opportunity to attempt it as a warm up for this competition. Thanks.

ce5ntreasure # 1


ce5ntreasures are cyber-treasures. The main objective is to find the exact URL and send it to me as your answer.
As this is something new, I ought to suggest an approach (you can do it anyway you like of course).

Try solving the clues to determine what the item is, then find the URL or you can work out the URL
and then find the item!  After that, email your answer to me.

Good luck!

ce5ntreasure # 1

Spouse’s meal by mean, mean cook.
Find this particular festive delicacy at a local address,
Which they recite to you in part and the rest they send ahead.

(Pls send your URL to ce5nt@yahoo.com with subject line as “ce5ntreasure # 1, so I know that it is not a spam.
Of course you are most encouraged to include your explanations/thesis).


Mrs Chow Mooncake 

Spouse’s = Mr’s which can be written as Mrs (also a spouse).

Meal = cowboys refer to them as “chow”

mean = the first one of two “means” is an anagram indicator

“mean cook” = anagrams to “mooncake”.

“local address” = .com.my

recite to you = sounds like TO YOU = 2U

in part = part of the address

the rest = the rest of the address

they send = deliver

ahead = placed in front of the earlier part

URL is therefore deliver2u.com.my

if you browse this site you will find the correct page eventually

But if you google “Mrs Chow Mooncake” – you will find the exact URL immediately


Thanks for trying! Congrats to the 13th second again for getting it right with just a few minutes of effort!
And pink for giving it a try! Guess, everybody else were just too tied up with more pressing matters!

ck’s Treasure 1

Please email the answers to lohcheekwan@gmail.com

RIDDLES OPEN from 3 Aug (Fri) to 10 Aug (Fri)

Inside a USA jet, nervously, an officer in a “JOLLY” mood with reference of a certain shifting key, wrote down the following notes on a piece of paper.

PANNW CNJ (which after decode it means GREEN TEA)

Then he continued writing with the same reference key, but shifting to “CHEER” mood and finished it off as below.


Please bring the treasure mentioned.

by ckloh creations

Answer: Justea Green Tea With Peach

(Please refer to comment on ckloh August 13th, 2007 at 8:39 am below.)



    OK. I have done 3 for the community. They are cyber-treasures – found in specific URLs. Solve them, copy the exact URL and email to me … when the time comes.

  2. Stay tuned, it will be published this Friday.

  3. Wow! this must be the first of its kind! Looking forward to it.

  4. ck’s Treasure 1:

    This is shifting cipher, suppose the easiest cipher. Anyway, cipher is still seldom used in treasure hunt, especially the more complicated one, I guess. But giving more clues in cipher, then it is not cipher anymore, and don’t give clues, the solver can’t solve it. This is the dilemma applying cipher in treasure question. So, I decided to test the water, crafting an easier shifting cipher. But seems that it is not a so good idea, shifting cipher is too straightforward, even if you don’t break the algorithm, you still can solve it by trying one by one, in this case, only 25 combinations.

    In my opinion, breaking cipher, the most important thing is find the algorithm, just like in the Blogger Hunt Treasure Fruit Tree, where you need to break the algorithm and the algorithm for the question is to read the first letter, then the second letter and then the third letter.

    In this case it is to find the mapping of the reference letters and actual letters. So, JOLLY and CHEER is the actual letters given, suppose to serve as a guide to give the solver hint to get the mapping table. It can’t be too obvious, but I purposely BOLD caps it and double quotation some more this time as it is first attempt.

    Only renroc and ce5nt able to relate JOLLY and CHEER to the method of breaking the algorithm. the 13th Second broke this clue too but can’t relate the JOLLY and CHEER in the picture, just shifting it one by one. Perhaps, my question is not clear enough.

    Ok, this is suppose how it should work


    Base on the clue, create the mapping table. Get the reference key


    Reference Key: SXUUH
    Actual Key: JOLLY (S=J,X=O,U=L,U=L,H=Y)

    Clue 2: CHEER

    Get the mapping table base on CHEER and refence key generated.


    ?????????????????????????? Actual Letters

    Reference Key: SXUUH (Same reference key)
    Actual Key: CHEER (S=C,X=H,U=E,U=E,H=R)




    Reference Key: SXUUH (Same reference key)
    Actual Key: CHEER (S=C,X=H,U=E,U=E,H=R)

    Base on the above reference, then map accordingly



    USA jet, nervously = JUSTEA

  5. ckloh:
    Refreshing to see a new variety of riddles on this blog.
    It is relevant to treasure hunting as such riddles are featured in Kiwanis hunts – book yourself a place for next year’s hunt and give their “cipher style” crack-a-pot riddles a go! Rumour has it that next year could be the last Kiwanis T/hunt – the 25th!

  6. Kiwanis last hunt, why? I haven’t hunt in Kiwanis before! Please don’t go, Kiwanis!!

    Guess everyone is lost in either uppermost exfoliations, caught in some inversions or having trouble running from buildings to apartments!

    Remember to title your subject as “ce5ntreasure # 1”, otherwise, I may think it is a spam and just “blacklist” your email!

    I am guessing that everybody who is trying to solve it, knows what the delicacy is.

    Look to the skies for it you …

    Perhaps (no anagram here) the most difficult part is the brand of the product if you did not know, there is one requested!- It’s not well known yet – but it soon will be because of me(ha! ha!).

    Speak cowboy for a meal! Ask the missus about it …

    BTW, in case you have not realised it, cyber hunting requires the deployment of search engines – use them on full throttle! But don’t venture too far – stay in the country.

  9. That is alot of tips ce5nt. I wish when in the trial run we have so many tips. But maybe, it is fair, we attempt the trial run as a team, to attempt treasure question individually is quite demanding especially, this is the first virtual treasure.

    It has always been that way for real treasure hunting. If that worked even for virtual hunts – why not? Work with your team members – like you would have in your “car”.

    the 13th second is the first to check-in with the correct URL! well did, viiviiviims! hope more will be checking-in too soon …

    and go ahead to “leak” any tips you like – as part of the enjoyment!

  12. and my scanners picked up a comic nosey panther roaming amongst the stars! she’s on track – just need to turn up her search engines a wee bit more.

  13. Forgot to tell, ckloh, claire and William are the ‘TEST DRIVE’ team for this Virtual Hunt questions.

    So, for those who want to partner either one of us, I afraid, we are not eligible. The rest of the the RR members are eligible.

  14. ce3nt, I did google mrs chow mooncake, but didn’t get anything that fitted the clue. I went form chow mooncake, chowmate mooncake to mrs chow mooncake… :)) Didn’t go any further as I had lots of things to attend to throughout the week. Waiting eagerly for Treasure No. 2!


  15. A kindly reminder. Please register by Wednesday 9pm to RR’s mail in order for you to get ce5ntreasure # 2 and ce5ntreasure # 3 this week.

    Please see above for more info.


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