September 2007 – PLAYROOM

September 18, 2007

Virtual Treasure – ce5ntreasure # 2

Father and a child has a point between them with Maxwell’s sidekick for company.

One of their range of products is partly described
by a type of coffee which is often spirited,
by jokes that poke fun at their absurdity and
by descendants that included JFK.

The other part is what one could refer to as an exemplary example.

You will find some of their entertaining products inviting you to experience
what others just see on their uniquely kinky primary site.

As this is a very expensive treasure – any of the correct ones
will do for me!


ce5ntreasures are cyber-treasures. The main objective is to find the exact URL and send it to me as your answer.
As this is something new, I ought to suggest an approach (you can do it anyway you like of course).

Try solving the clues to determine what the item is, then find the URL or you can work out the URL
and then find the item!  After that, email your answer to me.

Good luck!

(Pls send your URL to ce5nt@yahoo.com with subject line as “ce5ntreasure # 2, so I know that it is not a spam.
Of course you are most encouraged to include your explanations/thesis).

RIDDLES OPEN from 21 Sep (Fri) to 28 Sep (Fri)

ANSWER: http://www.panasonic.co.uk/lcd-tv/index.htm
and any other pages that has “IRISH MODEL” featured. 

(Please refer to comment on ckloh October 1st, 2007 at 1:09 am)

Virtual Hunt

Location: Kuchai Lama, Jalan Kuchai Maju 1 

Below are the possible answers:

01. Pusat Kecantikan Pearl Lain
02. pickabrush workshop
03. GTM@Art & Stationery Suppliers
04. Faber Castell since 1761@3
05. Artline@3
06. rotring@3
07. Pilot@3
08. Hata@3
09. Epson@3
10. Olfa@3
11. HP Invent@3
12. Buncho@3
13. Pentel@3
14. Wakil Insurans LG Link Trading Services
15. Old Town White Coffee
16. Zbelle boutique
17. Kafe Berinternet Blazecity
18. Kedai Gambar MyKamera.com
19. East West Electric Sdn. Bhd.
20. Dr.Tint
21. Eclipse@20
22. peerless@20
23. Sound Art@20
24. Pioneer@20
25. Philips@20
26. Cobra Vehicle Security@20
27. Directed Audio@20
28. Zapco@20
29. Macrom@20
30. Soundstream@20
31. Alpine@20
32. Cobra Connex@20
33. Prokick@20
34. Free Zone
35. NV Alliance Sdn. Bhd.
36. Domeilee Beauty
37. Blitzone the Cyberbattle Zone
38. Zen Music Ballet
39. Kit Auto Accessories
40. Kenwood@39
41. Oxygen audio@39
42. FIAMM@39
43. JVC@39
44. JBL@39
45. Hella@39
46. Wheels@39
47. COMFY Homedecor
48. Wakil Insurans Proinc General Agency
49. Kedai Buku HQ
50. Comics@Kedai Buku HQ
51. Restoran Lean Gaik
52. 1st Choice
53. Global Art Centre of Creativity
54. Yu Seng Hardware
55. 24hrs-mall
56. Xzeal i-Link Sdn. Bhd.@55
57. Pusat Internet SWAA Open 24 hours
58. Raytech Window Tinting Specialist
59. Restoran Star Village
60. Honey Star Village@59
61. Lucy Belle Spa & Beauty
62. One Stop Printing & Stationery Supply
63. Stabilo@62
64. AE Stamp@62
65. X Fuji Xerox@62
66. CBE@62
67. Kangaro@62
68. Farmasi U-Pharm
69. Naturo Kare Resources Sdn Bhd@68
70. Restoran Hoo Lala Chicken Rice Master
71. Rapid Colour
72. Inspiration House Sdn Bhd@71
73. Brochure@71
74. Leaflet@71
75. Promotional Collateral@71
76. Stationery@71
77. Data Printing@71
78. Packaging@71
79. Calendar & Diary @71
80. Free Delivery@71

Remember to includes details as at below:

1. Virtual Hunt Riddle

2. Email address to post the answer.  

Please send your riddles to riddleqa@gmail.com.

Your riddles will be posted between Friday, 9 pm to Saturday 9 am, every weeks for the month.

Please review the answers in this column too, on the following Friday, 9 pm to Sunday 9 am.


The product of two first ladies. 

Please email the answers to siowlyn@hotmail.com

RIDDLES OPEN from 21 Sep (Fri) to 28 Sep (Fri)

by claire

Answer: 1st Choice

(Please refer to comment on claire September 29th, 2007 at 11:35 am)


Supreme and this leaves a full amount. 

Please email the answers to ce5nt@yahoo.com

RIDDLES OPEN from 21 Sep (Fri) to 28 Sep (Fri)

by ce5nt

Answer: peerless@20

(Please refer to comment on ckloh October 1st, 2007 at 1:19 am)


No backup in action that is motionless. 

Please email the answers to ce5nt@yahoo.com

RIDDLES OPEN from 21 Sep (Fri) to 28 Sep (Fri)

by ce5nt

Answer: Free Zone

(Please refer to comment on ckloh October 1st, 2007 at 1:19 am)


Find the hidden young of the likes of Black Beauty or it can be a pain in the likes of Paris. 

Please email the answers to ce5nt@yahoo.com

RIDDLES OPEN from 21 Sep (Fri) to 28 Sep (Fri)

by ce5nt

Answer: Olfa@3

(Please refer to comment on ckloh October 1st, 2007 at 1:19 am)


Paper out makes _______ will be required immediately. 

Please email the answers to ce5nt@yahoo.com

RIDDLES OPEN from 21 Sep (Fri) to 28 Sep (Fri)

by ce5nt

Answer: One Stop Printing & Stationery Supply

(Please refer to comment on ckloh October 1st, 2007 at 1:19 am)


Loveless marsupial? 

Please email the answers to ce5nt@yahoo.com

RIDDLES OPEN from 21 Sep (Fri) to 28 Sep (Fri)

by ce5nt

Answer: Kangaro@62

(Please refer to comment on ckloh October 1st, 2007 at 1:19 am)


52 ripening together? 

Please email the answers to ce5nt@yahoo.com

RIDDLES OPEN from 21 Sep (Fri) to 28 Sep (Fri)

by ce5nt

Answer: Packaging@71

(Please refer to comment on ckloh October 1st, 2007 at 1:19 am)


Ask a couple for a brief measure and an abrupt break in dimension you’ll see. 

Please email the answers to ce5nt@yahoo.com

RIDDLES OPEN from 21 Sep (Fri) to 28 Sep (Fri)

by ce5nt

Answer: 24hrs-mall

(Please refer to comment on ckloh October 1st, 2007 at 1:19 am)


Don’t agree at all with this UN office’s labour policies? Then try this!

Please email the answers to ce5nt@yahoo.com

RIDDLES OPEN from 21 Sep (Fri) to 28 Sep (Fri)

by ce5nt

Answer: Stabilo@62

(Please refer to comment on ckloh October 1st, 2007 at 1:19 am)


The Gangsters’ 16th left wing eliminates a policeman.

Please email the answers to lohcheekwan@gmail.com

RIDDLES OPEN from 1 Oct (Fri) to 6 Oct (Fri)

by ckloh creations

Answer: Restoran Hoo Lala Chicken Rice Master

(Please refer to comment on ckloh October 8th, 2007 at 1:38 am)


  1. claire has kickstarted the playroom. WHo’s next?


  2. Hi all!
    Do give my riddle above a try. Hehehe… I expect some shavings later too… 😛

    Oh yes, please include an explanation for your answer as well. Thanks!

  3. I’m getting this sinking feeling that I’ll be shaved totally bald when the answer is revealed…

    Anyway…for those still trying…it has similar concepts as our normal hunts, and yet, with a slight twist.

    Yes, you are right, claire – familiar concepts.

  5. Hehehehehe…..I’ve received quite a number of attempts, some from new visitors of the blog too! Welcome! Welcome!

    Most of the attempts were right, some not, but with interesting explanations. The first in was….. renroc!

    Keep it coming!

  6. Oh yes, do give ce5nt’s virtual treasure a try too. It’s very very interesting. Something we can’t do in a normal hunt. 🙂

    Umm…is there something weird with the dates?
    “18 Sep (Mon) to 26 Sep (Sat)”…I thought 18 Sep is Tuesday and 26 Sept is a Wednesday….unless I’m looking at the wrong calendar! Hehehe…

    Thanks for the promotion! I have posted a number of virtual hunt q’s and also highlighted the strange dates … waiting for ckloh to be freed from his work-chains!

  8. Q: What are you doing this Ramadan?
    A: Virtual Hunting.

    Looks like he is the one who need not look who’s ahead in keeping pace with the rate of putting up Q’s in this Edition of Virtual Hunt! First to shoot the Q2 & Q4 down! Score : 5Qs Up, 3 Qs down?

    Come on guys! Either shoot them down or put some up!

    She took down Q5 and Q6! Well done, “sound of music”!
    Score now : 9up, 5 Down.

  11. Whoa!… few days away… suddenly so much excitement!

    The last time I saw only claire’s Q. Tembaked wrongly with something. Then later, just out of curiosity, googled my (wrong) answer. But I ended up in a porn site instead!.. hehehe.

    Will try to work out on your Qs later, ce5nt. Hope I won’t end up in another porn site!

  12. PORN SITE?
    Wasn’t by design! Absolutely not! Innocent!

  13. No not you, ce5nt! I meant I was googling the (wrong) answer for claire’s Q1, and I ended up in a porn site! All these surfing can be quite dangerous, you know!

    Anyway, this thing about the headlines throughout Malaysia…

    She was grabbed off the street. Then she was sexually assaulted with a cucumber. It must have been excruciatingly painful — painful enough to kill her. The sicko could have easily dumped her body into the deep ocean, never to be found again.

    But no, he craved for the recognition. He duly put the body into a sports bag — cucumber still in place, and then put that bag in a place where it’s bound to be found within a short while.

    When I first read about the news, I was shocked. Then I became sad for her family and her loved ones. Now I am angry. My heart goes out to her family. What a misfortune at the hands of sick people.

    Little girls gone missing, and bones scaterred all over; body in the fridge; blown into pieces; and now body in sports bag. What’s wrong with these people? How did human beings end up becoming worse than animals? Very depressing…

    Animals kill out of need to survive. They do not sodomise. Really sick – that’s what they are, and sickening is how we all feel too. Was it avoidable?
    That’s the other question now debated.

    First to knock Q7 and Q9 off! On the way, he also solved Q5 and Q6. The latter also done by claire and ckoh. Well done, people! The former also did Q4 .. follow?

    Q3 seems to be safe so far! Or is it in the blind spot
    of the “hunters”?


    I suppose, when we look back at all the mistakes we’ve made in our lives, they’re all avoidable. Hindsight is always twenty-twenty.

    How do we spend our entire time keeping an eye on our children? How are we to know that precise moment when we look the other way, and that’s the very moment that our child is taken away — for good?

    My little girl, JJ, started kindergarten 1 in January this year. Yes, folks, there are kindergartens 1 and 2 these days! It never failed to amaze me to see other parents dropping off their young children at the main entrance of the school, and put total trust on those teachers to usher their children to their respective classes. I would bring Jamie right up to her class myself each day, rain or shine.

    It took me more than half a year before I finally learned to trust those teachers. These days I let Jamie go with the teachers at the main entrance of the school. But I’d watch from a distance, sitting in the car, to make sure that she does end up in her class.

    Every now and then, I receive letters from her school. There were concerts, or properly-organised visits to the museum in the school bus for the kids. But I’ve never once given my consent. When we go to the playground, other parents watch their children play from a distance. But I’d be there with JJ — literally there beside her — so that I can catch her IF she accidentally slips and falls down.

    This lately I’ve been thinking for a bit. Is this paranoia protection I’m giving my child a tad too extreme? I am not too sure if it is exactly good for her. One of these days, perhaps in the not-so-near future, I will learn to let go. And I don’t know if mishaps will strike then! And I bet everyone will be quick to judge that I’ve been negligent in handling my child…

    William submitted the correct answer just 2 hours ahead of the 13th second. Bill also solved a few others.

    I had the honour of a new name in the virtual game – Welcome again, Samivel! Did quite well too. Got most of them. Still needed a little work on a couple.

    That leaves only Q8 unsolved! Who will take it down first? And BTW : ce5ntreasure # 2 : no attempts from anyone yet!

  18. Hey! I knew we were missing someone prominent! Where have you been, the 13th Second? Good to have you back again! And you made a grand entrance too, solving Q3! That’s it, folks, all of you can give up now… 13th Second will shortly solve all those questions… hehehe…

    As for me — alas — not making much progress. Been back a number of times — and seeing a big concrete wall; brain dead!! Juggling between online sudoku; reading about how 62% of Malaysians like to experiment with sex (The Star – 26 Sept) — hopefully not with people other than their spouses; and preparing training hunt for my team.

    And now I am back here again, still see a concrete wall! Arghhh!! Are you sure I still have a seat on the 18th, ce5nt? Should be able to confirm by this evening.

  19. Hi there,

    Wah…submitted only one answer and now so much pressure already…hehehe! Sorry-lah, don’t think I have the answer to Q8 yet. Being the only unsolved question, I think it’ll now be a challenge to see who’ll bring it down first.

    Actually i’ve have been logging in and out, and solving questions as well, just that i’ve not got to sending them to ce5nt yet. Was kind of lazy with the explanations and all. Ok-lah, Will do that right after I send this off!

    ckoh, hope to hear of the good news that you’ll be joining us on the 18th!

  20. the 13th Second,

    I think it’s more good news for me rather than the other way round! I get to observe the masters at work! I just hope that I won’t end up feeling to dumb around you people!

    Oh the excitement is mounting. Calendar marked, leave taken, tickets booked. Now need to book hotel. If this hunt is postponed too, I’ll hire Jason Bourne to kill VK!

  21. ckoh, that’s great news … need you around to keep us on our toes. Noticed in the past that we always perform better under pressure.

    And don’t be so humble-lah… believe you already have all the talents, only that you just need to put them into practice! If you are in KL and doing hunts as often as we do, bet you’ll be in TOS’s masters list in no time at all!

    When’s your flight? If you fly over on Friday, you can even try out the MAH hunt on Sat as well.

  22. Arghhh!… already bought tickets! I’d love to do another hunt while I’m in KL, but I didn’t know there’s another hunt on the 17th! If I knew about the other hunt earlier, I’d probably come a day earlier. Now I have confirmed seat on Saturday afternoon. Changing the date now will cost me surcharge! But let me try see if there are other team to tumpang — perhaps the local champ. Then looks like I have to incur that surcharge lah!! What to do…

    VK was kind enough to give me the info on available hunts in November in KL. But he didn’t mention any hunt on the 17th! Maybe he wasn’t aware of the MAH hunt. Here’s his earlier posting:

    “Here is the plan for Nov as I know it. Care to migrate to Klang Valley for a month, maybe?

    3 Nov theSun Klang Valley
    10 Nov Maritime Klang Valley
    18 Temple Building Fund Klang Valley
    24 Nov Seri Costa KL-Malacca…”

    Well, I don’t want to spoil the fun for everyone in KL. If I were to migrate to KL for the whole of November, all the hunts would be postponed…. hehehe. I don’t want to become famous for all the wrong reasons…

    By the way, is the MAH also a motorised hunt? If too much of all those running or coconut bowling stuff, I don’t mind to miss lah… I am never any good at games of chance.

  23. Oh by the way, I hope I will never ever find my way into that TOS masters’ list. If my name’s there I will no longer have the freedom to join any hunt I like! I am already cursed enough as far as treasure hunts are concerned!

  24. ckoh, I think the hunt was confirmed recently, so it wasn’t in VK’s list then. It’s clerked by TAB Events, one of the established CoCs who have organised lots of major hunts before, so it’s recommended to go, if you can.

    Anyway, for more info, you can also access it from RR’s hunt calender listed at the Chatroom. RR have done a pretty good job with updating the available hunts.

  25. Oh THAT hunt!!… Yes, I think someone did tell me about it. At first I thought it’s an interesting idea to try both hunts. But then I remembered the story by local champ about doing hunts in succession like that.

    The story was that the Saturday hunt finished in the evening. Then they had to rush back to KL in the wee hours of the morning. They were still exhausted from the Saturday hunt, but they had no time to actually go home to sleep, let alone to take a bath!

    One of their team members went ahead to register first thing in the morning at the start station, whereas the other 3 of them slept in the car at the road side. I think local champ said one of them was an elderly lady. Amazing valour in my opinion, considering that the local champ snores like a ten-ton lorry diesel engine. Sleeping with someone who snores like that is a fitting challenge for THE FEAR FACTOR. I think he said they had about 2 hours’ sleep that day and then they had to start hunting again.

    Now I’m crazy about hunting, but I don’t know if I will ever become THAT crazy. That has reached the level of treasure HANTU! I’d probably need a whole week to recuperate after that.

  26. the 13th second is back!
    She swept through the questions like a breeze over water! Only the stock market had held her back … otherwise she would have given renroc and the rest a good race! And a safe one too!

    William has knocked a few more down too.

    Also was honoured to have newcomer, Hadi, join us in this game! Welcome to our new friend! Do keep trying … we always enjoy the company of everyone here!

    Samivel – good to know that you are still doing well!

    Q8 – only got one response … will tell you more about it later along with the answer explanations.

  27. ckloh:
    I think there will never emerge a leader in making Treasure Hunt a regulated sport. It will never happen – especially since it has been morphing for over 20 years now, on its own.

    What is more likely to happen is that there may be a trend towards some form of uniformity and self-regulation — groups who decide that some “best practices” make sense (economic especially) and thus are “followed” and thus become the “norm” and thus the “standard”.

    When enough groups adopt an idea or a concept, that becomes the ‘standard’.

    This kind of de factor evolution will mostly play out over the next 20 years.

    The evolution will be shaped by the “wind of change”!
    One can only hope the “practices” adopted will be those that will be good for the sport! And those that preserve the original “spirit” and “characters” of this unique sport.

  28. ckoh: Welcome to KL again! Be ready for a pleasant culture shock! We hope we’ll fan your passion for the sport and not drench it!

    And not only in the sexual sense! Show me the way, and I will follow…

    This old padawan will learn fast; and I will not be seduced to the dark side. But still has to learn to sleep in the car between hunts. May the force be with me!

    the 13th second never fails to patronise. For that, I will not reveal the answer till Sunday unless someone solves it earlier (and after the first deadline).

    Nice to see newbies enjoying themselves! We love your participation … do try all of them now and in the future ( I am sure you have kept the “past” for in-between snacking!)

    2 midnight owls did it! One at 00:08 and the other at 02:42. Maybe they are night-hawks! the 13th second followed by 2R1I! Well done, mates!

    I have sent in all my answers for Q3 to Q9.
    You can still send your attempts to me until they are published. I will recognise them all!

    I will send in the cyber treasure answer once the Q answers are up. There’s still time for those still keen to take the challenge!

  34. Hi all…I guess I have to post my Q’s answer now ya? Right, here goes nothing!

    Q: The product of two first ladies
    A: 1st Choice
    Explanation: two = 2
    First ladies = L = 50
    The product = multiply in mathematical terms, so we get 2 x 50 = 100
    1st Choice = C = 100

    Simple eh? Thanks all for trying and hope you enjoyed it! Feel free to give your comments, etc. 🙂

  35. Virtual Treasure – ce5ntreasure # 2

    Father and a child has a point between them with Maxwell’s sidekick for company.

    One of their range of products is partly described
    by a type of coffee which is often spirited,
    by jokes that poke fun at their absurdity and
    by descendants that included JFK.

    The other part is what one could refer to as an exemplary example.

    You will find some of their entertaining products inviting you to experience
    what others just see on their uniquely kinky primary site.

    As this is a very expensive treasure – any of the correct ones
    will do for me!

    ANSWER: http://www.panasonic.co.uk/lcd-tv/index.htm
    and any other pages that has “IRISH MODEL” featured.

    PART 1 : Father and a child has a point between them with Maxwell’s sidekick for company.
    Father = PA
    and “a child” = + A SON
    has = containing
    a point = “N” (north)
    between them = literally placed in between “PA and A SON”.
    with Maxwell’s sidekick = Maxwell of “GET SMART” and his sidekick is known as Agent 99
    99 in roman numerals = IC

    PART 2 :
    One of their range of products is partly described
    by a type of coffee which is often spirited, = IRISH COFFEE
    by jokes that poke fun at their absurdity and = IRISH JOKES
    by descendants that included JFK. = John F Kennedy = an IRISH descendant

    The common word is therefore : IRISH

    PART 3:
    The other part is what one could refer to as an exemplary example.

    Dictionary meaning of exemplary example = “model”.

    PART 4:
    Part 4A)
    You will find some of their entertaining products inviting you to experience
    what others just see on their uniquely kinky primary site.

    “experience what others just see” is the tagline of PANASONIC Viera models.
    Just googling this phrase alone will lead you to a few PANASONIC VIERA sites.
    Of course, I did a little trick here – by breaking the phrase into two sentences to
    reduce the chances of spotting a tag-line.

    Part 4B)
    “uniquely kinky” primary site
    primary = first letters
    first letters of “uniquely kinky” = uk
    This is just to say that it is a uk site. I had to leave out the .co otherwise,
    it will be a give away — only UK sites uses .co.uk format.

    TIP : Just googling “Panasonic irish model” will bring you straight to the page!

    Hope you guys enjoy this regardless of whether you have solved it or not.
    Congratulations to the night-hawks in my team — the 13th second and 2R1L for solving this one.

    Look out for the next one : ce5ntreasure # 3 – I am sure everyone will be able to solve it once you
    get the idea. This may just be a new variation of treasure hunting – treasure hURLing?

    The next treasure can be found in some local places – so if you want to buy one and pass it to
    me when we next meet – I welcome it and thank you in advance!


  36. Q2

    Supreme and this leaves a full amount.

    Answer: 22. peerless@20


    peerless = SUPREME

    S-U-P-R-E-M-E and this (less P-E-E-R) = S-U-M = a full amount.

    This question was intentionally set to “include the answer”
    so as to confuse the cryptic hunters … they will tend NOT
    to believe that the answer is already there.
    It worked!
    Such a technique can be classified as “mean”, but
    it is sometimes used to “slow down” teams who just will not believe it.


    No backup in action that is motionless.

    Answer: 34. Free Zone

    Backup (reverse) NO= ON

    “action that is motionless” = to FREEZE

    “ON” in “FREEZE” = FREE ZONE

    A breeze for all who tried! But a couple just got motionless with this one.


    Find the hidden young of the likes of Black Beauty or it can be a pain in the likes of Paris.

    Answer: 10. Olfa@3


    Hidden = anagram indicator
    Black Beauty = a horse

    young of a horse = foal
    anagram of foal = ofla

    OR (also)

    can be = anagram indicator
    “likes of Paris” = French
    pain in French = bread or loaf
    anagram of loaf = olfa

    Piece of cake! No need to horse around much!

    Paper out makes _______ will be required immediately.

    Answer: 62. One Stop Printing & Stationery Supply


    Just fill in the blank – literally.
    No tricks at all here.
    Anyone said anything about a blank cannot be a phrase and has to be one word?


    Loveless marsupial?
    Answer:67. Kangaro@62

    Just needed you to look up marsupial and you will understand what
    to look for …. if you also know less LOVE means to drop an “O”.

    Everyone who tried – did! In case, you did not,

    A KANGAROO is a marsupial.


    52 ripening together?

    ANSWER: 78. Packaging@71

    52 = often refers to a pack of playing cards
    ripening = aging
    putting them “together” and you have pack+aging = packaging

    Just another way of reading a word! Not too old a trick for anyone I hope!
    Not for those who solved it – some newbies took a couple of tries before getting it.
    For them – it will be a new way of looking at words from now on!


    Ask a couple for a brief measure and an abrupt break in dimension you’ll see.
    Answer:55. 24hrs-mall

    This one took a while to be solved, but it was solved by a couple!
    ASK = sounds like
    24 = sounds like “two for” = “a couple for”

    hr = short (or a brief) measure of time
    an abrupt break = a dash (grammatical explanation)
    in (inside)

    small = a dimension adjective
    the words “you’ll see” was there to mean two things:

    1. That’s what you will get when do all of the above

    2. To confuse the solvers into thinking that the second part is the result to find.

    Not an easy question especially when it is a composite type of clue with “sounds like”,

    “addition ” and “thesaurus” skills all rolled into one. And the use of multiple conjunctions.
    Solvers will have to struggle with
    “When does it begin, when does it end” .
    Nevertheless – it was solved.


    Don’t agree at all with this UN office’s labour policies? Then try this!

    Answer: 63. Stabilo@62
    When one does not agree, one may criticize.
    When one criticizes, one takes a stab at the person being criticized.
    Also, Try or attempt = stab

    The UN agency for International Labour is ILO.

    therefore a STAB at ILO = STABILO.

    Well stabbed!

  37. Hey, claire! You’ve come a long way! Weldone with your clue and its nice explanation. Beats the adult website I accedentally googled up in search for the answer! We should team up one of these days to beat these freak master hunters with our questions!

  38. ce5nt,

    In an actual hunt, I’d have tembaked “peerless”. That’s the only one that fits the “supreme”. I couldn’t get further than that. I did guess exactly your explanation, i.e. to take away the letters one by one in no particular order. This was one of the several discussions renroc and I had through emails. He cited this example:

    Q) Useless spouse.
    A) POS Malaysia.

    Point being, take away the ‘USE’ from “SPOUSE” to derive “POS”. The deletion of “USE” in this case is to take away from: SpoUsE, thus leaving behind “POS” — without the need for an anagram indicator. It is an interesting idea, but one which I don’t quite agree. Then again, if it has been readily acceptable in KL hunts, then it is something that I need to remember for future questions.

    I have no excuse for this question. Must be brain dead! It is simple and straightforward, yet I didn’t see it. I did spend some time scanning through all those possible answers with the “ON” in them, yet for some strange reasons, FREE ZONE didn’t register! Still a lot to learn, obviously.

    In an actual hunt, I’d get his correct, because I’d have tembaked OLFA because of the obvious “FOAL”. But here I didn’t bother because I wasn’t aware of “pain”. I couldn’t explain fully. But is it a common-enough French word to “qualify” for our Malaysian hunt questions?

    Again I’d have tembaked this one too, but I didn’t think it’s satisfying in as a cryptic puzzle. Besides, I didn’t think that the answer was tight. Tell me, would you have accepted “76. Stationery@71” as the answer?

    Very simple and straightforward. Like I said, I prefer: “Hopper without a tail”.

    Very nice. I saw “aging” almost immediately, but had to be sure of pack=>deck of playing cards.

  39. Q8:
    To the masters who solved this question, I bow down to you with respect! This one I have no defense. I am beaten, no excuse!

    Again I am beaten. I say without shame that I spent quite a bit of time on this question, but to no avail. What’s more embarrassing is that ce5nt announced in the other thread that I managed to solve this question. Well, I didn’t! Wish I did though!.. hehehe

  40. NINETY-NINE = 99 = IC?

    I had a quick glance at the treasure question, but didn’t actually try to work on it. It looked beyond my ability. And now that the answer has been revealed, I think I was justified — I doubt that I would’ve been able to solve this treasure anyway!

    This type of treasure question would have been a liability to me in an actual hunt. I hope I won’t stumble upon such treasure clues in a real hunt… hehehe.

    But glancing through the explanation, I am attracted to the conversion of “99” to “IC” as a Roman numeral. I’ve often wondered… my own team members never seemed to learned the Roman numerals thoroughly. I’ve given them so many training hunts, and I’ve outwitted them over and over again in questions involving the Roman numerals. I took the trouble to search for the “Roman numerals” in the internet and then printed it out for them to study carefully. Yet they never really bothered. So in the end, they know the basic conversions, i.e. I, V, X, L, D, M etc. But when it comes to figures in between, they are quite often lost! Y’know, some people never learn…. and they keep wondering what’s hitting them!

    Anyway, coming back to 99 = IC, I am baffled too. I really need to go back to the internet and learn once again. This is new to me.

    The Roman numerals are very interesting. There is a kind of systematic approach, but a slight variation in some isolated cases.

    To get some idea of the numbering system, we start from the very basic — from 1 to 10. 1 is i, and 5 which is midway, is v. Then 10 is x. So 3 = iii. But when we come to 4, it becomes iv. Perhaps the Romans saw it as “5 less 1”. Then 8 = viii (5=3). But when it comes to 9, it becomes ix. Again, perhaps the Romans saw it as “10 less 1).

    Now we can expand the idea to the bigger numbers. As we know, 10 = x; 50 = l; 100 = c. So 30 = xxx; but 40 = xl. One might wonder, how do we write 45 then? Well, 45 = xlv. And what about 49? Well, 49 = xlix (40+9). (I am not aware of 49 = il. But is this also an acceptable variation? Can anyone confirm this?)

    Therefore, 80 = lxxx; but 90 = xc. And yes, 99 as I know it is xcix. I am not aware of 99 = ic. Is this also an acceptable variation?

    To test this latter ‘variation’ I launched my microsoft word. I simply opened a word document. From the “pull-down” menu above, I clicked on “Insert”. Then, I clicked on “Page Numbers”. A small window appeared. Of the available options, I clicked “Format” and yet another window appeared. In the black entitled “start at”, I typed “99”. Then at the “Number Format” at the top of that window, select the “i,ii,iii…”. You will end up with the “99” converted to the Roman numeral, and it is given as “xcix”…

  41. Hi ckoh dear! Thanks… Hehe…yeah, let’s team up and open up a new dimension to all hunters here! Like entering the Twilight Zone…

    Regarding the need for anagram indicator or not for the Q: Useless spouse = Pos Malaysia…I’m inclined to think that an angram indicator is required for the question to be complete. I certainly won’t feel very satisfied without that indicator.

    What do you guys think? Is this generally accepted in KL Hunts?

  42. Oh and I agree with ckoh that 99 = XCIX. Am curious as to why 99 = IC is accepted in hunts? But it’s not the correct roman numeral. Please correct me if I’m wrong…

  43. Totally agree with ckoh and claire that 99=XCIX, and that IC and IL are not correct Roman numerals. ‘I’ can be on the left of only V or X.
    Unfortunately, frequent improper usage may eventually lead to general acceptance eg. double-storey bungalow.

    I have seen both versions in crossword dictionaries and I find the IC version more popularly used. That probably explains why it is used in treasure hunts. I suppose because of its simplicity. I could not find IL = 49 though! But don’t discount it!

    I used to believe that the anagram pointer was always needed … but when I started to see them as LETTERS instead of WORDS – it started to become acceptable to me.

    We all know PEER as a recognisable word, but it could also be just 4 letters, P-E-E-R. Couldn’t it?

  45. Q8 : Who actually solved it?
    William sent me the answer. But it was without an explanation … in a normal hunt -that would win it!
    Curiously, Bill – did you have a different explanation?

    Somehow “Paper out makes STATIONERY will be required immediately” doesn’t quite flow well, does it?

    That would flow better.

  48. Hi ce5nt, actually i did send an explanation after you requested for one on Fri evening.
    Almost the same explanation except i asked whether you used the word ‘ask’ as a sounds-like indicator. Now I know.
    I did not see the ‘packaging’ though. Good tricky question.


    Quickly before I go to bed; does this sentence flow well?:

    Paper out makes ONE STOP PRINTING & STATIONERY SUPPLY will be required immediately.

    Night, folks….. umm.. I mean mornin’ folks!

  50. Hi ce5nt, I actually agree with you on the PEERLESS question.
    Q: Supreme with this leaves a full amount.
    PEERLESS = just take out P-E-E-R from suPREmE = s-u-m.
    I agree we don’t need an anagram indicator for PEERLESS and the answer is a perfect SUM.

    My question (predicament?) was referring to ckoh’s example of “Useless spouse” = POS MALAYSIA. If we take USE out from spoUSE, that leaves us with SPO. But the answer is POS. So don’t we need an anagram indicator somewhere in the question…or the answer?

  51. It’s ok folks! I get it now. Some kind soul explained to me. Yup, now I can accept “Useless spouse” = POS. Kept thinking of taking out spo-USE ->SPO. Didn’t think of taking out S-po-U-s-E -> POS.

    Sorry if I caused more confusion! Brain’s pretty scrambled up.

  52. Yes, claire dear, that is the explanation. It’s the first ‘s’ that’s removed from ‘spouse’. It is logical and makes sense if — as ce5nt put it — one were to look at ‘U-S-E’ as 3 separate letters. IF they are separate letters, it follows that they could be removed separately as well, i.e. one by one, in no particular order.

    So this is the 3rd time I see this idea adopted in a question. First, was the “POS MALAYSIA” which renroc was kind enough to discuss with me. Then I think I saw it in “MIXED RICE” where “SB” was taken out from “DESCRIBE” separately. And now, I am seeing it here again with the removal of “PEER” separately in no particular order.

    I don’t really agree with this particular trick, although I agree with the logic behind it. However, since it is apparently readily acceptable in KL hunts, I might want to introduce it to our local hunts here in KK one of these days. I need to think about this thoroughly…

    Consider this question:

    Q) Charitable act without tea.
    A) Don @ Terrain

    The “charitable act” refers to “donate”. When we remove the “T-E-A” (separately) from “DONATE” in no particular order, we will end up with “DON”. Like I said, it opens up possibilities… many of them. Of course, some sadist CoCs may expand the idea a little bit further to become:

    Q) Charitable act without beverage.

    And I will be the first to criticise…

  53. Aiya.. After reading the answers….somehow the virtual hunt seems easy….

  54. Hi Hadi,

    Welcome to our little playground! Yes, my friend, that is almost the case. I have said here before, hindsight is 20-20. When the answers are revealed, they are almost always easy. Some — but only some — are very, very difficult even after extensive explanations.

    I am an advocate of a very simple and straightforward explanation. I consider such questions the most beautiful — masterpieces, if you know what I mean. But although the ingredients required to solve the questions are basic and “easy”, it’s the tricks behind the questions that will really test the ability of the CoC/setter — how to mould the question in such a way that the solver does not realise what’s glaringly clear. These are the kinds of questions that will make the hunters kick themselves in their butts when the answers are revealed, because the questions are soooooo solvable!

  55. Welcome HADI!
    Do tell us what you think of each question or pick a few and share your thoughts … we always like to hear fresh views… don’t worry – nobody will criticize you. We are all nice folks here! Peace!

  56. Q10

    The Gangsters’ 16th left wing eliminates a policeman.

    Gangsters’ = Hoods
    16th = P
    Left = L
    Wing = ala
    eliminates = deletion indicator
    policeman = DSP

    Answer: Hoo Lala (taking out DSP)

    Sorry folks, this is clue is unsolved. Too many ideas perhaps without any definition clue.

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