About Riddle Raiders

This weblog started as a endevour to log our progress in the local hunt community, from freshies to whatever we are in the future.

Born on May 2007, our first maiden hunt was the SMK TS Hunt. Three of the members, CK Loh, SL Chin and SC Chew, are put together by Michael Pang‘s match-making program called ‘Solo Hunters’. The rest of the members are regular hunt partners for the 3 members mentioned.

Members of the team

  1. CK Loh
  2. SL Chin
  3. SC Chew
  4. GL Lim
  5. Paulette Yeoh
  6. William Yong
  7. Joshua Chong

Any enquiries? Suggestions? Complaints? Pls email them to riddleraiders@gmail.com

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