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RR’s note

September 17, 2007

RR would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to some of the regular bloggers who gave encouragement, help and advise for the past few days.

We are deeply touched with the encouragement and initiative by them. Thank you very much. Terima Kasih!


Medan for FREE?

July 21, 2007

This is the link to the competition page.


I have recently won a lucky draw from the Novice hunt. It’s a Free & Easy package to Medan, 3D/2N, with breakfast and airport transfer EXCLUDES return air tickets, food and souvenirs that you may want to pick up from Medan. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances, I’m unable to pillage utilize this voucher.


I’m proposing to give this voucher for FREE…yes, FREE…to the person who manages to solve the last Food Court Themed Killer Riddle for this month. Details of the voucher as below:

3D/2N at Semarak Hotel, Medan, including breakfast and airport transfers.

Validity period: until 30th September 2007

Valid during weekends and public holidays without any surcharge. You may choose to upgrade your package by paying the difference.

Tour agency: Redland Holidays (main sponsor of Novice Hunt)

So what do you all think? Is it a good idea? Want to give it a try? Tell me tell me tell me!!




Hunter’s wishlist

July 4, 2007

To all that have been following our comments and entries closely for the past few days, including our recent Bloggers Hunt, will have notice the intention of moving this blog to a paid webhost

  1. for better post management – including doing riddle discussions, treasure discussions and the extreme commenting that has been carried on for the past week.
  2. more features – eg: forums, which can accomodate discussions effectively
  3. more customization – this is more of a personal thingy, I want those widgets and google ads!!!
  4. etc etc…
  5. p/s my personal blog as well

Well, before we do anything or even deciding on whether to move, we certainly want to hear from the fellow hunters who are keeping an eye to this blog. Any requests / wish list / preference, pls let us know and comment in this thread. If you would like to remain anonymous, you can always email to

Happy hunting!!!

Current wishlist:

  1. ce5nt : Single comment to tag to multiple entry posts.

Lack of updates

June 6, 2007

Sorry for the lack of updates for the past few days… it’s been a hectic weekend for me…

Updates to follow soon… 🙂


Best regards,



SMK Taman Sea Hunt 2007

May 24, 2007

SMK Taman Sea Hunt 2007 marks the maiden hunt of Riddle Raiders in the KL (or perhaps Malaysia) hunting scene.

Members of this hunt were

  • Driver : Joshua Chong
  • Navigator : CK Loh
  • Passenger 1 : SL Chin
  • Passenger 2 : Paulette Yeoh

Our team managed to score a total of 118 pts out of a total 130 pts, and did a silly mistake along the way. More updates on the results to come soon.

And many thanks to Paulette for coming all the way from Penang to participate in this hunt. The muffins were really great, hope we can have them freshly baked from the oven next time… we’ll provide the oven 😉


Protected: Riddle Raiders updates

May 24, 2007

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Riddle Raiders on the prowl

May 24, 2007

New guys (and new gurls) in town… presenting the honorable list:

  • Joshua Chong (administrator)
  • William Yong (editor)
  • SL Chin (editor)
  • CK Loh (editor)
  • SC Chew
  • GL Lim
  • Paulette Yeoh

This blog started as some sort of a diary, to our new team establishment in the local hunt community. We are still green and unknown to this society yet, but this weblog is tracking our progress up to, well, where it ends.

For those who had just started hunting, never give up. We never did, and this team was established after so many effort and let-downs. What’s important is what are we trying to achieve and have fun along. Cheers to you readers out there, and have fun hunting.

Sincerely yours,